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Alien ATM Spotted at Nai Harn

Sunday, November 25, 2007
NAI HARN is one of those places where strange things happen. From time to time, locals report odd developments.

The landmark lake, for instance, turned into a stylish running track virtually overnight a few years back. And although Nai Harn has a reputation for being a thatch and timber beach where locals let their dogs go for a run, sparkling new resorts keep springing up like five-star mushrooms.

Now Nai Harn has its own bank, just up the road from Lorenzo's excellent Pulcinella restaurant. Well, it's a bank in the same way a mobile squwark box is a telephone.

The Bank of Ayudhya has parked a yellow ATM van just across from the wat.

Some sturdy wheel locks appear capable of preventing even the most determined robber from just driving off with the loot.

We approached it with caution, but yes, there was money in it, and yes, the money did appear on cue.

However, we couldn't escape the feeling that the ascending door would slam shut at any minute and the machine would simply whirl straight up into the air to the alien spaceship, destination Mars.

Isn't that where all banks have their home base?


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