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Mohamad Zubair Edwa, stabbed on a ride home in southern Phuket

Phuket Tourist from Britain 'Stabbed on First Night'

Thursday, June 21, 2012
PHUKET: A British tourist has told of being stabbed in an incident on Phuket early today - the same night that an Australian woman died in a second stabbing.

The man, who gave his name as Mohamad Zubair Edwa, 37, but is also believed to use the name Edward Wright, was grimacing in pain today in Phuket International Hospital as he told how three men on a motorbike confronted him, and one stabbed him in the side.

Mr Edwa, orginally from Cambridge, said he was riding from a bar near Chalong Circle to his Rawai apartment in southern Phuket about 3.30am after arriving on the island yesterday.

''Three men on a moped, they pulled up alongside me as i was riding and said 'Do you want a smoke,' obviously talking about drugs. I accellerated, driving faster.

''Somehow they overtook me and they blocked the road in front of me. Two stayed on the motorbike, one got off. I saw him on the road and went to go past him.

''Probably about 300 metres from the roundabout, he hit me with something metallic.

''As I was riding, I touched my back, and there was blood all over my hand. A lady saw me, she called an ambulance. She said 'I think you should go to hospital.'

''The ambulance arrived and took me to hospital.'' Doctors treated a knife wound in his side.

Mr Edwa lives in Kuala Lumpur, works as a wine broker dealing with fine wines, and has been holidaying in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for six weeks.

''I like Phuket it's very nice,'' he said. ''But not this.'' He hopes to be out of hospital later today.

There is no connection at this stage between the stabbing of Edwa and the killing of Michelle Smith outside the Katathani Beach Resort earlier in the night.


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Phuket must start cleaning up it's act otherwise you can forget Tourists coming there.

As a warning, Burma now is opening up and will now become the next impoertant holiday destination. For example foreigners now have the right to buy land and put it in their name and investors get 5 years tax free, and more importantly
you feel safe and the police do enforce the law there. So Thailand, what are you doing ?

Posted by reader on June 21, 2012 18:32


aal the times the same story: why at 3.30 was driving back home?? Sure soming from some place not closed yet.. the fault is always police!!!

Posted by Dave on June 21, 2012 19:45


Poor guy, hope he is ok

not sure about the ''British'' aspect, with that name.

Posted by james on June 22, 2012 11:37


Britain is a multicultural society with citizens of many different heritages. you can in no way judge whether or not someone is British by their name!!

Posted by another steve on June 24, 2012 09:05


Hmmm that isn't his real name who would believe some one from Britain is called Edward Wright.

Posted by deadmonkey on July 13, 2012 21:51

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