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Phuket Weather Breaks: Thunder Heralds Danger of Squalls Lashing Phuket Seas

Phuket Weather Breaks: Thunder Heralds Danger of Squalls Lashing Phuket Seas

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
PHUKET: Thunder rolled across Phuket this afternoon with serial storms forecast to break the prolonged dry - appropriately over the Songkran New Year celebrations.

The annual Thai water festival will be a trigger for afternoon downpours and gusts that pose a significant threat to small boats around Phuket, forecasters warned today.

''The mornings should be fine for the next few days but small boats will be in danger during the afternoons,'' said a spokesperson for the Phuket-based Southern Meteorological Centre (West Coast).

''We expect regular storms with gusts of up to 35kmh or more and waves of three to four metres in Phuket seas.''

Some of those coming storms will develop around Phuket in precisely the timeframe that speedboat ''captains'' look to head back to shore after daytrips to Phi Phi and other islands.

Daily forecasts for the next week on Phuket predict about 40 percent chance of rain each day, which will be delivered in the form of notorious Phuket microstorms.

Tourists are advised to check weather forecasts and to make sure tour guides and boat captains are aware of the need for safety at all times.

Phuket usually has 10 days of rain in February, 10 in March and 12 in April as the dry season gives way to the arrival of the monsoons.

Rain comes more frequently between April and October, when monsoons again herald the return of the dry season, Phuket's premium time for tourist visitors.

In past years, when the hot weather has continued beyond April with little cloud cover, Phuket's coral reefs have been bleached by excessive sunshine.

If the dry breaks as scheduled, there should be no repetition of coral bleaching this year.

The arrival of the May monsoons is also the most dangerous time for swimming on Phuket's beaches. With the storms come changes in the current patterns, and the development of what are called ''rips.''

Rips form at several of Phuket's most popular west coast beaches, including Patong and Karon. In an eight-week period between mid-May and mid-July lasy tear, eight tourists drowned on Phuket's west coast beaches.

Swimmers are advised to obey lifeguard red-flag warnings and to only swim between the safety flags.

Some resorts treat the safety of their guests seriously and warn them on days when the beaches of Phuket are too dangerous for swimming. Other resorts ignore their responsibility.

One Patong three-star resort had two guests drown at the same spot on Patong beach last year but told that the safety of guests beyond the perimeter of the resort was no concern for management.

Recognising the need to warn residents and tourists, Phuket Public Health Office once provided regular monthly updates of the number of deaths on Phuket's roads and from drownings.

Those updates ceased in April last year.

While there will be a safety campaign on Phuket's roads for the week covering the particularly dangerous Songkran New Year period, there have been no figures released for road deaths or drownings on Phuket for 2012, or for the first three months of 2013.


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Information most appreciated!

Posted by Anonymous on April 10, 2013 16:05


Warnings should be made law in Phuket in every hotel room there should be on the back of the main door in each room warnings about the seas from May to October. Large fines if not found on regular inspection, lives are saved, government makes money - but it won't happen.

Posted by How Much Can You Pay on April 10, 2013 17:13


Big storm coming next week with strong wind on Tuesday and Wednesday...

Posted by Whistle-Blower on April 10, 2013 17:59

Editor Comment:

Too far off to be certain.



Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 10, 2013 18:06

Editor Comment:

Your insults won't be tolerated but here's the response to the rest of your misguided comment: Resorts sell tourists the belief that Phuket is a year-round beach destination. The dangers of drowning vary with the seasons. It's a life or death issue. Some resorts understand their responsibility and warn guests. Others do not. We know which resort we'd prefer to stay in. You can stay wherever you like.


I counted seven ambulances racing towards Sarisan Bridge as I returned from Ranong just as the heavy rain was falling.

The road around there was extremely slippery. Hope it's not a visa bus.

Posted by soupdragon on April 10, 2013 18:25


Oh Ed, you really are a dick... OK, you can not face the truth or accept any common sense, it is TAT that sells Phuket as a year round beach destination, if you can't face that simple, even for you, fact, then why do you publish anything.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 10, 2013 19:20

Editor Comment:

A long time ago, doomsayers blamed the TAT for everything. Perhaps you are just struggling to catch up? The internet and social media mean that resorts do their own marketing these days. If they sell Phuket as a year-round beach destination - and many do - then beach safety is their responsibility. The TAT markets Phuket in a general way but others have a more specific responsibility for the safety of guests, Phuket_IOC. As we've made plain often, we think there should be warnings during the monsoon season in person at check-in.


OK. Ed. You know Were to stay, maybe you Would like to share With other people. This is a Matter of life and death.

Posted by Eric on April 10, 2013 20:04


@ED..I, unlike you, have done a lot of research, on the net, will regards to hotels on Phuket, selling the island as a year round beach destination, guess what, you are battling to find a hotel, unless you go for a "package", even so, not one of them mention year round beach holiday. The word beach is mentioned, of course, but not one sells it as a year round beach holiday. NOT ONE!

Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 11, 2013 10:08

Editor Comment:

''---- ----- Beach is perfect for year round swimming.'' And another one: ''It also features safe swimming all year round.'' That took two minutes. I don't intend to debate obvious facts with you, Phuket_IOC. It's a waste of everybody's time.


Why oh why are we going to read about more drownings like the last four years?
Flippit I am sick of reading about bloody drownings on this news site.
hotels, normal people wake up, warn people it is dangerous to swim.
if somebody drowns now, that is selective culling of the stupid people, yes children and adults.
Flip how many warnings do you need???
Go ahead and drown you ignorant A-holes.

Posted by Grahan on April 11, 2013 12:10

Editor Comment:

Grahan(m), I figure you must live somewhere to the far west of Compassion, down by Coldheart, in Dirt Bag Valley. Probably time to move.


ED, I dont live away from compassion, but if nobody here wants to warn people about the dangers of swimming in the sea or open water, then tough, yes I dont give two hoots for reading about drownings.

Posted by Graham on April 11, 2013 13:55

Editor Comment:

Let's hope we never have to write another drowning report again then.


Ed, if you are right, then I apologise, but, prove it, name the hotels, that make this false statement.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on April 11, 2013 15:13

Editor Comment:

I don't take up challenges from anonymous commenters, Phuket_IOC. Instead of targetting me, add some value or your comments will no longer be published.

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