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Aldhouse in an early encounter with Phuket police, posing as an American

Phuket Murder: Extradition Plea 'This Week'

Sunday, December 5, 2010
Phuket Murder Photo Album Above

BRITISH kickboxer Lee Aldhouse, wanted for murder on Phuket, will appear before a video extradition hearing this week, a British newspaper reports.

Aldhouse, 28, suspected of knifing to death former US Marine DaShawn Longfellow in the early hours of August 14 after losing a bar fight, is to appear before magistrates by videolink from Wandsworth Jail on Wednesday, says the Sunday Mercury.

No details have been revealed about how the hearing will be conducted but Thai authorities are known to have been meticulous in compiling the extradition dossier.

It is believed that US authorites are equally keen to have the British man returned to face a count of having murdered the young American war veteran, who had been awarded a Purple Heart.

The British kickboxer, from near Birmingham, fled ''the paradise holiday isle of Phuket'' and was arrested when his flight from Singapore landed at Heathrow Airport on August 18, the newspaper says.

''Aldhouse, whose ring nickname was Pitbull, moved to Thailand in 2006 to study the deadly Muay Thai fighting style,'' says the Sunday Mercury.

''He had reportedly been part of the Thai boxing circuit until a year ago, when sources in the Far East claim he 'went off the rails'''.

Back in August, Aldhouse challenged Longfellow to a fist fight at Phuket's Freedom Bar in the southern Phuket district of Rawai, but lost the fight.

Security camera footage obtained and posted on YouTube by Phuketwan shows a man who looks like Aldhouse demanding and being given two knives by staff at a 7-Eleven convenience store close to the bar.

Soon after, Longfellow was allegedly ambushed and stabbed to death when he returned to his Phuket apartment, not far from the bar.

According to the British newspaper: ''Unemployed Aldhouse was a regular at the bar and was said to have been known for 'getting drunk and picking fights and bragging that he's invincible''.

Police believe Aldhouse fled Phuket soon after the killing by road, crossing from Thailand into Cambodia before travelling to Singapore, where he caught the flight to Heathrow.

''A source close to the case told the Sunday Mercury: 'Aldhouse got involved in a similar incident two years ago. On that occasion, he attacked someone in a bar and knocked him out, but there was no further action.

''He has a Thai girlfriend, and he was known to use steroids. He had a very short temper, and people were scared of him.''

The Superintendent of Police in the southern Phuket district of Chalong, Colonel Vichid Intharasorn, said today: ''We are very confident that we will see Lee Aldhouse back in Thailand soon.

''The evidence is conclusive and we have worked very hard on this case.''

Diplomatic contacts have told Phuketwan that the fact that a murder conviction in Thailand could carry the death penalty and that Britain no longer supports capital punishment would not necessarily impede the extradition process.

CNN combined with Phuketwan to offer a summary of the case and the 7-Eleven footage which can be viewed at:

The 7-Eleven footage is at:
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if found guilty the old saying is you do the crime you pay the time.
and that the place for him BANGKOK HILTON JAIL. A a life lost for what, that's a shame its a pity the British government has not got the DEATH PENALTY??????

Posted by g smith on December 5, 2010 18:36


Dear PW Editor,
Not an " extradition," but a hearing, which is a big difference.

Posted by Media Watcher on December 6, 2010 10:16

Editor Comment:

fixed. thank you.


''Aldhouse, whose ring nickname was Pitbull.......................

Sounds like some new kinda sniffer dog to

Posted by Nick on December 7, 2010 04:25


It won't happen because they'd never give away one of theirs. They are simply giving the Thais their due.

It's political in this scenario, but karma will indeed manifest in one form or another.

I do hope for an extradition, trial and conviction, and wish DaShawn and his family the most sincere peace and justice possible.

Posted by JingJing on December 7, 2010 05:58


i'd love to know who the source 'close to the case' is or even the 'sources in the far east'. and why does the editor of a phuket based 'news' agency feels the need to quote these anonymous sources of a birmingham based newspaper when i'm sure they have more reliable sources of their own.

Posted by another steve on December 7, 2010 13:23

Editor Comment:

Simply because, another steve, Phuketwan readers are interested in what a Birmingham newspaper has to say about Phuket. Diplomats say nothing about the progress of extraditions and authorities in Thailand are likely to say exactly what you expect them to say.


As Brit, I am disgusted with this animal's [alleged] actions. As an ex Royal Marine, I am saddened. I hope the thug is brought back to Thailand and serves his sentence here, he does not deserve the comparative luxury of a UK prison. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Surviving military combat for the free world, to be killed by a coward, so sad.

Posted by Bootneck on December 7, 2010 21:20


Is there any follow up on this story, as it is nearly two weeks since the hearing?

Posted by Bob on December 15, 2010 11:19

Editor Comment:

We've heard nothing more but these kinds of hearings can easily be postponed on concerns raised by one side or the other. There are not a large number of reporters in our Birmingham branch office. Lee Aldhouse is sharing Wandsworth Prison with Julian Assange. I wonder if all prisoners facing extraditions are housed in the same cells?


Ed, any update on the case against Mr. Aldhouse? Curious, as it's been quite a while...

Posted by Len on February 17, 2011 04:12

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