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Flattened median strip shrubs where the British man failed to take the bend

One Dead, Two Hurt in Phuket Expat Car Crash

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Phuketwan Updating Report

A BRITISH EXPAT and a Thai are in hospital and a Thai woman is dead after a serious mishap at 4am today on the central road between Phuket City and Kathu.

Travelling on the newly widened and resurfaced road from Phuket City, a Honda City saloon being driven by the expat man crossed to the wrong side of the road and smacked into the Thai woman's car.

Police Lieutenant Angkan Yasanop, of Tungtong police station, said he was told the woman had seen the man's car coming and had almost come to a stop when his car hit her Toyota saloon at high speed.

Lieutenant Angkan said that witnesses thought the woman was hoping that the oncoming car would avoid her if she was stationary.

The crash came on the first hill of the newly surfaced Wichitsongkran Road, which runs past the Central Festival mall to Kathu.

On the downward side, apparently at high speed, the car driven by the British man failed to take a left-hand bend and crashed through shrubs on the central median strip.

The expat driver of the car is in a satisfactory condition in Phuket International Hospital.

The Thai man who was a passenger in the vehicle, and who suffered the brunt of the mishap, is reported by doctors to be in a serious condition.

Police are anxious to question both men as soon as possible.

The dead woman was later named as Panida Choichakul, 29, a resident of Kamala.

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Will the British EXPAT compensate the dead Thai woman's family? Would he be jailed and fined?? Trouble makers the whole lot of them, these Western EXPATS. Just because they come to these parts, they think they can behave as they please.

Editor: The answer, whoever you are, is that Thai justice will be done. To blame all Western expats for an event involving just one is illogical and inflammatory. For all we know, there may have been a mechanical problem, or perhaps the driver had a heart attack. Who are you to judge? Perhaps you might care to put a name to your next comment.

Posted by Anonymous on July 29, 2009 15:24


Editor, you give contributors the ability to be anonymous and then challenge them to declare their identity. Leave us to be anonymous or not, as we wish, and kindly respect our wishes. Who is "anonymous" to judge? He or she is simply making his or opinion known (albeit anonymously). Again, please leave us to make our comments and even judgements when you solicit our opinions and refrain from responding so critically. Respect the readers and users of and the contributors to your blog. It's nothing without us.

Editor: Thanks for your comment, Helen. Respect works both ways, don't you think? There are readers who make comments that are designed to shed light and alleviate pain and others, like the anonymous one above, that appear to be designed to promote hatred and contempt. Readers can make their own judgements about that particular message. Such opinions demand instant responses.

Posted by Helen Bach on August 11, 2009 18:17


anyone have any info about rta in thailand involving an Irish ex pat today, Friday 04 09?

Posted by friend on September 5, 2009 01:54


What's an rta, maybe rare traffic accident?

Posted by mouse on September 5, 2009 09:14

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