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Pilot Loses Control, Nok Air Flight from Chiang Mai Slides off Runway

Sunday, October 6, 2013
PHUKET: A small Nok Air turboprop aircraft slid off the runway on landing at Udon Thani today.

The flight was DD 8610 from Chiang Mai, due to land at 8.35am.

Passengers and crew were able to leave the aircraft without injuries. The pilot told officials that he lost control of the aircraft on touchdown.

A Nok Air flight slid off the runway at Trang airport on August 6 while taking off for Bangkok.

The airport was closed for two days while cranes recovered the plane from deep mud in a grassy verge.


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I bet you Nok Air did not send a team out to quickly paint out the logo and name of the plane, as did Thai Airlines? Glad everyone was ok.

Posted by DuncanB on October 6, 2013 13:12


2 almost identical accidents with the same airline within 2 months and not a word from DCA conducting a safety audit?

Another boost to tourism safety indeed.

Posted by ThaiMike on October 6, 2013 14:12


As Nok Air is a sister company of Thai Airways, we should say "3 accidents in 2 months'.

Luckily everyone is OK!

Posted by Mr. K on October 6, 2013 15:24


Would be interesting to know the name of the pilots. This is something I, as a passenger would want to know, especially if it's the same pilot.

Posted by DSI Watcher on October 6, 2013 16:25


What? The pilot did not flee the scene?

Posted by Charles on October 6, 2013 20:30


We don't know what happened here, not necessarily the pilots fault, maybe brake failure....

Posted by Sailor on October 6, 2013 20:50


ThaiMike, until one knows the cause of the runway excursion, the demand for a safety audit is unreasonable. The SAAB 340 is a discontinued aircraft with prior incidents. The Swedish aviation authority, and aircraft manufacturer will be involved in the incident investigation because it is a Swedish product. Other factors also have to be considered such as weather and the condition of the runway. Mr. K The operator was the SGA unit of NOK. Describing this incident as 1 of 3 accidents in 2 months is both unfair and incorrect. Do you hold United, Lufthansa,or Swiss when one of its small commuter affiliates has an incident? ThaiMike, there have not been 2 incidents. Only 1 as SGA is a distinct operation from NOK, the same as other airlines are structured. This does not mean that your concerns are not valid, but IMO you are creating a crisis when there isn't one. Every day, the world's airlines report; injuries due to turbulence, or other serious mechanical issues. Incidents happen. Last April, Singapore Airlines that had the A330 landed in BKK with a fire in its cargo hold that took 2 hours to extinguish as the cargo hold fire suppression system did not extinguish the fire. It was a far more serious situation. Would you a demand a safety audit of SQ too? NOK has an excellent safety record compared to its LCC and regional airline peers in both the "west" and in Asia. It remains an excellent airline.

Posted by Ryan on October 6, 2013 22:25


@ Ryan

Thank you for the patronizing response.

I know far more about the aviation industry than you think.

The key here is the similarity and narrow time span during which these accidents and incidents occurred.

DD-8610 taxiway excursion at Udon Thani Oct 6th.

DD-7411 RWY excursion at Trang on Aug 6th.

DD-8714 lost one of it's front wheels during the flight from DMK to CXN May 30th.

That's 3 within just 4 months. At the very least DCA should make a public statement and show some interest in reassuring the public that they are on top of the game and NOK air maintenance and pilot training practices comply with rules and regulations.

Go back a bit more and you'll find plenty of other incidents and accidents.

DD7506 emergency landing and RWY excursion at DMK Feb 5th 2006.

To compare these 3 incidents and accidents within 4 months with NOK to a single occurrence with SIA is ridiculous.

Posted by ThaiMike on October 7, 2013 12:46


@ Ryan

To the flying public it makes no difference who the actual operator is. They see an airline logo painted on the aircraft and, rightfully so, associate it with the airline.

All those major airlines you listed use other operators for their regional shuttle flights. They not only allow but demand the operators display their logo on their aircraft so they can clearly be identified to be a part of that airline operations.

They are assigned same flight number codes as their parent company, in the case of Nok Air that's DD.

An attempt to suddenly try to disassociate themselves from their contractual operator when things go wrong, as you clearly try to do here, would be a PR disaster.

Fortunately NOK air has far more common sense than you do and has made no such attempts.

Posted by ThaiMike on October 7, 2013 13:16

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