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Accused knife killer Lee Aldhouse in an early encounter with Phuket police

Phuket Kickbox Knife Murder: Extradition Hopes High

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
THAI prosecutors are expecting accused Phuket murderer Lee Aldhouse to appear in court for extradition proceedings in Britain later today.

But the Attorney General's Department in Bangkok expects as many delaying options as possible to be taken by Aldhouse's lawyers as they try to prevent his return to Phuket for trial for the stabbing murder of former American Marine, DaShawn Longfellow.

Intranee Sumawong, executive director of the AG Department's International Affairs Section, told Phuketwan today: ''He should be back in Thailand as soon as possible and we have clear evidence to support the case against him.

''But the British system allows defendants several avenues to put a case for resisting extradition. We have no problem with the British system. But we do have a strong case against Mr Aldhouse.''

Khun Intranee said that even the standard of incarceration in a Thai prison could become a consideration for the British court.

''Eventually there will be a decision. Our feeling is that Mr Aldhouse will have to face judgement in a Thai court, sooner or later.''

The hunt for Mr Longfellow's killer gripped expats on Phuket, where stories of Mr Aldhouse's intimidation and aggressive attitude quickly spread.

A person who looked a lot like Mr Aldhouse was captured a shop security camera, demanding knives in a 7-Eleven store on Phuket, shortly before Dashawn Longfellow was ambushed and stabbed to death at his nearby apartment.

The killing followed an altercation and a fistfight between Mr Aldhouse and Mr Longfellow at the Freedom Bar in the southern Phuket village of Raiwai, a short walk from the 7-Eleven, in the early hours of August 14 last year.

Both men had experience in Thai boxing ( muay Thai) but Mr Longfellow won the fight and Mr Aldhouse is said to have armed himself at the 7-Eleven to wreak revenge.

Khun Intranee said that although Mr Longfellow was a US citizen, the US authorities had had no input into the case for extradition.

One interesting aspect of the case has been raised by Chalong police, who made the preliminary investigation but failed to prevent Mr Aldhouse from escaping Thailand to Cambodia and thence onto a flight back to Heathrow airport in London, where he was apprehended.

In an earlier encounter with Chalong police, Mr Aldhouse had posed as an American.

Chalong police superintendent Colonel Vichid Intharasorn, who also has had wide experience in the Immigration department, said: ''If the Englishman is guilty of killing the American, then Thailand has to pay the cost of keeping him in jail for a long time, just because the murder took place here.

''That does not seem right. We would like to send him back to serve his sentence in his home country. But will his country want him back? We would like to hear them say that they are prepared to take this accused man back.''

The first step, though, will be to have Mr Aldhouse extradited to Thailand and Phuket to face trial for murder.

Mr Aldhouse is being held in London's Wandsworth Prison and is likely to appear today for the second time in Westminster Magistrates Court.
Complete Reports on the Killing

CNN coverage with Phuketwan can be viewed at:

Phuketwan has posted dramatic footage of a man who looks like Lee Aldhouse obtaining two knives from a 7-Eleven store shortly before Mr Longfellow was stabbed to death. View the footage at

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Dear Superintendent Vichid,
Some mistake surely. Thailand will not be giving him a bed, medical care, dental care. Guards will be taking a cut off everything he receives including the floor space he occupies. His only gifts will be perhaps a dose of TB, serious dental erosion, and possibly, as in many cases, gangrene.
It seems a good deal for Thailand if he stays here. We look after our Thai prisoners, give them social visits, television, three cooked meals a day, the opportunity to take a degree, concerts, etc.

Posted by Andrew on March 1, 2011 17:02


Does Colonel Vichid Intharasorn understand prisoner transfer agreements? I thought the UK and Thailand had this type of agreement. I am not an expert on these things, but I would think that after the trial, and if he is guilty, he could be sent back to the UK to complete his sentence. Just get the paper work started now, talk to the relevant people and once the trial is over send him back.

Posted by Anonymous on March 1, 2011 18:25


There is a prisoner transfer agreement between the UK and Thailand. Search the web for 'fco prisoner transfer agreements', then look at the agreement for Thailand. The introduction states the purpose of the agreement, and Article 8 states that the UK would pay for imprisonment if a prisoner is transferred back.

Posted by John Crystal on March 2, 2011 06:11


If found guilty he does not deserve the luxury of serving his sentence in the UK, he is no longer entitled to the privilege of living. A drug fueled crazy aggressor with history, feed him to the dogs.

Posted by Sandy Shores on March 2, 2011 14:06

Editor Comment:

Whoa, Sandy. Let's wait and see.


I knew DaShawn and he was, as most people pointed out, a very gentle giant. A simply wonderful chap and what happened that night was tragically played out to his end. There is, nor will there ever be, an excuse in law for such a callous killing.

K. Intranee Sumawong is perfectly correct (I'm a Brit), his Barrister will plead all manner of mitigating circumstances to avoid extradition. I feel one of the biggest hurdles Thailand will face here is the Human Rights Groups. Considering the conditions of incarceration in Thailand I feel this will be one of the biggest barriers to extraditing him for trial.

I do hope, for DaShawn's sake, that justice prevails and hope he does rest in peace.

Posted by Graham on March 2, 2011 16:01


The UK extradition procedures are documented. If you search the web for 'Extradition procedures in the UK', then, half way down that page, click on 'part 2 of the 2003 act', this covers Thailand. There is a section 'Extradition hearing' which describes extradition conditions.

Posted by John Crystal on March 2, 2011 17:01


Aldhouse remanded. He will return to Westminster Magistrates at 10am for a video link hearing on March 28 2011

Posted by UK case update on March 3, 2011 18:04

Editor Comment:

Your carrier pigeons are faster than ours. Thanks.


No problem at all, we may need carrier pigeons of our own if and when he arrives back in Phuket to stand trial.

Posted by UK case update on March 3, 2011 19:47

Editor Comment:

Our wings are flapping.


I no neither party in this case BUT it seems 2 me that everyone has found aldhouse guilty before its even gone to court! What chance of a fair trial in Thialand does he have? NONE due to everyone saying he is guilty. I also read somewhere that the knife that was found at the scene was NOT the knife from the 7-11 store so who's to say the man that died didn't have the knife to stab Aldhouse or warn him off?

Posted by helen on April 4, 2011 04:45


He killed somebody for god's sake - I cannot believe this! He should be punished for that. If the law fails to do so then there's no law and other means will be taken. F**k England!

Posted by Ben on April 17, 2011 23:24

Editor Comment:

Er, first he has to be found guilty in a court of law. The process of having him extradited back to Thailand could take months. Some cases take years.

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