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Boy, have we got a deal for you . . . Happy Hour in Patong after midnight

Phuket's Secret Nightlife After Midnight

Sunday, July 14, 2013
PHUKET: It's happy hour time in Patong, when anything goes on the famous tourist walking street, Soi Bangla.

The appearance of a man walking alone triggers an instant response any time after 1am. It is, after all, low season when work is scarce for some.

Two women approach the man.

A Phuketwan reporter is close enough to hear the conversation.

The woman in the blue shorts spies the camera and gives the reporter the finger, behind the back of the man.

Three more women join the group, all touching the man, smiling broadly, making him an offer.

Five women, total price 5000 baht. Yes, it's Happy Hour all right. A discount, for as much as you can handle.

Later we learn that some bars stay open until 3.30am, especially those where guests have purchased drinks before 2am.

Elsewhere in the street, bar workers are emerging to greet friends. Flower sellers and animal photo touts are talking and winding down.

At this time of the night, it's possible to have your photo taken with an iguana on one arm and a slow loris on the other, at a discount price.

One by one, the women leave the man's side to seek other options. Five, four, three . . . two. And then the man walks off, with a woman on each arm.


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Can Phuketwan Reporters confirm that this was a negotiated deal that resulted in ... buy-one-get-one-free :-)

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on July 14, 2013 10:36

Editor Comment:

Our reporters were not that inquisitive.


How is this news? I must admit this has to be the worst story written ever in phuketwan and to think anyone would class this as news is ridiculous

Posted by tbs on July 14, 2013 11:24

Editor Comment:

Most of our readers have never been in Bangla at that hour, tbs, and many will be reading the article with interest.


what does a phuktewan reporter do in bangla so often?
I bet he bought some for himself, right?
fine with me and thought so

Posted by charlie on July 14, 2013 11:47

Editor Comment:

You wouldn't be a sexist with strange ideas about journalism, would you, charlie? Both the Phuketwan reporters were women. They were working with a television news crew from Europe.


wow... think i have to go to Bangla... OMG what a stupid story

Posted by Frog on July 14, 2013 13:14


It's not news. Take it as a documentary film on the sordid side of Patong.

There's much worse happening.

Posted by william on July 14, 2013 15:10


I wish I didn't waste my time readng worthless article. Why is this news?

Posted by thomas on July 14, 2013 15:13

Editor Comment:

For a story that ''isn't news,'' this article is attracting a lot of attention. Those familiar with prostitution in Patong won't find it newsworthy. The vast majority of readers, who don't see what Patong is like after midnight and have no experience of prostitution, will find it newsworthy.


What a load of garbage Editor !

Posted by Harry on July 14, 2013 15:57

Editor Comment:

Do you have some point to make, Harry, or is that all there is?


No need to wait until after midnight to see these secrets revealed. I dont see what all the hoo-haa is about, they are all consenting adults. Maybe this chap was just negotiating for a massage.

Posted by Ant on July 14, 2013 16:55

Editor Comment:

The character of Soi Bangla changes during the night. If you think it's the same at 8pm as at 10pm or at 2am, you are mistaken, You are the one using the word hoo-haa. What language is that?


A view of SEM Rush shows people are not coming here because its 'news'.... This is just a bit of fluff to increase keyword landings...

Posted by Joel M on July 14, 2013 17:45

Editor Comment:

Joel, you've been gone for ages. Are you still trying telling the world that every suicide on Phuket is actually a murder? And what are ''SEM Rush'' and ''keyword landings?'' I have never heard of either of them.


Sad situation sad country when women want to sell themselves for money in such a way!

Posted by apichart wongsuwan on July 14, 2013 18:31


how much for a tuk tuk to transport your self and the two fair maidens becoming a expensive evening out
happy hour tuk tuks that will be the day!

Posted by slickmelb on July 14, 2013 19:09


The reporters totally misunderstood the situation, I think. A helpless farang, alone, in the middle of the road. got security, for the walk home. The nice ladies offerting protection against the people, who would try to take advantage over a farang, who doesn't even know, how much is the legal price for a ride home. He only had to chose, 1, 2, or x bodyguards. Understandable, this service can't be for free. Isn't it?
btw: How much 'after' 1am was it? 2h after? 3h after?

Posted by Anonymous on July 14, 2013 19:47


Can't you see that real true love is in the making?

OK, it might not survive the night, but still, who are we to look down on love?

Posted by Remarkable on July 14, 2013 20:13


- apichart wongsuwan

Your name sounds Thai to me. Surely this is not the first time you've seen or heard this happen in Thailand now is it ?

It's been part of Thai society for centuries and only when the US soldiers started to use Pattaya for their R&R holidays during the Vietnam war did it turn "international".

Take a stroll down Phunpol Soi 11 in Phuket town for a more local flavor of the same business.

Interestingly enough the girls on Bangla charge on average more than the women providing same services in Las Vegas. Considering the difference in living expenses and average income this is quite staggering.

It's not only Som Tam that's 3x more expensive in Phuket than the rest of Thailand.

Posted by ThaiMike on July 14, 2013 20:24


The Cambridge British English Dictionary lists "Hoo-ha" as an occasion when there is too much interest in, or discussion about something that is not important. The Oxford lists it as a fuss or commotion. Your story focuses on the end of night discounts that can be had particularly from the bargirls. As a single fellow you dont need to wait 'til the end of the night. You can be set upon by over friendly, pushy bargirls at anytime who are ready to negotiate.

Posted by Ant on July 14, 2013 21:03

Editor Comment:

The reason this incident became newsworthy was because it occurred in the middle of Soi Bangla, Even the Culture Ministry, which decries lewd behavior, is unlikely to be concerned at what happens in private, behind closed doors.But with pole dancers on view, Russian women hawking their wares and touts offering pingpong shows and protected animals, Soi Bangla is plainly losing its way.


I would give anything for three ladys and a bottle of singha now. 555 greetings from Ireland were the pints of Guinness are out of this world

Posted by bkk on July 14, 2013 21:15


@Ed" Soi Bangla is plainly losing its way.
Losing its way? Losing its way from what? It's never been any different.

Posted by Mal on July 14, 2013 22:08

Editor Comment:

Wrong. There was a time when there were no pingpong ball show touts, no pole dancers visible from the street, no Russian women, and fewer photo touts. There was a time when the sleaze was ketp out of sight. Not any more.


Not wrong at all ed. A lot more out in the open now ,and newcomer Russians,but was always a little dirt rd of prostitution, booze and vice.So it never had much to lose its way from is all i'm saying.

Posted by Mal on July 14, 2013 22:38


No poledancers, no booze business.
Did your reporters take a look at the average customer that fills up the bars and bring money to the economy of Patong ? And they learned that the bars stay open till 03.30 ? I think they didn't walk Bangla for the first time. The bars always turn off the outside lights at 02.00 and keep open till 03.30 or 04.00, except when BKK police walks around, then they close exactly at 02.00.

Posted by Anonymous on July 20, 2013 18:45


Not only do they close earlier when a "crackdown" is active. The Go-Go bars on Soi Seadragon where the girls usually gyrate butt naked have their girls keep their bikinis on.

Everyone knows it's just a PR stunt to appear as if they are doing something and then it's right back to business as usual.

There's so much money at stake for those in positions of power that it would probably take divine intervention to be eradicated.

Posted by ThaiMike on July 20, 2013 19:18


So, some Thai prostitutes approached a foreigner in one of Thailand's premier night-life destinations and tried to solicit him for sex ? Who would have thought it?!
The shock! Horror! Infamy! Time for another coup!

Posted by Sid on July 22, 2013 01:09

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