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Vanessa Zhu will be reporting on ways of boosting the China market

Amcham Targets High End China Tourists

Monday, August 24, 2015
PHUKET: How can Phuket attract high-end Chinese tourists?

On Friday September 18 the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) has organised a tourism event at the JW Marriott led by David Johnson and Vanessa Zhu of Delivering Asia Communications.

David Johnson is the Managing Director of Delivering Asia Communications (DAC), a leading public relations firm in Asia specialising in the hospitality industry, with 10 operations worldwide and headquatered in Bangkok.

Vanessa Zhu is DAC's digital marketing specialist and Communications Director for China, based in Shanghai, and between them they will unveil how to attract high end Chinese outbound travellers to hotels and resorts in Thailand through a range of communications strategies.

The session will cover solutions for Phuket's hospitality industry and how it can better navigate and understand the China tourism landscape and influence the purchasing decisions of the new brand of independent traveller.

It will cover the key marketing communications strategies and tactics hotels and resorts need to employ to take advantage of the massive wave of Chinese travellers coming into Phuket - from traditional print media to the digital arena of online reviews, engagement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and bloggers with millions of followers and the critical social media space where WeChat and Weibo rule.

There will be a Q&A session following the presentation.

Registration for the event begins at 4.30pm at the JW Marriott Mai Khao Ballroom with the session running from 5pm-6pm.

Admission is open to the public and is 100 baht for non-members . Networking drinks will follow.

To sign up for the event, please visit the website, contact Sarudha Netsawang e:


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Build a big casino on Patong beach with a direct line with a skytrain from Phuket airport as a transfer to the biggest hotels. Build 200 underwater sea walk areas and build a huge latexfactory in kata. HUGE money for the big investors. Forget about a nice somtam with crab on a cosy beach at the sunstet in rawai for example. (already skipped it because of all the hundreds of transferbuses to the wiewpoint).

P.s Nikita bar is maybe still there. What a pearl in all misery.

Posted by A Joe on August 24, 2015 12:34


You can have money but it doesn't mean your high class. Many wealthy people have money but little class.

Posted by Arun Muruga on August 24, 2015 12:36


Arun Muruga. Yes for sure. One can by fashion but one can never buy style.

Posted by A Joe on August 24, 2015 14:15


What is a high-end Chinese tourist?

With good manners?

Or alltogether?

Such people, not just Chinese, are rare and they are more inclined to book high end destinations.

Posted by Georg The Viking on August 24, 2015 16:17


The massive wave of Chinese travellers coming into Phuket, (middle class and Lower class) are mostly here due to food.

It doesn't matter if stock market crashes in china or bombs are exploded in Thailand.
They will keep coming to find food, fruits, snacks and medicines. Thailand is just one of the destinations.

Please visit Lotus, Tops, Big C and 7-11, to see how they are plundering the stores from food, snacks, beverages, medicines, toothbrushes, tooth creams, shampoo etc.

Perhaps a special article about these tourists and some interviews with them, PW?

Posted by Sam on August 24, 2015 18:13


well the way the Chinese stock market is tumbling...there won't be any high end Chinese left to attract

Posted by sky on August 24, 2015 18:21


The Chinese stock market is in a far worse position than being reported. For months it has been manipulated by government funds and policies restricting short trading. In the last few years it has been bolstered by what can only be described as a gambling addiction using borrowed money.
I believe we are nowhere near seeing the worst of what will eventually come.

Posted by MoW on August 24, 2015 19:26


Russia rubels today, you need 71 of them to get 1 Dollar. In June it was 50. Last year it was 30. Maybe 32.

China lost from its all time high the same amount of value to its stock market as Japan has in its whole. About 3 trillion Dollar (from 9 down to 6, or maybe 5.000.000 million Dollar when this comment will be published). The problem is not that the stock market get up this fare this year also, but that a lot used leverage to gain more from its way up. A lot lost everything. And often not only for themselves but relatives and friends also. The stock crash is a real downer for China. And Chinese people are clever and will stop spending where it is not necessary. Phuket is not high on their necessity list.

Posted by Lena on August 25, 2015 02:38

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