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The electronic billboard that Phuket officials say will be pulled down

Phuket's Deadly Billboard 'to Topple'

Thursday, October 11, 2012
PHUKET: An illegal electronic billboard where a Phuket City workman was electrocuted is to be pulled down, say Phuket officials.

Wai Hayoung, 32, was killed when he touched a power line while on top of the large billboard near the Central Festival intersection in Phuket City on September 28.

''The billboard is illegal,'' a Phuket City official who did not wish to give his name told Phuketwan yesterday. ''His death could have been avoided.''

It has been reported that Arrow Media advertising company has paid 100,000 baht to the man's family as compensation. However, Arrow Media denies being the billboard's owner.

The Phuket City spokesman said that at least one letter, asking the owners of the billboard to pull down the illegal structure, had been sent before the man's death.

Authorities say they are in a difficult situation with illegal billboards erected on the verges of public roads.

''We can pull them down but we can also be sued for the damage,'' the spokesman said.

The billboard, however, is destined to be pulled down sometime after next Monday when work begins on the underpass at the busy Central Festival.

Monday is quite a red-letter day for Phuket with construction also due to begin that day on the Phuket International Airport expansion.


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I am 100% positive there is no way this man could have died touching the power cable above. The power cables are covered in rubber sleeving for a reason. The ones which are not, are the 250k volt lines that are about 10m high.

This was a preventable death and a cover up.

Posted by Tbs on October 11, 2012 08:28

Editor Comment:

We've read that the power cables are not covered at that height because it would be an additional cost. Public deaths on the tops of billboards are difficult to ''cover up.''


You don't need to actually touch a high-voltage cable. The current can and will arc and this misunderstanding is what makes it so dangerous.

Posted by Andrew on October 11, 2012 09:49


Well, from the Photo, the 250kV lines are a lot higher than the board. I will check it out later today, and judge for myself the distance, but ALL 250kV cable is not covered due to expense. The 30kV is covered because it is regularly worked on and is only about 6m above FL.

Posted by Tbs on October 11, 2012 11:03


"I will check it out later today, and judge for myself the distance"

Seriously you guy you are in Phuket for have holiday or get a life or to investigate??

why not let thailand drive and rule is own country instead having farang more smart then any other who always have something to say ..

Don't bring in Thailand the negative from Western leave it there please come on live here or leave it if you cant not stop critic...

Posted by ratatooe on October 11, 2012 12:04


And to think that all that could be paid to this man's family was 100,00.00 Baht. 2.5 Million I would have deemed an honorable amount. Why would somebody who is not the owner of the billboard pay the victims family, out of their good heart, sorry I don't believe it.

Posted by Dun on October 11, 2012 15:09

Editor Comment:

The man was an employee.


Rattatooe where are you coming from my friend. This has got nothing to do with a Farang. This man is Thai and you seem to think its ok for him to die because its Thai business.

Posted by yozza on October 11, 2012 22:16

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