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Junie Browning and his girlfriend give a statement to Phuket police

Fugitive Fighter Gives Himself Up at Phuket Police Station

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Updating Report: Photo Album Above

PHUKET: Junie Allen Browning visited a police station on Phuket late today in the latest twist to the American fugitive fighter's battle to tell his side of a brawl that started in a bar and continued at a local hospital.

Browning's surprise appearance with his girlfriend Laura came at the Chalong Police Station in southern Phuket.

At the police station at the same time were others who participated in a now-notorious Phuket brawl.

The wounds inflicted in Browning's fight with tourists and staff 10 days ago at a bar on Phuket and in Patong Hospital, where the injured were all taken, were real. However, the varying accounts of what actually took place and who was the aggressor leave the facts yet to be decided.

It is believed Browning opted to go to police after he or perhaps his family and friends read an article in Phuketwan in which American Denny Bowman, a Phuket resident and a warden with the US Embassy, suggested that Browning ''surrender.''

None of the people involved in the brawl were held by police tonight.

However, the first attempt to mediate a settlement failed when the respective parties declined to sit down to talk.

The dispute between Browning and the others who were injured in the brawl leaves police with differing accounts of the rights and wrongs of the events.

Several other people, including the owner of the Native bar, who was there tonight with her Australian husband, have already lodged their accounts with police.

If both sides continue to claim they were wronged, the process could be extended.

Rather than pick and choose who is telling the truth, officers are likely to continue to try to conduct a mediation session aimed at finding a compromise.

It could be that Browning may be asked to pay for the hospital treatment of the others involved, and damage at the bar.

Browning in turn may seek compensation for his injuries.

A quick settlement would allow all the people involved to resume their normal lives without concern about charges and a criminal case being brought.


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Who knows what the truth is in this case, but you gotta love the hand grenade tattoo!

Posted by Steve L. on December 21, 2011 22:22


Good move to show up. Now both parties had time to cool down and can get over it. If not get them into the ring at Soi Bangla.

Posted by Lena on December 21, 2011 23:14


Junie has contradicted himself so many times from what he originally said on his facebook page to what he said to the media.

Posted by Anonymous on December 22, 2011 01:14


Don't seek the truth - look to mediate.

Posted by larry on December 22, 2011 09:14


Ed, Would be nice to have captions along with each photo to add background info. Have noticed in other articles as well, that some pics seem to lack context.

Posted by Relox on December 22, 2011 10:17

Editor Comment:

Your hefty 10-year subscription will enable us to caption all photo album pictures, Relox.


'Resume their normal lives without concern about charges and a criminal case being brought'.

WHAT? The guys have broken the terms of their Thai Visa by breaking the law. Kick them out of Thailand, Persona non grata. We don't need people like this on our shores.

Posted by agogohome on December 22, 2011 13:53

Editor Comment:

''Our'' shores? Are you a Thai, agogohome? I reckon the people who run the country are probably the ones who should make those decisions.

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