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Last orders: tourists were eating lunch at Octopus before today's surprise

Octopus Restaurant Flattened at Phuket's Nai Yang Beach

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
PHUKET: A backhoe supervised by Royal Thai Navy sailors and local authorities demolished the well-known Octopus restaurant and other premises on the foreshore at Phuket's Nai Yang beach today.

According to Sarkoo district chief Sumeth Suwannarat, the wrecking had the approval of the National Council for Peace and Order even though an appeal had been lodged with the Administrative Court.

''We asked the NCPO and the decision was that there were clearly no real property titles for the businesses, so we were able to carry out the demolition.

''Two more premises nearby will be demolished tomorrow.''

The Octopus restaurant, the No. 4 Seafood Restaurant and a massage parlor came down today.

All the businesses are on the landward side of a narrow roadway that runs along the beachfront at Nai Yang, the beach closest to Phuket International Airport.

Authorities say court action is continuing that will decide the legitimacy of a group of buildings on the seaward side of the road, closer to Sirinath National Park and the airport.

Authorities believe all buildings on the seafront at Nai Yang near the park are illegal.

Most of the restaurants once frequented by tourists along the Nai Yang shorefront have been demolished.

It's not yet clear whether the precipitous action that spurred the demolitions at the behest of the Sarkoo municipality - but with NCPO approval - will become a role model for the Cherng Talay municipality, which oversees Surin beach, south of Nai Yang.

Although all restaurants and beach clubs on the seaward side of a path that runs the length of Surin beach have been flattened, several popular beach clubs and restaurants on the landward side survive.

One large new beach club has even been constructed ready for high season 2015-16.


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Bad luck for the owners and for sure some tourists, good for the recovery of Phukets beaches.

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2015 17:34


Very sad, I know that Restaurant since more than 24 years - it was one of the first - then unfortunately many others came. Good food and nice people and behind the street - not on the beach side. I will not stop over at Nai Yang Beach again. The big money people behind in the Hotel will be happy, as they always hated their guest went out to eat. Maybe they will loose guests also.

Posted by sailor on August 5, 2015 19:29


I got engaged at Nai Yang Beach in 2007 under one of those big trees -

When I asked her to marry me, she never said yes - she just said okay.

It's been much more than okay.


Mixed Marriages

Posted by farang888 on August 5, 2015 21:23


Yet another nail and a little message to tourist NOT WANTED HERE.

Posted by william on August 6, 2015 00:47


The restaurants there all got together and put there prices up sky high.and it looked a mess. Better now

Posted by Dobby on August 6, 2015 07:44


The big money people behind in the Hotel will be happy, as they always hated their guest went out to eat.



you missed that these are the hotels that bears most of financial and commercial risks, and who implement the vast part of marketing attracting tourists to destinations. To run a hotel at acceptable level, whether it is 3* or 5*, is not an easy job at all.

Then other establishments just take advantage of marketing that has been already paid and performed by hotels in finding their clientele and bringing them here.

On top, these establishment not only took advantage of business opportunity in a hot spot, they do this in a weird way - on a public land, paying no rent, but may only bribes, thus only further procrastinating their unfair cost competition with hotels.

The hotel you keep in mind I don't like too, especially tehor service and food - as they have been 3* establishment, so they stayed there regardless of 5* exterior upgrade in all possible place - the fact, that you put nice shirts on waiters, still doesn't mean they got some extra skills, they still have empty heads in terms of service. And food they serve is terrible - smallest prawns that can be found on market, like 70/80, and other junk food, that is served with by incompetent waiters and brought to attention of unscrupulous potential clientele by fanfares of their loud marketing.

Posted by Sue on August 10, 2015 23:38


we stayed # indigo pearl last summer for 5 nights. and ate at octopus 2 of those nights. better food and much cheaper prices. food was excellent. im irish and my wife is thai. the owner told us he was pressured everyday. i guess he got tired of paying people off. couldnt win.

Posted by Bquinn on December 4, 2015 01:42


Have heard that OCTOPUS has reopened in the Talang District, does anyone know where?

Posted by Gail on July 13, 2016 09:32

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