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Still smiling: the Nok Air flight comes to rest in the green grass of home

Nok Air Flight Slides Off Trang Runway Into Grass: Passengers Escape Unhurt

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

Nok Air is moving a crane to lift the disabled aircraft back onto the runway with passengers on Wednesday's flights being advised that they will be bused to and from Nakhon Si Thammarat instead.

Original Report

PHUKET: A Nok Air flight failed to take off and skidded into grass at Trang airport, south of Phuket, this evening.

The 142 people on board DD7411 bound for Don Muang in Bangkok disembarked safely.

It was raining and blowing a gale and the runway was covered in water at the time of the aborted takeoff, officials said.

It was the second mishap in southern Thailand within a week.

On July 31, an Orient Thai charter flight from Guiyang in China to Phuket experienced engine trouble and decided the weather was too bad to attempt a landing at Phuket International Airport.

In landing in better conditions at Sutan Thani, the aircraft rolled off the tarmac surface and burst a tyre.

An Air Berlin Airbus 330-200 was involved in an airport emergency on Phuket in December when an engine failed on takeoff.

On September 16, 2007, a One-Two-Go flight from Bangkok crashed on landing on Phuket, killing 90 passengers and crew. There were 40 survivors.

Nok Air is extremely popular out of Phuket because its flights are usually competitively priced.


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Congrats to the crew for keeping everything together. Shaken not stirred. Any take off or landing you survive is a good one. Well done crew.

Posted by Robin on August 6, 2013 21:58


On May 30th 2013 a Nok Air 737-800 lost a nose wheel during flight and landed with only one in Chiang Rai.

On 5th Feb 2006 Nok Air 737-400 bound for Phuket had a engine failure on take-off and skid off the runway at BKK. A friend of mine was onboard.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 6, 2013 22:02


- Robin

I would not go and congratulate the crew yet. I have not seen the Metars but it sure sounds like the weather was appalling. They may well have taken off under minimums.

Crosswind is a factor for sure and I don't know if TST has a grooved runway or not (Aquaplaning). Many runway excursions in Indonesia have been blamed on non-grooved runways which in rain have a very low friction coefficient.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 6, 2013 22:27


Hey ThaiMike, you are correct. Grooved or not grooved the cockpit guys saved the plane and passengers. They tried to take off because their bosses said so, greed again, but they did not plant the plane into a fireball.

Posted by Robin on August 8, 2013 12:14

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