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Lynne Bean has posted a 50,000 baht reward for her missing son

Missing Surfer's Mother Offers Reward

Monday, December 10, 2012
PHUKET: The mother of an American surfer missing on Phuket is offering a reward of 50,000 baht for anyone who finds her son, ''dead or alive''.

Lynne Bean, who spoke to Phuket media at the Karon police station on Phuket's holiday west coast today, is desperate to know what happened to her son, Brett, who has not been seen for two weeks.

While she hopes he is still alive and safe, she recognises the possibility that something untoward may have happened.

''Anyone who has any information, if they could come forward we'd really appreciate it,'' said Mrs Bean.

The 43-year-old surfer was last seen near his bungalow in Kata-Karon on the weekend of November 24, only days before he was due to fly to Los Angeles.

Brett's motorbike, a silver-grey Honda 125 cc with Phuket license number 443, is missing. So are his laptop and mobile phone.

His mother showed photos of a tattoo on her son's left forearm to reporters today. Brett has a second tattoo of a snake on his right thigh.

No one has contacted police with any further information about Brett's disappearance since Saturday night when Mrs Bean and Brett's friend Naomi Smith arrived in Phuket from the US.

Brett missed a flight off Phuket, heading to Bangkok to connect with flights to Los Angeles, on November 26.

Since then, at least one friend on Phuket has claimed to have seen him riding around the Kata-Karon district, where he had paid his rent on a small bungalow six months in advance.

Mr Bean regularly spends several months on Phuket surfing while at other times working as a skiing instructor in Colorado.

Brett is 6 feet 2 inches tall, slender, and has blond hair and blue eyes. He sometimes grows a beard and at other times goes clean-shaven.

Mrs Bean and her husband Wayne moved from South Africa to the US in the 1960s.

Anyone who thinks they might have seen Brett should contact the US Embassy in Bangkok on 02 2054049 or after hours on 02 2054000, or write to Phuketwan via the comments space at the end of this article.


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There's a tracking system called 'Prey' for missing laptops. If by some small chance he had the software installed, it's possible to turn the camera on remotely, take photos - and track its current internet connection. Of course, to do that, someone else needs to know his login name and password for the 'Prey' server. Lots of improbabilities, but you never know.

Posted by Big Bernie on December 10, 2012 15:27


Fingers crossed for Mrs Bean and the family that this reward will do as rewards have in the past here on phuket and motivate those charged with carrying out the hunt for Brett to step up their efforts.

Posted by Scunner on December 10, 2012 18:46


Hope for the mother, that she get the knowledge she is seeking.

Police could also check cctv from withdrawel and target the SSID of the mobile phone he used to use. Maybe showing up somewhere. Also the MAC address from his laptop (check his internet routers former connections log to find it) could be traceable, but that is not so easy as the SSID.

Posted by Lena on December 10, 2012 22:12


This is horryifying for his family. Seeing that his passport was at home, is it possible he took his computer/telephone jumped on his bike , put on his helmet, and headed for an Internet cafe, and had an accident on the way ? Could he be lying in some trees or bushes along a roadway ?

Posted by Elizabeth on December 10, 2012 23:25

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