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Tragic scene from a motorcycle crash on Patong Hill one year ago

Phuket Tragedy: Aussie Dies in Patong Hill Crash

Monday, August 2, 2010
Phuketwan Updated Report

AN AUSTRALIAN man died in a motorcycle crash on Phuket's notorious Patong Hill about 3.30am yesterday. He was named today as Adam John Sutcliffe, 32.

Some questions about the crash remain to be answered. Phuketwan understands Mr Sutcliffe was travelling across the hill alone on a rented motorcycle, with his helmet hanging off the pillion seat.

Mr Sutcliffe was on his way to meet his Thai girlfriend in Phuket City. The crash came before the Taoist temple at the top of Patong Hill.

It is believed Mr Sutcliffe died almost instantly when his head hit the roadway, after a collision with a second motorcycle.

However, damage to the motorcycle was so slight that the possibility exists that Mr Sutcliffe may have been struck by another vehicle while lying on the roadway.

The two Thai men on the other motorcycle are being treated in intensive care units, in two different island hospitals. They both suffered serious head injuries. Neither man was wearing a helmet.

A computer laptop that Mr Sutcliffe was believed to have been carrying with him on his motorcycle is missing.

Police are planning to question Mr Sutcliffe's friends today and are likely to question the two survivors in detail as soon as their health permits. The men have yet to learn that the collision resulted in a death.

Ironically, a campaign to encourage more motorcycle riders to wear helmets - successful in Phuket City in July - was about to be extended to Patong, with an emphasis on encouraging Thais and tourists to protect their heads.

A female friend of one of Mr Sutcliffe's mates told Phuketwan today that the two friends had been together in Patong earlier on Saturday night.

Mr Sutcliffe sent an sms to his friend at 2.35am to say he was about to head ''over the hill'' to see his girlfriend. That was the last they heard.

Mr Sutcliffe had visited Phuket more than once. He had been on Phuket for more than a month on this visit and was planning with his girlfriend to open a restaurant.

The stretch of road across Patong Hill, in places pitted with humps in the road surface caused by heavy vehicles braking to take corners, is notorious. Motorists traditionally toot horns three times for good luck as they pass the temple.

A little further across the hill, down the descent, workers are erecting a nine million baht sign* that will say: Welcome to Patong.

Mr Sutcliffe's body is at Patong Hospital.

Phuketwan supports Mothers or Motorcycles (MoM) an action group formed to encourage all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear helmets and drive safely.

*We inadvertently added a nought. It's a 900,000 baht sign.
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A terrible event, of course, but we do get inured to them, don't we; but I must say, that the inferences, all of them, are very well managed by K Chutima in her account.

Posted by donmphkt on August 2, 2010 17:33


What an absolute tragedy. You will be missed my friend. RIP Adam....

Posted by Griff on August 2, 2010 20:08


Thank you for such a respectful report, from Adam's cousin.
I might add that the laptop, among other things, have been found (sent to the wrong hospital).

RIP Adam. Love You Cuz!

Posted by Joel M on August 2, 2010 20:34


Another unnecessary loss. Sorry.
And by the way - nine million for a sign on a bumpy road!!! Well spent!!!

Posted by thinkabout on August 3, 2010 00:20


9 Million for a sign, well I just hope it saves lives and does not take them by the scores, as people stop to admire the view. I see a black road becoming even blacker. Sad times for foresight.

Posted by Robin on August 3, 2010 10:58


Adam was one of my very best mates, probably THE best and if there was one person who full of life, it was Adam. I am struggling to accept that I will never see him again. Ever.
My heart goes out to his family.

Posted by AxelVK on August 4, 2010 06:42


I passed the scene at night. It was a terrible picture, I will never forget.

I'm so sorry for all those he left behind. God bless you, Adam.

Guys - wear helmet on your bikes. You have to do the same in your home countries.

Posted by torstenhkt on August 4, 2010 12:43


There more than a few instances per day where motor bikers nearly come to grief going over this hill. One of the main reasons being, bikes across the yellow line, overtaking cars on blind humps and corners.

This practice is a disaster waiting to happen. The yellow line is faded in places but people going over the hill every day know exactly where it is, or should.

The sign... no comment... except that not too many people will see it in all its glory once the tunnel is built!

Posted by gimmyabrek on August 4, 2010 19:20


It saddens me to hear another live lost. And my heart goes out to Adam's family and friends. Please everybody, wear your helmet. Help everyone to understand the importance of doing so.

(Shane's MuM)
We support MoM.

Posted by Monica on August 5, 2010 18:23


Just heard about Adam, my thoughts to the family.
Take care


Posted by janine (swinfield) on August 6, 2010 16:43

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