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Swede Vladimir Antochvili, 29, who allegedly escaped with 22m baht

Phuket Property Fraud: Swede Accused of Ripping Off 22m Baht from Russian Buyers

Monday, June 30, 2014
PHUKET: A Swedish member of a Russian gang that defrauded property buyers of more than 20 million baht on Phuket has been arrested after a two-year hunt.

Phuket Immigration officers with Bangkok police arrested Vladimir Antochvili, 29, at his apartment in the capital about 9.30pm last night.

A receptionist called him down to the foyer where the Phuket officers and police were waiting.

Investigators will now try to establish the whereabouts of more than 20 million baht handed to Mr Antochvili and a Russian accomplice by two Russians who thought he was a legitimate property broker.

According to Phuket Immigration officers, a Russian retiree went to Chalong Police Station to report the fraud in 2012 after Mr Antochvili received three tranches of three million baht to purchase a property.

A second Russian reported being defrauded of 12 million baht.

Mr Antochvili claimed the three percent commission from the property seller before disappearing, officers said. It is not yet known how much remains of the money.

Mr Antochvili was brought back to Phuket where he will face further questioning before a trial at Phuket Provincial Court.

Although there are some reliable property brokers on Phuket, buyers are advised to proceed with caution.


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I didn't think "property broker" a job that can be legally done by a foreigner in Thailand.

Posted by NomadJoe on June 30, 2014 08:37


russians stealing from russians.

Posted by bill on June 30, 2014 10:14


According to "Foreign business Act" B.E.2542 (1999), the business of land trading is not permitted.
Perhaps, National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) should plans a crackdown on too many real estates under the control of foreigners who own Thai companies with Thai nominees as proxy Thai directors and shareholders.
Most of the time, Thai staffs are ghost staffs and do not get salaries.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on June 30, 2014 10:31


Why you say that he is swedish ?
He is alltrough russian , even if he lives in sweden !

Posted by jorgen48 on June 30, 2014 12:08

Editor Comment:

Do you have a passport, jorgen48?


For sure he is not an ethnic Swede. He is originally from Russia, but Swedish Government give away passport anyhow to anyone.

Posted by Mj on June 30, 2014 16:02


With a swedish passport only make him swedish citizen !

Posted by jorgen48 on June 30, 2014 18:06


@ jorgen48:
You don't get a Swedish passport if you are not a Swedish citizen. His name indicates that he has Russian background but he may even be born in Sweden by Russian parents (who may have Swedish citizenship, we don't know).

If we start to talk about ethnicity then we also have to define how many generations it take to get 'ethnic'. If you look back in the Swedish history you may see that many 'ethnic' Swedes has a foreign background. Interesting is that the Russians (Rus people) probably originates from what today is Sweden...(Swedish settlements during the viking era,
It's nothing new that we emigrates and live in other conties; Swedes in Thailand, Russians in Sweden, British in Saudi Arabia etc. etc. By the way, how many Americans are American (US)?

Posted by OJ on June 30, 2014 18:10

Editor Comment:

Indeed. With a passport he's as Swedish as anyone ever has been or can hope to be. It's odd how people everywhere reject the fellow citizens they don't want.


Likely rather a Swedish National, traveling on a Swedish Passport.

Posted by Bjarne Petersen on June 30, 2014 19:16


Antochvili is GEORGIAN family name, bot russian!!! He is not russian, he is ethnic georgian.

Posted by Dmitry on June 30, 2014 23:27

Editor Comment:

He's Swedish, Dmitry. His passport says so. That's the only acceptable definition of his nationality.


I just do not hope that the Thai Government will deport him to Sweden. If they do it I am pretty sure that he will be back to Thailand within a few weeks on a new Swedish passport. That's the Swedish Government way to handle criminals.

Posted by Mj on July 1, 2014 10:50


MJ you are right about that !
Our gov is realy weak .
We need something new thats not so PC

Posted by jorgen48 on July 1, 2014 20:46


He is geoirgian born Swedish. Nothing about Russians at all.

Posted by 1000 on July 13, 2014 13:54

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