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Aussie Tourist Free! She Gets a Fine and Flies

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
AUSTRALIAN mum Annice Smoel was given a six-month suspended jail term and a 1000-baht fine for theft in a court ruling today at provincial court in Phuket City.

The jail term will be stayed for one year and if Mrs Smoel does not commit any crime in Thailand for the year, her jail term will not have to be served.

She will be allowed to return to Australia.

Immigration officials were at the court to assist with the return of her passport.

More details coming soon.


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Mrs Smoel should consider herself lucky that she received such a small penalty 1000 Baht ($37.55 AUD) if this report is accurate.

However before she leaves your wonderful country (Thailand) perhaps she could offer a public apology for her drunken oafish behaviour.

Then once on the aircraft out of Thailand she can fade away into the obscurity that she is deserving of. She has had her 5 seconds of infamy now lets be rid of her.

Sadly the Australian Media and vote seeking politicians will seek to fawn over her and make mileage from her pitiful little story.

Posted by Adrian Thomas on May 20, 2009 15:30


We have plenty of so called oafs (predominantly male) in Australia that can bash someone's head in on a Saturday night and get off scott free.This incident involving a mother of 4 young girls is nothing but a storm in a tea cup . So for the critics, get real.

Posted by Anonymous on May 20, 2009 18:19


its all well slagging her off but questions need to be asked as to why it got to this. why were there undercover police in the aussie bar what were they doing there? how many more bars have undercover police officers in them ? is this what Patong has become. There should be a seperate court for tourist's ok it was a prank that backfire'd but it wasn't theft.

If Patong wants tourists it should realise these kind of pranks happen. ok if a drunken tourist uses foul language simply lock them up for the night till there sober and let them know that that kind of behaviour will not be tollerated. Instead now we have reports even here in the uk of how in phuket you can be jailed for stealing a beer mat

this is more likely to drive even more tourists away. when will the tourist minister sit down with a falang who is resident on phuket and ask him how phuket or patong can claw back its reputation, because at the moment it lies in tatters.

Posted by william Dale on May 21, 2009 00:08


For many years I have been an avid tourist to Thailand even learning the language I was so much in love with the country. I have gone off Thailand since my last trip. People have become rude. Police are trying all sorts of pranks for example: asking for 6,000 baht from me for crossing the road incorrectly (even though it was at a crossing), then he tried it again the next day and forgot he tried it on the day before...the guy that tried to tell me I could not buy a bottle of Whiskey and that the bottle I did buy at the Emporium in Bangkok he had to confiscate and his astonishment as I poured $100USD down a local drain rather than give it to him for him to drink. And the list goes on..all on one last. Then I read about the bodies found in the Gulf and other things my Thai friends tell me. I just do not want to go back.

Posted by Sharon on May 21, 2009 07:34


Not one account, other than the ABSENT bar owner has Ms Smoel being abusive in any way. Phuket police particularly - seem to regale in acting draconian toward foreigners.

Posted by Kim on May 21, 2009 09:29


That shows how unfair the law is here in thaiiland.

Posted by Mike on May 21, 2009 20:33


I think this story has met its end, enough is enough. Lets concentrate on the positive aspects of living in Thailand OK ???

Posted by Mouse on May 21, 2009 23:21

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