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Two of the Russians with police on Thailand's Koh Phangan yesterday

Eight Russians Held Over Island Marijuana Sales on Facebook

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
PHUKET: Eight Russians on the Thai holiday island of Koh Phangan advertised the sale of marijuana on Facebook because they did not realise the drug was illegal in Thailand, police said today.

Officers raided the large two-storey house where the eight were living on the hedonistic holiday island yesterday and found a party in progress.

Through a translator, the Russians said they had posted marijuana sales on a 'Samui Sell and Buy' Facebook page without realising possession and sale of the drug was illegal in the South East Asian country.

The page has since been pulled down.

Police arrested two of the Russians, most of whom were women. Officers took possession of a quantity of the dried drug and a bamboo bong used for smoking it.


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Meanwhile at Miami marijuana market:

Marc Wabafiyebazu, the 15-year-old son of Canadian Consul General in Miami Roxanne Dube also was arrested in the case that claimed the life of his 17-year-old brother, Jean and suspected drug dealer Joshua Wright.

The teens, according to sources, drove to the drug deal in their mother's black BMW - with diplomatic license plates. Detectives are trying to figure out where the teens got the weapons.

Police and prosecutors believe that Jean was shot and killed inside a Coral Way home. Wright, the suspected drug dealer, also was killed. Police believe Rodriguez, drove off after the shooting and was found at a nearby gas station.

''That's what we believe, it was a a dispute over a drug transaction,'' Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes told the Miami Herald.

The alleged deal was for 2 pounds of marijuana at a price of nearly $5,000, sources said.

Posted by Sue on April 2, 2015 03:31



Posted by Crusader79 on April 2, 2015 08:10


Facefooking is illegal in pubic places.

Posted by Manowar on April 2, 2015 08:45


THanks for that Sue- comforting to know you are on the case yet again. I am struggling to find the relevance to Samui though!

Posted by Mister Ree on April 2, 2015 17:49


Mister Ree,

don't play a simpleton that just landed in Suvarnabhumi, and for the 1st time:

Miami case indicates that whatever connections you have you or your non-law-abiding kids will be addressed in accordance with a letter and spirit of law.

Samui case indicates well that "the distribution scheme" in question, was well not on some accounting books, so, understandably, there was such a zeal - even full court warrants for search; they had to produce a lot of paper to get that warrant.
I guess, Someone got really angry, to make to go through all that procedural burden!

Posted by Sue on April 2, 2015 21:29


Mister Ree,
On Suooogle Earth, Miami is the island just east of Samui, just next to Malta

Posted by Manowar on April 3, 2015 04:15



I am bit wondering, did I missed something important? that Phuket's ancient name is Samui? If so, I profoundly apologize.

Nevertheless, to find, extract and analyze a consistent pattern of something,a comparative method is appropriate and of high resultative value.
That segment of the facts that is about geographic proximity Miami and Samui, has no relevancy on a pattern of rule of law, associated concepts as well related categories of underlying events.

Germany, PRC and Japan are not geographic neighbors, still they have a common Burgergesetzbuch foundation of a civil code - just to illustrate induction/deduction in opposite direction.

Although what is happening on Samui has no direct relation to Phuket, derived concepts and patterns apply, and to trigger discovery thereof comparison with other destination is helpful.

That is what is called thinking ;)

Posted by Sue on April 3, 2015 06:40


Being Good Friday I consider the two choices before me. Should I attempt to turn water to wine and that last kipper into a family feast or should I attempt to understand your last posts. I have chosen the former as it will involve less effort and is much easier to stomach.

I must admit, one of those burgergesetzbuch's sounds ok as a backup. Do they come with cheese?

Posted by Manowar on April 3, 2015 09:50



Burgergesetzbuch , if properly used, often comes not only with a cheese, but also with a lobster and Mercedez Benz coupe.

Happy Good Friday!

Posted by Sue on April 3, 2015 13:54


Sue, that may be the case in Germany but I assume comes with a Lada in Russia?

Posted by Manowar on April 3, 2015 14:37


That word narrows your origins down to Latvia, Estonia or Ukraine - probably the latter - so that explains the reason you cannot write comprehensible English.

Posted by Pete on April 3, 2015 14:52

Editor Comment:

Many people from English-speaking countries are unable to write comprehensible English, Pete.



Wikipedia informs us that
"The Lada Niva enjoys a small cult following in Australia; it is the Lada model most often seen on Australian roads."

Manowar, I am wondering, are you among Lada Australian fans(or, probably, victims), as you know the model so well?
I never driven Lada myself or sat in that car, so should obviously rely on opinions of those who did.
Last time when I was in Russia in 1996 for 3 days business trip, somehow I didn't manage to get to be driven by Lada.

Nowadays I guess there , in a luxury segment, still could be more fancy cars than , say, in Sydney, but it probably will not last long.

And if I write about cars then about those I know well.
Can't add a lot about Rolce Royce as being driven by it only few times, one time on your mentioned Malta:
there is RR, not a new model - Silver Cloud, that has been used for driving Madonna and other actors, in course of filming a movie there - so on 3rd of January,upon inquiry, they offered hourly rate just 30% above taxi - obviously low season for business , no weddings etc., so it was nice experience together with GF to go with RR to sightseeing , lunch etc.
Crowd gathered in front of the hotel when driver waited for us to embark , and people on the street occasionally greated us and waved their hands on an assumption there is a celebrity inside :)
Malta is., and especially Gozo is., are full with excellent architecture , British aristocrats made their holidaying place looks really nice! - one of my most favorite place in Europe in regard of architecture, Gozo is somehow reminiscent to Edinburgh Princess str., in terms of surreality.

FYI Russian civil law follows Germanic tradition, so proper use of Burgergesetzbuch would bring in Russia , I guess, not Mercedes Begz coupe, but some fancier car.

Posted by Sue on April 3, 2015 17:18


Hi All. Alan rightly points out that, "Many people from English-speaking countries are unable to write comprehensible English." But what totally bamboozles me is that many native speakers just don't give a damn about how they write but they'd surely complain loud enough if the guitar player in their chosen restaurant played the wrong chords or sang out of tune. Music, admittedly, is a vocation but since when is writing correctly in one's own language so insurmountable and ill-considered? This issue totally befuddles me...

Posted by Sam Wilko on April 3, 2015 17:45



if you are so obsessed with some words(which - Mercedes Benz) or "origins of Sue", you could already long time ago Say Hi on Facebook, Twiiter etc. - since something reminiscent of "Pete" is flashing there.

And I've created even a special email:

Someone using "Android, Russia" yesterday tried to hack my Instagram account, wasn't that you? May be you moved to Russia, since they like so much Dtom Yam Goong?

Posted by Sue on April 3, 2015 19:14


Sue, you may be right but I've never seen one. I'm sure there are some Russian's who brought their Lada and AK47 with them here but I would think the Lada's were mostly seized at the border for being considered too dangerous.

Posted by Manowar on April 3, 2015 19:34


You should feel special knowing Sue has created a special email for you and waiting to be hacked. I wonder if the PW stands for Prison Warden or Plumbers & Welders Union?

Posted by Manowar on April 3, 2015 19:50



do you really think Lada are more dangerous than those pickup trucks, when they fly as in those advertisements in a movie theater?
I think not, as Ladas will achieve 100kph probably in 30 seconds, if at all, and easily decelarte, up to full stop, also on its own initiative.

I am sure there are people equipped with unlicensed AK47 in Phuket and other popular resort destinations, and some of them could be exRussian military - and last year crime record indicated their presence, so if not tackled properly then early or later they will put the equipment into operation.

You actually need not to use that my email, as I can DM you on that Australian magazine forum, if anything.

Posted by Sue on April 3, 2015 23:22


Of course, I forgot,we can communicate via Vogue forum!

Posted by Manowar on April 4, 2015 06:06



actually up to this moment few commenters sent me some kind of emails to the address above, but not Pete.

Still, if I wish to contact him, then can do it on Facebook - however, he "is not Messenger, but still receive your messages", and, probably the wife blocked him out of any harmful influence , as "Message" is the only option available on his page.
Seems that he like a months a go went someone on a bike.

Posted by Sue on April 4, 2015 07:09


Your dubious assertion that you can find me on Facebook is a figment of your imagination. I do not have a Facebook account. If you could translate your comment about Messenger into understandable English, it would help. My wife never interferes with what I write, other than expressing some unprintable remarks about the type of man that would use a woman's name. I don't ride a bike.

Posted by Pete on April 4, 2015 08:25


An interesting fact about Lada Nivas: - The radio has more valves than the engine - - -

Posted by Lenny on April 4, 2015 10:23



... why then to wear helmets to both of you? OK, may be for alpinism ;)
True about car - standing then in front of the car with (rock)-ing finger combination on both palms.

I afraid you may need to update your English vocabulary in respect of the word "Nick", and even probably compare it with the "First Name" meaning.

My nick is, at best, is acronym, that may be reminiscent, or may be not, with some first names, and has no relation to my name ;)

I tried to put it into enough comprehensive English for you, hope it worked ;)

Posted by Sue on April 4, 2015 11:22



"Hello Sue PW,

Welcome to, and thank you for registering."

Check your Vogue account!

Posted by Sue on April 5, 2015 02:50



I understand that you has been taught in military college in Cranwall - deny, deny , deny - when faced w/smth undeniable - and that well may be a proper strategy sometimes, but at the same time sent you msg on FB, check in "Other" folder.

Posted by Sue on April 5, 2015 02:53


Sam Wilko

like this - written by a commenter from California on Tripadvisor:

"I don't know why people raved about this restaurant, the food was terrible. We ordered tempura, which had no batter on it and a greasy mess! The shashimi was fatty and disgusting. The only thing good out of the 3 dishes we ordered was the garlic rice"

Posted by Sue on April 5, 2015 03:02


Very funny, unfortunately I had to give up Vogue Forums after my sex change. Just because many of us are interested, did you register as m or f?

Posted by Manowar on April 5, 2015 04:41



Oh yes, I see.
Hope you are doing well!

No, it does not allow to enter any object into the Sex field, as there is a warning message that it's temporary situation as they are upgrading facilities to be in line with modern regulatory framework and expectations of society.

Posted by Sue on April 5, 2015 06:40

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