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Motorcycles and pick-ups make way for once for Phuket's bicycle push

Cyclists Enjoy the Wheel Old Phuket: Photos

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Bike Tour Photo Album Above

CYCLISTS took over in Phuket City today as the first two-wheel tour of Old Phuket Town acknowledged the rising interest in getting from point A to point B without the help of a motor.

A legs and lungs brigade of about 100 riders tripped for about 10 kilometres from attraction to attraction, pausing in Phuket City's Saphan Hin park to plant 50 trees. At least one tandem cycle for two was there, along with a trishaw.

Most riders of all ages settled for two wheels and a bicycle helmet . . . the kind of headgear that is also preferred by some motorcyclists who can't tell the difference between an impact at 20 kilometres an hour and one at 80 kilometres an hour.

Today's event may inspire some of those errant motorcycle riders to keep their bicycle helmet, and buy a bicycle to ride beneath it.

Canadian Paul Eaton, one of several expats among the riders, said: ''It's good to be able to join locals and look around. Phuket needs to make riding safer for bicycle riders with cycle lanes. It's a good alternative to public transport, or high-priced fares.''

Cities around the world these days are encouraging cycling of the pedal kind. It's a win-win for users in terms of exercise and savings, and good for the environment as well as the public health system.

Most people thought today's tour, promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, was a good start and a recognition that cycling and other non-motorised sports, such as surfing, deserve a larger following.
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I really do hope they had a TAT License to conduct this tour, if not I will be investigating this. I need a license for my little business, they need one, too.

Posted by Robin on May 23, 2010 18:52


Didn't know this was happening until it had already happened. Often the case with these local events, very little promotion.. where was it advertised?

Editor: It was listed under Phuket Events in MediaWATCH for at least three weeks, which probably accounts for the excellent turnout . . .

Posted by Jamie on May 24, 2010 09:27


It was a wonderful morning out for me and my daughter - thank you to the TAT - when is the next one?

Posted by Tim on May 29, 2010 14:52

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