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Phuket Commander Chonsit and murder victim June: why didn't police act?

Why Didn't Phuket Police Solve Bin Murder Years Ago, Ask Family

Friday, March 2, 2012
PHUKET: The Commander of Police on Phuket is to investigate why Phuket and Region 8 police ignored requests from the family of a missing woman to properly investigate her disappearance.

Only this week, when officers from Bangkok's Crime Suppression Division raided a luxury villa in the beachside Phuket suburb of Kata, did police discover the grisly secret kept by Norwegian Stein Dokset.

The body of his beautiful but tempestuous lover Rungnapa 'June' Ratchasombut had been decomposing in a lower-level bathroom-laundry for two-and-a-half years.

When police lifted the lid of the green council trash bin that concealed the remains of Khun June, 30 at the time of her death, they also lifted the lid on Phuket police inaction.

Why did officers at Kathu Police Station take no action on the family's request, days after Khun June disappeared in 2009, for an investigation of her Norwegian lover's possible involvement?

Why did police at Region 8 headquarters take the same attitude?

Members of the family let their tears flow at Chalong Police Station in southern Phuket today as they gathered to hear what officers had to say about the investigation so far.

Earlier today, Phuket Police Commander Major General Chonsit Wadhnawarangkun briefed media from Phuket and Norway on the murder.

Mr Dokset has confessed to killing June and hiding her body in the bin.

What puzzles the family - and what they said today they could never forgive - was the way he kept his horrible secret for two-and-a-half years, sharing the house that the couple built with the body of his dead lover.

It is understood members of Mr Dokset's were due to arrive on Phuket today.

His lover's family consisted of a mother who had five children. Two brothers came to Chalong Police Station today, seeking information.

They do not understand why her husband, a policeman in Patong at the time of her disappearance, did not do more to find his missing wife.

The remains found in the bin were taken to Surat Thani earlier this week where they have been identified as human. The next step in the investigation will be to achieve a DNA match with Khun June's family.

''We will wait for the DNA sample then we will begin working backwards,'' Major General Chonsit.

Asked why the Phuket police failed to respond at any time to the family's pleas for a thorough investigation, he said: ''We will check it out.''

Mr Dokset, 49, was being held in Phuket Provincial Prison today pending a court appearance on one murder count, one count of unlawfully disposing of a body, and one count of illegal posession of a handgun.


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The answer is obvious.
Because they were a family of no consequence. Not rich and no connections.
For a contrast, look at the police reaction to the hi-so guy getting attacked in the pub in Phuket Town.

Posted by Sir Burr on March 2, 2012 18:22


We can all sit back and ask about the apparent police inaction (though for all we know, Dokset may have had multiple addresses and the cops may have searched the wrong one) but the really strange thing for me is why K. June's last husband, a Thai policeman and father to one of her children, also appeared to accept inaction.

I find it almost unbelievable that a serving policeman couldn't have pulled strings within his own localities police force. If your wife went missing, you'd be knocking on doors and pulling strings until answers were found. Seems strange.

Posted by Mr Man on March 2, 2012 19:07


It is not too uncommon in Thailand for people to leave and go someplace else without telling. Sometimes after years you will hear from them, maybe. Going to Bangkok, becoming a monk, after something happened, is not unheard of. Maybe her husband thought of her as a rolling stone. The truly amazing thing is, that this guy kept her remains in his house and did not get rid of it. He never watched Dexter, I guess. Good he was caught. Finally and very late. But with a lot of luck it happened.

Posted by Lena on March 2, 2012 20:33

Editor Comment:

Lena, people can certainly be nomadic but women usually tell their families - not their friends but their families - where they are. Many of them do not let so much as a week go by without an update.


embarressing questions raised on this one, the major general is correct in the statement we are working backwards, its sad that Sir Burr's comment is most likely correct

Posted by traveller on March 2, 2012 22:34

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