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Mhaiwadee Thonglor, 24, in Mission Hospital this afternoon

Phuket Thugs Beat Up Surin Beach Vendor

Friday, January 7, 2011
SHOCKED tourists looked on as several men beat up a female fruit vendor on Surin beach about noon today.

The woman, Mhaiwadee Thonglor, 24, told police she was punched in the scuffle with about six men and one beat her on the head with a chair.

It was her third day of selling fruit on the popular five-star beach but the leader of the men told her it was ''his beach'' and scattered the fruit and her cash of about 1000 baht across the sand.

The attack occurred in the middle of the beach, she said.

Khun Mhaiwadee's family, from nearby Cherng Talay, urged Cherng Talay police to pursue the thugs.

Lieutenant Seksan Komsakorn, of Cherng Talay Police Station, said he believed he knew the identity of one of the men. Several witrnesses had supported Khun Mhaiwadee's version of what happened, he said.

Khun Mhaiwadee was treated for cuts and bruises to her ear, face and neck and admitted this afternoon to Mission Hospital in Phuket City so doctors could observe her overnight and check for internal damage.

The broad daylight attack has regulars at Surin concerned. So does the arrival of a group of jet-skis, which are not supposed to operate from Surin.

Resort managers have complained frequently about loud fireworks being set off at all hours and criticised the behavior of taxi drivers stationed outside some Surin resorts close to the beach.
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all those onlookers and no videos surfaced yet?

If there are and they make it to youtube, one more scar for Thailand's reputation.

Posted by Mikey on January 7, 2011 23:05


My sympathies to the woman involved - the attack sounds disgraceful. Let's hope that Thai people stand up against this thuggery. What chance is there of the police impounding the jet-skis at Surin? Yes, you got it, nothing. Please people, stop using jet-skis. That's the only thing that will get rid of them.

Posted by littlechang on January 8, 2011 01:34


same s***, different beach.

Posted by mark on January 8, 2011 02:49


regular police beach patrols during high season would help to keep order.

Posted by paul on January 8, 2011 08:53


@paul... maybe. but there is no money to be made. can't see it happening

Posted by john s on January 8, 2011 13:05


Poor woman, would be interesting with a follow up on this story to see if the thugs are caught and punished.

Posted by Hotel owner in Patong on January 8, 2011 14:56


The recent wave of crime that has surfaced on Surin Beach is proving the need for law enforcement to patrol this beach on an hourly basis. So far in the past month I have not seen one policeman on or near the beach and I walk there every day.

This beach is one of the only remaining beaches on the Island that is safe 99 percent of the time and does not suffer from these types of problems on a regular basis such as some other beaches further south.

With Surin surrounded by such luxury resorts and villas and bringing billions of baht to the local economy each year it is so important that the calm environment is retained and these gangs are expelled from the local area by the Police, local residents and local businesses.

I for one have a vested interest in helping to maintain the peacefulness on this beautiful beach and will do anything I can to ensure it stay this way.

Please help us to remove the Jet-skis and other unlicensed operators from the beach who only bring trouble to the other hardworking business owners in the area and ruin the future for this wonderful family beach.

Posted by Passionate about Phuket on January 11, 2011 01:03


What on earth has got into the heads of the Phuket tourism officials.
If they just allow this open faced extortion to go on, they will ALL be out of jobs in a couple of years.

Why cannot the other beach vendors get together and stop all these scams for their own sake.

Posted by David L on January 25, 2011 05:54

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