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A debate on Patong beach about a jetski and damage

China Visitor Bucks Jetski Bid for 50,000 Baht

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A FEMALE JAPANESE tourist who rented a jetski then had the engine fail at sea after 20 minutes was intercepted by a jetski operator who turned back to shore, left her to float for more than an hour, then charged her for the extra time. Another tourist helped her to shore. The Governor told the media today that the behavior of jetski operators was ''unbelievably bad.'' He said that on Monday, he had received a letter from the Australian ambassador, highlighting consistent complaints about overcharging and scams. ''We are going to sort this out,'' the governor said.

Original Report

THE GOVERNOR has intervened in a case where a jetski operator was demanding 50,000 baht from a tourist because of damage allegedly done to the vehicle in Patong Bay.

But in this case, the tourist was a Chinese visitor who was unwilling to meet the extortionate demand, made just last week.

Reluctant to be ripped off, the visitor called China's honorary consul for the region, who operates from Songkla province.

The honorary consul made two phone calls: the first one to the Superintendent of Kathu Police Station, Police Colonel Grissak Songmoonnark, who oversees Patong.

The colonel called back, and said he had spoken to the jetski operator, who was happy to reduce his claim to 30,000 baht.

The honorary consul was having none of that. His second call was to Governor Wichai Praisa-nob.

As a result, the governor called the colonel and told him to let the jetski operator know that the governor wanted him to settle for 3000 baht.

And so it was agreed by the governor, the jetski operator, the police colonel, the honorary consul and the tourist from China.

The fee for the damage was 3000 baht.

The governor related the tale of the jetski to Phuketwan yesterday. He has been advised by the Deputy PM and diplomats to end scams that continue to turn tourists away from Phuket.

Only the jetski operator can say for sure whether there was real damage to the jetski or whether it was a scam: a tourist who fails to detect damage before taking out a jetski is urged to pay a high price for a small, preexisting mark when the jetski is returned.

''We only need five percent of people from China to come here to assure Phuket's future,'' the governor said yesterday. ''We do not need these kinds of problems.''

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Please hand out the governor's mobile phone number to all tourists arriving at the airport with the remark "Keep this number safe! This number might save you from being ripped off or worse!" Unbelievable!

Posted by KR on September 1, 2009 10:25


Unbelievable ! I would not have paid the jetski operator even 1 satang.

Posted by Guenter Bellach on September 1, 2009 18:48


Well done to the Chinese tourist who called China's honorary consul for the region. Good job!

I am sure that if I called the US consul, I would have been given the same help. LOL... Sorry, that must have been a dream I had. LOL

In all seriousness, I have always said that the Chinese gov't, for all their flaws, will try to protect their citizens overseas.

Posted by Anonymous on September 1, 2009 21:07


Now let's see if he can do the same thing with the tuc tuc rip offs !

Posted by elizabeth on September 1, 2009 23:44


It would appear that after all the complaints on all the forums the tourism minister has not done 1 jot to solve this problem what does it take before he gets it in his head that this is one problem amongst many why patong's name is damaged as a destination for tourism.

Posted by billy dale on September 2, 2009 00:11


Should pay nothing. Its the operator's fault the thing broke. If a taxi's engine failed while being taken somewhere I wouldn't expect to pay a thing so why pay in this case. RIP OFF MERCHANTS.

Posted by Anonymous on September 4, 2009 13:51


Looks like Tourism will come back if they can get a handle on these operators

Posted by on September 11, 2009 23:51


JJ earns money by impressing his victims, behaving aggressive, shouting, but he overestimates himself. And that is the reason why we did not pay anything when he tried to rip us off.

Our arguments were stronger than his shouting and bigger than his power. Even the police could not cover his a** when we were there in July. My story has been published in the Phuket Gazette.
Regards, Marx

Posted by Marx on September 15, 2009 04:30


Five years ago my two teenage children were both accused of damaging two jet skis. I knew it was b-llsh-t. The operators gathered half dozen "buddies" and demanded 50,000 baht. When my daughter said he was lying, the operator brought his arm back threatening to hit her in the face.

I intervened...but it was very very scary and intense. We were being threaten bodily harm if we did not pay. I refused to pay.....and walked all the way to the police hut in front of Bangla. the police were helpful. We did not pay and they told the operator that he would be evicted from the beach if this happened again.

But the operator was furious, not scared of the police. In front of the police they threatened to kill my Thai housekeeper, over and over again. she was too frightened to ever return to Patong Beach. I won that small battle...but the "war" has long been lost to the bully/mafia/hoodlums who run Patong beach.

My police officer was helpful....but now it seems many are part of the scam. Why did it take the tv video to get any action from the government? Everyone knows about these scams...for a long long time.

Posted by John Boardman on September 16, 2009 13:21

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