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Hit-run victim Lee Aldhouse shows his wounds to a Phuket police officer

Phuket Hit-Run Driver Downs American, Then Flees

Friday, April 23, 2010
POLICE are keen to hear from witnesses in the hope of pursuing a hit-run driver who knocked an American from his motorcycle today in southern Phuket and sped off without slowing.

Lee Aldhouse, 28, reported the incident to Chalong police and showed an officer his wounds.

Unfortunately he could not remember the make or color of the pick-up and did not get the opportunity to see its registration number.

Mr Aldhouse as on his way to a fitness centre for a workout about 10.30am when the pick-up, travelling towards Chalong Circle from Rawai, knocked him flying near the new set of traffic lights at the t-junction turn-off to Nai Harn.

People at the Seven-11 on the corner may have been witnesses. Mr Aldhouse, who has an interest in an investment in a small resort, is hoping the hit-run driver of the vehicle can be caught and punished.
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Comments have been disabled for this article.


I thought that it is a local driving ordinance that one must speed off without slowing after having knocked someone down. Regrets to Mr. Aldhouse about this unfortunate incident, which is all too common on local roadways.

I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, but his hopes for justice have little chance of success.

Posted by Treelover on April 24, 2010 08:09


Perhaps he is lucky they kept going as I have been warned that if the offending vehicle stops, it could be to get rid of the evidence.

Posted by VFaye on April 24, 2010 10:04


Good point, VFaye, and I also understand that it is usually less expensive for a guilty party to pay death benefits to a family than it is to cover most medical bills and other compensation for injuries caused. I have heard of knocked down motorbike riders being run over and killed while lying injured on the road in order to keep down the overall costs that the culprits will be responsible for.

Posted by Treelover on April 24, 2010 22:06


Hit-run was right, get all these American out of the country ...

Posted by bodum on April 25, 2010 08:36


Bodum you are such a jerk. If it wasn't for the Americans you would all be eating rice and fish heads.
If you are European, it figures.

Posted by Frank in Rawai on April 25, 2010 12:30


You'd be speaking Vietnamese if not for USA

Posted by American on April 25, 2010 12:37


Useful comments from the Americans yet again!! Isn't it great you have saved the world from everything.

Posted by Mister Ree on April 25, 2010 19:30


Post by American (You'd be speaking Vietnamese if not for USA) What the hell?? you guy's lost that war and tried to take over Vietnam. Now your country is doing the same thing in Iraq. It is all for the money. GET A BRAIN, and go and learn about your history, and stop killing innocent people, if i was American i would be ashamed.

Posted by Frank on April 26, 2010 00:06


Why PhuketWan aired this comment about the hit and run victim being American as OK is really the question.

And speaking if history-if not for America, the world might well be speaking Japanese or German.

Editor: The original comment has been taken far too seriously. That's a test of individual readers' sensitivities, I guess. Horse Doctor, why were you so concerned about this comment, when you are so quick to disparage Thais and Thailand? Cultural imperialism continued? History will hopefully record America's return to a stage when its leaders could tell right from wrong.

Posted by Horse Doctor on April 26, 2010 08:48


As an American I am embarrassed by our killing of innocent people. I am horrified by our: Colonisation of South American and wiping out the Inca's and Mayans. Our initial attempts to control Cambodia, VN, Laos and Africa as colonies. Our implementation of jewish genocide in the Holocaust. Our purges and pogroms and the creation of the Gulag. The way we attempted a world empire and killed and colonised India, the Middle East, Shanghai etc. The way we turned our back on the genocide in Croatia and Armenia. The killing of innocent Tibetans for greed and money. The rape of Nanking.

Oh wait that wasn't us? That was the Spanish, French, Germans, Russians, British, Russians, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Europe in general?

What has America contributed really, Frank? Nothing, well except Jazz Music. Oh and democracy, that was ok I guess. Oh and flight, mass production, free speech, the internet, cures for diseases, the concept of equality under the law, innocent until proven guilty and jury by your peers, saving Europe a couple of times and paying all the bills for their wars. I mean really nothing though, a worthless culture and when you look at all the good done by other cultures I can't help but agree with you.

Editor: Er, American history books appear to be as loose with the facts as all other histories designed to boost one particular culture over others. I think the culture you are referring to is Western, not American. The day that national flags are all in museums can't come soon enough.

Posted by Ya Think Doctor? on April 26, 2010 11:19


Perhaps that was too subtle. More directly. All nations and cultures have reason for being ashamed America does not have an exclusive hold on this. The editor is (rightly) quick to edit out malicious comments and bias regarding Thai's and Thai culture but I am curious as to why a post promoting the removal of American's (if it was French or Chinese or Nigerian I would feel the same) from Thailand was allowed to pass?

While differences of opinion exist as to where democracy originated or true freedom of speech there is little doubt as to the origination of jazz, who started the Holocaust or raped Nanking. I was not referencing Western Culture in general and was not attempting to say America has done more or less than anyone else and apologise if that is how it seemed. I was suggesting that perhaps America has contributed no less than other cultures/nations and that others have just as many crimes attributed to them. I am ashamed by many things America has done.

As to a world without national governments that the editor has suggested it is a fine theory but what do you suggest in its place and how would you suggest we get there? If you have it figured out I am all for it. I would suggest that until there is a better system we should work to make the best of what exists and do a better job of getting along. This starts by reducing the amount of spiteful innuendo, malicious gossip and cultural bias spewed forth and not allowing those that do to go unchallenged.

The initial comments suggesting that locals would murder an accident victim rather than leave a witness are malicious and unfounded.

Making this comment as fact is more damaging than inaccurately attributing the birth of democracy to America. Yet, it is not responded to. Is there any evidence to support such rumors? By posting them and allowing them to pass uncommented the implication is that it is fact and at least supports the continuation of idle gossip.

Editor: Sometimes, on the sheer volume of paranoia and gossip, I get the feeling that I am the odd one out. I admit to letting a provocative, unproven comment through occasionally, just to test whether this is what most readers believe, and hoping for more intelligent responses. But why should advocates of free speech need to be so sensitive to obviously silly stuff? Over-reaction, maybe?

Posted by Ya Think Doctor? on April 26, 2010 12:44


Hit and run is the style here and it should not make any difference whether the victim was American or not, though I do wish he would wear a shirt and respect Thai culture.

I thought Democracy started in Greece, and did not Britain hand over the Virgin Islands to America to pay a part of the war bill and the rest they only just finished paying a few years ago? (Check these facts on the internet, not in American history books)

Posted by Michael on April 27, 2010 18:24


That guy is hot, most of the western men here are really super unattractive, guess that's why they're here, but he is built!
Keep that shirt off when you have a body like that!

Posted by Yum! on May 2, 2010 12:14


Lee Aldhouse is a pussy

Posted by Ted on August 16, 2010 21:09

Editor Comment:

Oh Ted, you're so brave.


Hey Editor...Ted may or may not be brave...but he's correct in staying Lee is a Pussy.... no scratch that... a xxxxxxing PUSSY. Too bad that motorist didn't run him over instead of knocking him down. FYI editor...he's British not American.

Posted by Jay on August 16, 2010 21:37

Editor Comment:

Er, thanks Jay. We know that.
Making murderous comments is ok where you come from? And you know he's guilty? Just as well you're not a violent person, eh Jay?


Yes I'm American...why does that matter? I'm not the one that got Lee's nationality wrong. I think you asking if I'm American is somehow an insult .... and it's somehow an insult that I'm backing up Ted b/c we both feel Lee Aldhouse is a worthless coward and nothing but a xxxxxxing bully.

Posted by Jason on August 16, 2010 21:49

Editor Comment:

In a democracy, usually a court decides whether a person is guilty or not. Lee Aldhouse told police back in April that he was American, but what does nationality matter? You and Ted both seem to think Lee Aldhouse is guilty. How do you know that?


Editor Comment:"Er, thanks Jay. We know that. Making murderous comments is ok where you come from?"

Ummmm the second most popular article on your this website.... "2.Phuket Manhunt for Expat Killer: Englishman Knifes American to Death After Fight in Bar" But it's okay to critise me just because I'm American. I see where you come from you can make murderous claims but point the finger at American for doing the same exact thing.

Posted by Jay on August 16, 2010 22:02

Editor Comment:

Nope, I am asking you why you choose to make the kind of comments you make, your nationality has nothing to do with that. At the time the piece was written, we didn't know who the police were pursuing, only that it was a ''Mr Lee.'' We think that if it is Mr Aldhouse, he should be treated with proper justice. Do you agree?


"Er, thanks Jay. We know that." You sacastically say that you already know that he is British in attempts to belittle me... yet the article claims he's American. If you retracted that he was American I do apologize... if not why give me the attitude that you already know that when your article says the opposite.

As for the courts to decide... I agree - I'm not claiming shoot the guy on sight. I'm just backing up Ted which I do against all Bullies and Thugs.

As for "You and Ted both seem to think Lee Aldhouse is guilty. How do you know that?" Go ahead and critize me for thinking he's guilty... yet your own paper says the same thing.... the article title is "...Englishman Knifes American to Death After Fight in Bar" Not Englishman is believed to knife an American. So bash me for thinking he's guilty.... is bashing your own paper.

Posted by Jay on August 16, 2010 22:10

Editor Comment:

In the early hours of any incident like this, what usually emerges first is the nationality of the people involved. So we use those categorisations. The nationalities are not important, just a means to define one person from another. We knew one man was dead and another was an Englishman. But to accuse an individual before he is found guilty is taking it one step too far. And to wish harm upon him before he is found guilty is to advocate violence . . . violence of the kind you are condemning.


''Mr Lee.'' We think that if it is Mr Aldhouse, he should be treated with proper justice. Do you agree?

I agree he deserves his time in court... and I don't care what anyone's nationality is... Be kind to everyone and it doesn't matter. I just don't care for people bashing someone because they are American...or the opposite getting preferred treatment because they are American. I have been treated poorly in other countries b/c they noticed I had American accent. I was yelled at on the street by an Algerian living in France. I just turned and walked away.... while my French friend she told him off...well at least until I pulled her in my direction and said it's not worth it.

Posted by Jay on August 16, 2010 22:18

Editor Comment:

Fair enough . . . glad we agree.

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