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Denny Bowman has helped Americans in trouble in the past

Surrender Now, Phuket Fugitive Fighter Advised by US Warden

Saturday, December 17, 2011
PHUKET: Fugitive American fighter Junie Allen ''The Lunatic'' Browning is being advised to make a telephone call for help, then to give himself up to Phuket police.

''Turn yourself in,'' American Embassy Warden on Phuket, Denny Bowman, said today. ''If someone who needs help on Phuket wants to contact me, I'd be happy to hear from them.''

Mr Browning, a celebrity in US fight circles, became the subject of a Phuket-wide police alert after brawling with staff and tourists at a local beachside bar then continuing the ruckus at a hospital before fleeing into the night on Sunday.

He is now reported to be concerned for his health on Phuket, quoted on one of several fight sites covering the saga as saying: ''These other primitive countries are all about money, mafia and corrupt law enforcement. I need help BAD! please call the US Embassy in my regards.''

Mr Bowman, a well-known American resident who has helped fellow Americans in distress in the past, volunteered today to help Mr Browning negotiate his surrender to authorities.

''In Thailand, it's best to turn yourself in,'' Mr Bowman said. ''The justice process usually looks more kindly on those who have surrendered. Penalties are usually reduced, too.''

Potential charges against Mr Browning are not known at this stage but he has been accused of striking several people at the bar and in Patong Hospital and is likely to face claims for medical treatment and damages.

''I have helped several people to deal with these kinds of issues in the past,'' Mr Bowman said today.

''We could even help to arrange for Junie to have an attorney with him when he visits a police station.''

An alert for Mr Browning extends to Phuket International Airport and border crossings out of Thailand. Police think he is probably laying low on Phuket, waiting for a more opportune moment to leave the country.

''Getting caught usually is not a good option,'' Mr Bowman said. ''Much better to surrender on Phuket and to have others involved to secure your safety.''

Versions of what transpired at the bar and in the hospital differ greatly. Mr Browning's female companion rejected suggestions that he struck her, adding her version of events on Facebook:

''The Thai government is so corrupt! For anyone out there that knows the story about what is going on with Junie Browning, it is not true!

''When two men get into an argument it should stay between them. 15 guys jumped on top of Junie and smashed his head in with glass bottles and beer mugs. I had to throw myself on top of his body while he gargled blood and they continued to kick him. Then even after he lay unconscious some Thai girl stabs him!!!

''If you know me then you know I would not make this up. I was there from start to finish.

''Then you take all the guys from the brawl into the same room in the hospital? What do you expect to happen? Listen, this is not the USA this is Thailand. The country revolves around money and the mafia DOES exist.

''When you get a phone call saying that there is a price on your boyfriends head and if they find you they will kill you too just to get to him you run.

''Junie Allen Browning did nothing but fight for his life and try to protect me. All the media and mma forums like to talk **** because it makes a good story. Get a clue!

''You like to sit on your couch at home and watch the discovery channel and think you know what it is like around the world? That's retarded! No women were involved in the fight and Junie did nothing that wasn't provoked.''

An American taken into custody by Phuket police earlier this year claimed he was handcuffed to a chair and beaten by five or six men, but a medical examination several days later could not substantiate his claim.

In Mr Browning's case, Phuket US Embassy Warden Denny Bowman is standing by, ready to help. His telephone number: 089 9733483.


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I found this on the web, this is not the first time he's done this.

Lock the idiot up.

Arrest and suicide attempt On October 6, 2009,

Browning was arrested and accused of battering three nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital - Siena Campus in Henderson, Nevada.[7] In the arrest report, the police stated he had taken 16 pills of anti-anxiety drug Klonopin "in an attempt to harm himself" and that after subsequently being taken to the hospital by two friends he pushed a female nurse, punched a male nurse and kicked another male nurse. UFC president Dana White terminated Browning's UFC contract upon learning about what had happened

Posted by Anonymous on December 17, 2011 16:49


i believe junie...
in thailand there are no fight heroes.
if u fight with a thai guy, 10 friends will join. i believe as well he was stabbed by a thai girl...

Posted by mike on December 17, 2011 16:53


Well considering there was one of him and many other people who he fought with it certainly does look like it was him against a group of people. Hard to know the truth.

If I was him I would certainly not be moved by such incentive as "even having a lawyer" when he talks to the police! ha

Wish the police would put this much effort into the mob of tuk tuk drivers that beat up that German! or the tuk tuk driver that beat up a French family, or the taxi drivers that...

Posted by Nancy Botwin on December 17, 2011 18:14


Nancy Botwin, I just look at your photo on Google and you are sexy. I needing staffs now in my bar in Patong if you interested?

Posted by Giuseppe on December 17, 2011 20:43


Shut the **** up anonymous, you "found" that on the web, yeah you really know Junie personally to say "lock" the "idiot" up. Typical moron with the insults who doesn't think maybe he needs help and has a problem instead of retorting to name calling to an individual you have never met or even know by pointing out how you just found this other news of him from back in 2009 in NV. He needs help for certain issues he has which are none of your god damn business, but it's best that people who don't know him, just keep the stupid name calling to themselves.

Posted by Hey Anonymous? on December 17, 2011 23:33


Hey Anonymous, you seem to be a very angry guy... Are you in fact Junie Browning? If so, turn yourself in. It must be tough to be the kind of guy who not only has a girl's name, but also likes to beat up girls.

Posted by Hieronymous on December 18, 2011 02:41


@ Hey Anonymous? You have an issue with anger, relax this is a quiet place. Junie, turn yourself in, it's the right thing to do and you can clear yourself. This is better than having the corrections department cure you of your alcoholism and uncontrollable anger. I think it's time to start flippin' burgers and come in from the heat out there. Lastly you can always change your name to Shirley if Junie is not what you like?

Posted by Dun on December 18, 2011 08:42


"A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash springs to mind

Posted by richie on December 18, 2011 14:22


Hey Anonymous,in one of your rantings you asked for someone to call the embassy for you. If you manage to spend so much time on the net why don't you go onto the website and get the details or even simpler send them an email. Are you really that useless.
Here's some help for you anyway, now get yourself sorted out you idiot.

Call Center Service: 001-800-13-202-2457

Tel: +66-2-205-4049

Posted by phuket madness on December 19, 2011 10:03


Hey [expletive] Madness, nah [expletive] I never asked anybody to call the US embassy for me because I specifically said I'm not Junie, but a friend of his, so why don't you learn to read English you [expletive expletive expletive], or why don't you too step the [expletive] forward from outside your computer and spar/fist fight with me to the death face to face, man to man/ladyboy or whatever you are, one on [expletive] one and I'll beat you to death in less than 3 minutes with my fists, shins, knees, and elbows. You a tough talking keyboard warrior calling people names like "idiot" when your safe behind your computer. Why doesn't your [expletive] try saying that [expletive] to my face? Oh yeah because you're an internet tough guy. If you really want to answer back, leave an address and number if you are in the USA and I'll beat you the[expletive] to death in a street fight with no weapons, no help, one on one. Going show you how good my stand up is and smash your [expletive] face. Bunch of internet tough guy keyboard warriors on here. The internet is a haven for [expletive expletive] like you, name calling, and insulting a real warrior like myself who you have NO idea how many I've KOed/TKOed in real life. If you talk [expletive] to me, I beat you, simple as [expletive] that. Where you at phuket madness you [expletive]????? Come say that to me face, this goes for the rest of you cowardly [expletive] insulting and name calling on an internet website comment section. TRY NAME CALLING ME TO MY [EXPLETIVE] FACE AND SEE IF I DON'T MAKE YOUR FACE BLEED. Bunch of [expletive expletive expletive] wanna be tough guys behind the computer.

Posted by Hey phukfaced madness on December 19, 2011 13:12

Editor Comment:

Editing was never supposed to be this much hard work. Does anyone have a telephone number for Jerry Springer?


Poster Hey phukfaced madness seems to have some anger issues ... must be the steroids :)


Posted by Simon Luttrell on December 20, 2011 11:07


Feeling elite. Real warriors posting on here now. Excuse me but I think he spelled trailer trash wrong.

Posted by Martin on December 20, 2011 16:25

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