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Wrong arm of the law: Corporal Racha (left) and his brother today

Phuket Killing: Patong Policeman Shoots Rival in Eye in Dispute Over Woman

Friday, May 4, 2012
PHUKET: A policeman from Patong shot a man dead through the eye in a dispute over a woman in a seamy part of Phuket City early today.

Corporal Racha Semauksorn, 29, fired the fatal shot from the back of a motorcycle as he rode away from Phuket Town's notorious Soi Eleven in the Poonpol district.

Corporal Racha's brother, Dechaporn, 25, was riding the motorcycle, Phuket City police said today. Phuket City patrol police pulled them over and arrested the pair within 20 minutes.

At that stage, the pair had no idea that the shot had killed Ekkasit Sangangam, 21.

Ekkasit and Corporal Racha had been is an argument, believed to be over a woman, in a ''fishbowl'' brothel in the soi, where sex can be bought for 500 baht.

Women working on the premises had tried to settle the dispute, without success, police said.

The killing is likely to prompt authorities to look more closely at the seedy side of Phuket Town.

Soi Eleven is in the same seedy Poonpol district where the owner-manager of a five-star Phuket resort was attacked by eight staff with knives and a homemade tomahawk in a pub bar in January.

Hollywood film star Jeremy Renner was with Sri panwa owner-manager Vorasit ''Wan'' Issara at 4.30am in the Rassada Pub.

Talk of the area's gentrification, with several new apartment blocks going up nearby, appears to be premature.


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Another fine example of Patong's finest.

" At that stage, the pair had no idea that the shot had killed Ekkasit Sangangam, 21."

What did they think, shot thru the head with a 9mm. A band-aid and an aspirin, a few days off work and all would be well?

Another unfortunate accident in the wide wild east.

Posted by innocent bystander on May 4, 2012 15:20


I don't know much about the police force here in Thailand.

Two questions,1: Do police officers not hand in their weapons before leaving their shift?

2:Do all police officers carry guns or is it only ones who have had extensive training that can do so?

Posted by G. Horne on May 4, 2012 15:21


People with such short fuses should not be allowed to carry weapons of any sort & as G.Horn suggests, "Why do policemen not hand in their guns at the end of their shift" Anyway, what are policemen doing in the notorious Soi 11 where they should be enforcing the law, not participating in 'illegal' activities!

Posted by Logic on May 4, 2012 23:58


No and Yes

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on May 5, 2012 00:21


"People with such short fuses should not be allowed to carry weapons of any sort "
Now you know why in Thailand, the food is served with spoon and fork, usually!
And a land without armed police force: You think, that would be any better?

Posted by K. Me on May 5, 2012 07:18


@K.Me Good comment - now I understand why it is hard to get a knife in a Thai restaurant! Could always ask the nearest tuk tuk driver to borrow his. [lol] With regards, to armed policemen, I have mixed feelings on that topic. There are still some countries in the world where the police are not armed ... aren't there???

Posted by Logic on May 5, 2012 14:07

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