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Heavy rains create a problem for bypass road traffic in Phuket City

Phuket Bypass Road Attempt at Unofficial Underpass Fails to Impress

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
PHUKET: The bypass road in Phuket City sprang a hole today that closed one lane to traffic and threatens to grow larger if storms continue.

Roads Department workers hope to begin repairing the gap tomorrow and say it could take as long as five days to fill.

The bypass road hole in Phuket City is about two kilometres back from the Tesco Lotus intersection, on the south bound side opposite the Porntip Souvenir Shop.

Most of Phuket's famous holes have appeared in the road over Patong Hill.

So far this monsoon season, the bypass road has no competition yet apart from the two underpasses, which as official holes don't count.


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Good sense of humour, Chutima,"...official holes don't count". Probably be taken up as the motto of all officials so long as the current government keeps looking at what the former one did.

Posted by juswunderin on October 8, 2014 15:37


5 days to fill ? Are they using tea spoons to do it ? It's not exactly the Grand Canyon now is it...

Posted by Herbert on October 8, 2014 16:41


oh do give us the list of unofficial holes.

Posted by slickmelb on October 8, 2014 16:53


Roads are built as it would never rain in Southern Thailand...

Posted by Resident on October 8, 2014 17:52


Just wondering why they didn't close all of the road off ? Leaving the motorcycle lane open is very dangerous especially in raining season, which makes visibility difficult at the best of times.

Posted by reader on October 8, 2014 18:43


This kind of holes are always caused of water. Because this hole is on the lower lane into the Tesco Lotus crossing, it has something to do with the water drain from the upper lane going the other way. If they only fill it up, they have the same problem as the same kind of hole on the way to Patong some time ago.

Posted by Retired Roadworker on October 8, 2014 20:02

Editor Comment:

Yes . . . the holes reappear, as if by magic.


You can see the quality foundations they used before laying the tarmac.

But you have to look very, very closely to spot it.

Posted by Smithy on October 8, 2014 22:46

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