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Actor Puri Hiranpruk: my grandfather was granted an island concession

Island Hopping Property Title Sparks Ownership Dispute off Phuket's Coast

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
PHUKET: An unusual island-hopping property title is being blamed for an investigation into a dispute over land ownership on Naka Noi, off Phuket.

Puri Hiranpruk, actor and grandson of the owner of a 60-rai concession for land on the island, accompanied Department of Special Inverstigation authorities, Royal Thai Navy and other officials on a visit to Naka Noi yesterday.

''Nobody can occupy land on a large part of the island without permission,'' said Khun Puri.

However, a deed is now in existence for 17 rai on Naka Noi. Although the people who say they have the unusual title have yet to be questioned, authorities have been told that the document appears to be a ''flying sor kor'' that was originally a title covering seven rai on neighboring Naka Yai.

The land on Naka Noi is being offered for sale for 42 million baht, according to investigators.

Khun Puri's single-storey family home is the only building at one end of the island and is rented out to holidaymakers.

Phuketwan beieves that Thailand's array of titles should be reviewed and replaced by a more practical method of ascribing ownership to property.


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Totally agree the land titles issue in Thailand needs to be urgently reviewed. Interestingly, Honduras has recently introduced a new electronic system of land titles to clear up similar problems. They have based the new system on BlockChain distributed ledger technology. This is the same technology that BitCoin runs on, but is nothing to do with BitCoin.

Blockchain is a fabulous new technology set to dramatically change the banking industry over the next few years. By implementing a distributed ledger, which is public to see but impossible to change, it could improve matters tremendously.

I should contact the Govt and show them how to introduce it.

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 15, 2015 09:31


To Discover Thainess, The Thai land title system is obscure and easy to mess with on purpose. The elites, who mess with it the most and who own most of the land, would never allow it to be changed. The rich elite are very well aware of how to properly assign land titles because most of them have been educated, if not born, in western countries for over 100 years.

Posted by Earmuffs on December 16, 2015 10:59


'Nobody can occupy land on a large part of the island without permission,' Very true but it would be interesting to know the background of why his family has a concession for 60 rai of land (almost 4 times the size of the other land in question). Seems very NIMBY on first appearances.

Posted by Mister Ree on December 26, 2015 00:12

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