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Camera at Katathani: security and safety are the resort's priorities

Phuket Resort Owner Says, 'We Must Catch These Evil Killers'

Thursday, June 21, 2012
PHUKET: The owner of the resort where a travel agent guest was stabbed to death in the street outside called today on all Phuket resort owners to help restore Phuket's reputation as a safe destination.

Sombut Atiset, who runs the popular five-star Katathani Beach Resort, told a media conference this afernoon that Phuket's undermanned police force needed all the help they could muster.

''We must catch these men. I am prepared to pay for witnesses to fly back from Australia to Phuket if it will help to convict these evil killers,'' he said.

Perth travel agent Michelle Smith, walking back to the resort from dinner, was cut in the heart at 10.30pm last night by a pair of bag-snatching motorcycle riders who sped off empty handed and left her dying in the street.

The police hunt for the killers is intensifying, police told this afternoon's media conference at the resort, with details of what they were wearing when riding the dark blue Honda Dream being circulated widely.

Nothing was said about the weapon, which appeared capable of inflicting deep, sharp wounds, similar to a scalpel.

Mr Sombut said his resort, which is one of the most popular on Phuket all year long, with occupancy usually above 90 percent, had 110 security cameras on the inside and eight more covering the road outside.

The resort also employs 23 security guards. Mr Sombut - who rushed to the resort to see for himself when tragedy arrived unexpectedly last night - said Phuket resort owners needed genuine security guards, not people just filling a uniform.

''We deeply regret this sad event and we will work even harder to make sure it is never repeated,'' he said.

''Police may even need cash from resorts to give them better equipment and more officers. If that is the case, I am prepared to give.''

Chalong Police Superintendent Colonel Sirisak Wasasiri, who is leading the investigation, said police were now checking other security cameras in the Kata-Karon region, south of Patong, and were hopeful of early arrests in the case.


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I just cannot, in all good conscience, allow any of my friends of family to come here - I would be devastated if anything where to happen to them and the chances of something terrible happen increases by the day due to the lack of humanity on this island.

Posted by Graham on June 21, 2012 19:38


" We must catch these evil killers. "
And then? That isn't a solution: two or three others will do it again somewhere and anywhere!

Posted by George on June 21, 2012 20:40


Just a thought, but every one of the thumbnail headlines on this page about "We must catch these evil killers" is a huge negative. I suppose so called "good news" reports aren't as interesting (or are harder to find?).

Posted by john on June 21, 2012 21:14

Editor Comment:

News is news, John. No futsal results today.


George is right . . . then what?
A rich kid get a beating in phuket town and all hell breaks loose. Now a woman connected to the tourist indusrty gets killed and the same thing. Nothing is done to solve the real problems, just a bit of show now and then from the cops

Posted by watts on June 24, 2012 00:59

Editor Comment:

We will see, watts. It's sad that a tragedy has to happen before there's a reaction. But Michelle Smith's legacy may well be a safer, more honest Phuket.

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