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Phi Phi, the island that most people should visit, says TripAdvisor

Phuket No-Show: Phi Phi Tops World's Islands

Thursday, June 7, 2012
PHUKET: Phi Phi Don, Phuket's not-far-away neighbor, has topped a TripAdvisor list of the world's '10 Must-See Islands,' released today. Phuket does not make the list.

Behind Phi Phi on the list comes Phuket's major regional rival, Bali, Indonesia. All 10 islands are described as ''Breathtaking islands you'll want to visit in your lifetime.''

After Phi Phi and Bali the list reads 3. Galapagos Island, Ecuador; 4. Easter Island, Chile; 5. Ischia, Italy; 6. Sri Lanka; 7. Santorini, Greece; 8. Madagascar; 9. Anguilla, Caribbean; 10. Maui, Hawaii, US.

Although the number of visitors to Phuket continues to rise, its appeal is undergoing a change in pulling-power from the pure, unadulterated beauty of its beaches and coral reefs to a combination of cosmopolitan things to do by day and night plus trips to nearby places that still appear to possess pure, unadulterated beauty.

TripAdvisor does not explain in its email whether the islands list is based on the choice of readers or has been selected by editors.


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if PhiPhi, as it is right now, is the top of the 10 must see islands, I rather won't visit the others.

Posted by Oliver S. on June 7, 2012 12:56


I would venture a guess that the tuk tuk mafia on Phuket has something to do with the results. Whether it comes from the readers or the staff, I'd be willing to bet they both are aware of this HUGE problem.

Posted by Glenn on June 7, 2012 12:57


Bali is always going to outshine Phuket in such cases as the Indonesian Government spends millions of US dollars in marketing it independently whilst Phuket gets the occasional mention from TAT

Many people are surprised to learn that Bali is in Indonesia, some even believe it is its own independent country.

As reported in the media recently there is a series of seminars being held around Phuket over the coming months to try to define just what Phuket is all about.

Once this has been completed it is going to be down to the businesses on the island to be the driving force to get this message out to the world - it is never going to happen if we wait for the government to do it. Who knows if it picks up enough momentum the government may even start allocating some of the billions of Baht generated in Phuket every year to marketing Phuket as a named destination

It is time for people in Phuket, especially businesses who benefit from tourism (which is just about every single business in Phuket) to get involved to help create the Phuket image and then to pay for it

Posted by Richard on June 7, 2012 15:04

Editor Comment:

Change needs to begin with serious engagement and a recognition that Phuket is both Thai and international. All that expat intervention has done for Phuket so far is to create the marketing deceit that the monsoon season is ''summer.'' You and other expats would be better off helping Phuketians to solve Phuket's problems. All this wasted energy without cooperation and attention to real issues is like trying to sell a car with three wheels. Fix Phuket properly, give it four wheels, then selling it will be easy.


PP and Bali are the Top 2, a bad joke for me, as I visited both recently. Crowded, polluted, rip offs...
On the other hand Maui far behind, clean, neat, civilzed; wonder how this list has been made ??

Posted by Resident on June 7, 2012 15:55


ed - The only help that really works is self help and you know as well as others that have lived here for a while that it is not always easy. What right do we have to tell people how to fix things that are perceived by the West to be broken if those that live here do not think they are broken and indeed may bot be

There are many things that need improving in Phuket and many that do not less we loose the unique identity of the island

The idea behind the "what is Phuket" seminars is to find out just what the island has to offer aside from the image of Soi Bangla and Patong

It is not exclusive to non Thais, indeed as you point out engagement by all sides is critical for success

If you ask 10 people what is Phuket you will probably get 11 different answers (not a typo).

Until those of us that live here can agree on what Phuket is all about how can we "sell" it to others.

There are great cultural centres on the island, superb culinary delights and many other things of interest other than beaches, diving and golf.

Maybe if we can help market the island directly we can also help improve the lot of everyone that lives here - Thais and non-Thais alike

Even selling Paradise is not easy so Phuket will probably be the same

Posted by Richard on June 7, 2012 16:07

Editor Comment:

The concept of selling Phuket before it's fixed is what shonky property developers do when villas are about to slip into the sea. Give the island mechanics, not marketing. On four wheels with the motor running, it's an easy sell. And Phuket's big advantage is that it does mean 11 different things to 10 different people. Breadth of appeal is what keeps it moving forward - on three wheels. Faster on four, though.


How is an expat supposed to fix these problems: No parking (need zoning laws enforced), Crazy traffic (no one enforcing the laws), Driver education (how many Thai people understand what to do at a traffic circle? and how are they supposed to learn?), electrocutions from faulty wiring (again zoning laws and enforcement), drownings (no lifeguards at the worst time of year and we as expats not allowed to volunteer), and, like I said before, the biggest problem is public transportation and the mafia that controls it. So, if you could explain to me how we as expats, can help get these problems straightened out in a society where traffic laws, zoning laws are not enforced and the mafia controls so much.

Posted by Glenn on June 7, 2012 18:39

Editor Comment:

Expats and tourists should become increasingly influential, as they have done in other places, by constant and consistent pressure. The honorary consuls have shown what's possible, but the sensible suggestions need to be maintained. There is a growing element of influential people who know Phuket has to change, as against a few who should know better, but who prefer to try to hide Phuket's problems. As if that's possible in the 21st century. It's all about sitting down to talk at every opportunity with Phuket people to explain the choices, and why Phuket needs to change for everyone to continue to prosper. Marketing won't change that. People seem to prefer solutions that require no real work, only a slogan and a video. Good luck!


A crackdown from BKK, and no more pussyfooting and dancing around the issues, is what's needed. That and an ICAC, pronto.

Posted by stu on June 7, 2012 20:16

Editor Comment:

Yes, leave it to others.


Why not put a link to the article?

Posted by Jake on June 8, 2012 11:17

Editor Comment:

Why not send us your 20-year prepaid subscription?


20 year what? I dont get it. Usually an article about an article has a link right? I cant seem to find the article your citing...

Posted by Jake on June 8, 2012 12:35

Editor Comment:

The listing appears in an email from TripAdvisor.

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