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Liners with the lot already make Phuket a must on regional cruises

Phuket Trade, Cruises Win 133m Baht Port Funding

Friday, November 27, 2009
THE DEEP sea port at Cape Panwa on Phuket's east coast is to become the centre of a 133 million baht redevelopment to build tourism and trade.

What's now in prospect is a future for Phuket as the ''green dot'' in the same way that Singapore has become widely known as the ''red dot.''

Phuket may never compete with Singapore for a large slice of the world's shipping, but it now appears to be the port of choice for all of Thailand in the coming new era of free trade throughout South-East Asia.

In the context of increased sea-borne traffic with Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and other nations, Phuket's geographical position takes on increasing significance.

Governor Wichai Praisa-ngob's decision to blaze a new second highway from the north to the south of the island could be just perfect for trucks hauling goods.

Tourism too will be a neneficiary. Cruise liners already drop 2800 high-spending passengers a week at the Cape Panwa port. Better facilities will see more large liners coming, along with increasing numbers of warships from the US and other nations on R&R.

Talk in yachting circles of the region becoming the ''Caribbean of Asia'' becomes more significant, too, if free trade leads on to a new era when yachts can sail from one country to another on a single visa.

All of these propositions now have real meaning with the announcement yesterday of the 133 million baht redevelopment budget by the Director General of the Marine Department, Chalaw Kocharat, and the Parliament Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Kurgoon Danchaiwijit.

Phase I, in 2011, involves spending 26 million baht, with Phase II in 2012 to cost 107 million baht.

Anyone who has seen the crowds of taxi drivers and the local souvenir stalls that spring up awaiting the cruise ships at Cape Panwa will appreciate the significance of increased sea traffic and trade.

The two visitors also toured Ao Chalong and the Ao Po Grand Marina, a pointer to more government activity on the yachting front. The people who say Phuket's future is ''all at sea'' may yet be proved accurate, but in a positive way.
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Editor: Do you get money for this words? It sounds like a PR story for ibis.

Editor: Sorry, Mike, you seem a little confused. A pr story for ibis? This report is about a major upgrade to the port on Phuket. In any event, the answer to your question is, No.

Posted by Mike on November 27, 2009 22:57


Editor/blog moderator: Instead of patronizing Mike, why not just reply to his comment in the appropriate story?

Editor: Mike's help is required first to determine what he meant to say and where. Happy to respond appropriately then.

Posted by Peter Molyneux on November 28, 2009 05:24

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