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Ikea's Bangkok store: Phuket will gain Asia's first Pickup and Order Point

Ikea to Open Asia's First Pickup and Order Point on Phuket Soon

Friday, November 6, 2015
PHUKET: Ikea is nearly hea. Phuket will gain a store selling the famously compact, stylish and reasonably priced range of furniture and other household goods with a grand opening on November 27.

It won't be a vast Bangkok-style store though but what Ikea calls a ''Pickup and order point,'' the first of its kind in Asia.

Those wishing to buy from Ikea will be able to scan online catalogues then place their orders, and pickup the goods from the Phuket store, which will be in the bypass road, close to the existing Premium Outlet facility.

A report that may already be out of date says Ikea has more than 370 stores in 47 countries: the Swedish brand is huge, among world's largest retailers, and it was just a matter of time before prosperous Phuket attracted a branch.

The urbanisation of Phuket will be complete when the largest Bangkok mall brands complete their projects over the next few years and give Phuket a shopping appeal to rival Thailand's capital.


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Please tell me they will have hotdogs

Posted by Coldturkey on November 7, 2015 01:31


"Ikea is nearly hea." ??

Posted by Hugh on November 7, 2015 06:33

Editor Comment:

Yes, it's Truh Hugh.


Everey IKEA store in Scandinavia has a counter where you can returned goods that has some failiure. Then You can get your money back or new same item. Do you know anything about this.

Posted by retired roadworker on November 7, 2015 08:59


China's all have a food section after checkout. Lots of great choices. Swedish meatballs were my favorite.

Posted by GiantFan on November 7, 2015 09:55


I am going for the smoked salmon...

Posted by herbert on November 7, 2015 11:44


why not a full size store? Wonder why?

Posted by Sure on November 8, 2015 03:49

Editor Comment:

Probably an interim measure. A market test until Phuket grows a bit larger.


"The open date is when?" asks Jen

Posted by Jen on December 2, 2015 09:47

Editor Comment:

It's open.


Please tell me when I can order by internet to Phuket?

Posted by Monis on December 3, 2015 17:13

Editor Comment:

You can go down there to order and later, to pick up your goods.


Thank you for answer! It's hard for me to go Phuket so I wonder: Will you later have so I can order at home at those Phuket as pickup place?
It be only one trip to arrange for me.

Posted by Monis on December 4, 2015 09:50


should be no problem to arrange a delivery for you. Just publish your full name, address, CC number and PIN and we can arrange a very big surprise.

Posted by mow on December 4, 2015 15:33


Monis, will still be another month till the Ed is free to do deliveries

From Ikea Thailand website

For ordering at IKEA Pick up and order point Phuket
Delivery service fee within Phuket area is 590 THB*
for other provinces in the south, please contact our staffs at delivery and assembly service counter
or call 088 088 5038, 088 088 5039.
- Delivery within 5-10 days after the day of purchase.
- Assembly fee 7% of the price of goods. (Minimum 350 THB)

Posted by Michael on December 4, 2015 16:58

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