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Fans delight in the RoyFest, first music festival of its scale on Phuket

Phuket Music Fest to Rekindle Noise Debate

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
A TWO-NIGHT music festival on a popular Phuket beach is likely to rekindle debate about the future of events that disturb shorefront residents.

Between 6pm and 2am on June 25 and June 26, the Phuket Music Festival Full Moon Version is to rock the Karon sands, in much the same way as the highly successful RoyFest in September last year.

Thousands attended the free RoyFest over two nights, and thousands are expected to join this year's Tourism Authority of Thailand-sponsored festival.

Having brought the festival forward to June and dropped the RoyFest title, people who class the festival as ''noise pollution'' will be more concerned to see whether organisers also drop decibel levels.

Some people also question the value of these kinds of events to Phuket tourism. Critics say that music events please a small audience for a short time, but alienate an even larger number of potential travellers. They also question the increasing use of public beaches for private profit, especially one precedent-setting restaurant on Surin beach.

Some events detract from Phuket's image as a destination that protects beaches and reefs from the ravages of overdevelopment, the critics say. Since the novelty of the RoyFest, the debate has spread from Karon along the seafront to Patong and Surin as music events and beach clubs have multiplied up the coast.

Topline DJs will be heard by fans and critics alike at Karon, whether or not they wish to hear them.

Performers include Japan DJ Yoji, Ireland's Agenlli and Nelson and Singapore's DJ B. Here's the full line-up:

Friday June 25
18:00-19:00 Joe Fax (Ska)
19:00-20:00 Job2Do (Reggae)
20:00-21:00 Mahajamruen (Electro Live)
21:00-22:30 DJs Thanathron (Techno)
22:30-00:00 DJs Activa (Electronica)
00:00-02:00 DJs Agnelli and Nelson (Trance, Electronica)

Saturday June 26
18:00-19:00 Tamone (Ska)
19:00-20:00 Fourgusm Live Band (Reggae)
20:00-21:00 Bhudha bless (HipHop)
21:00-22:30 DJs Spydamonkee (Drum and Bass)
22:30-00:00 DjB (Electronica)
00:00-02:00 DJs Yogi (Trance, Electronica, Techno)
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Comments have been disabled for this article.


How about the noise that comes from music festivals opposite Carrefour and Jungceylon every month for 10 days at a time...That's right in the middle of residential areas.

Posted by sleepless nights on May 19, 2010 09:40


Please bring back this high government official that you ran a story about recently. Ask him to protect the rights of residents! These concerts behind Junk Ceylon go past 2 AM for many nights.

Posted by Hopeless on May 19, 2010 14:51


That's right, hopeless...its actually past 3am....try going to the municipality and filing a complaint and see what kind of answer they give you..I wish you luck....and yes, I wish this head honcho from BKK would do his job and shut this down

Posted by sleepless nights on May 19, 2010 18:16


I've gone to Patong Muni a few times. The last time the man I spoke with told me to get double glass on all my windows or consider moving!

Posted by g r on May 20, 2010 14:35


that's very encouraging to know that our politicians are eagerly ready to serve our community...

Posted by yawn on May 20, 2010 18:37


Once again Phuketwan's own puts forward his disdain for such events through his petty style writing.

Why is Royfest your bane? Last year's inaugural Royfest was without doubt one of 2009's most successful nights in Phuket, outwith of the main Phuket festivals.

More than 5000 people attended over two nights meaning that there ARE people interested and that it is not just a "novelty" event.

Why can you not put a more positive spin on helping promote new events in Phuket? Given the current circumstances in Thailand and that Phuket, the 'safest city' in Thailand, needs all the promotion it can get to attract tourism, it is about time you got off your high horse and used your medium to help out.

Editor: I'm a journalist, not a promoter. Although I'm certainly pro-Phuket, I'm also pro honest coverage of all sides of every issue. In this case, there are an increasing number of places on Phuket where music/noise is or has become a social problem, especially at public beaches.

The attitude of the authorities is not clear. Should these events happen once a year? Why not every month, or every week? So Phuket's future suddenly becomes tied to events that are at odds with its reputation as a ''natural'' destination.

As the story says, it's no longer called the RoyFest. If you want to read one-sided promotions of Phuket, there are plenty of alternative outlets.

Posted by Emubob on May 20, 2010 19:56


Phuket beaches are quiet, scary places to go after dark. That's the social problem (unlike Samui, Krabi, Koh Phangan). Anything that can bring more life, fun and safety to them is fine with me (and I'm sure, most tourists too).

Phuketwan, you are usually so reasonable ... what has got your knickers in such a twist here ? We're gonna get LIVE original music on the beach ! I say THANK YOU ! Normally we don't get live original music anywhere on the island !!! I went to Royfest last year and it was great ! Bring it on !

Posted by James on May 21, 2010 14:52


Agree with emubob. Last year this was a fantastic - trouble free - event, attended by young Thais and tourists alike. Great music, a fantastic atmosphere and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It was on a Friday and Saturday night. It's not nightly, weekly or even monthly.

You've been campaigning to give Phuket a fair go in recent times, yet Phuket offers something that attracts big crowds - and a rare chance to mix with locals - and you're moaning about a little noise.

I really don't see why you have such a big problem with this fantastic event. Personally, I can't wait.

Editor: There were good reports about this event last year from those who were there, and negative reports from those who were kept awake by it. One person's music is another person's noise. To have a public beach being used for any event at 2am is risky. Being used over two nights turns it into a nuisance. In most places, these kinds of festivals are held a long way from areas where people have homes. The benefits of this event to Phuket tourism are unclear. Like the smoker who lights up in a restaurant where other people are still eating, music-lovers prove themselves at times to be rude and interested only in their own satisfaction. Concerts are certainly something Phuket needs, and the Phuket Brewery, which can hold 2000 or more in comfort, is the place for them. Nothing should disturb the sound of the ocean at the beach. iPods work very well these days. And I love music.

Posted by Colin on May 22, 2010 23:38


There should be a noise enforcement office for the island, it's not just the farang who complain about this (read the Thai forums and you'll see the same complaints).

Loud music without bass doesn't travel nearly as far, by the way, and double windows will help greatly (bass will travel through walls however and is virtually impossible to soundproof).

This problem is all over the place and is far more common than music concerts.

Posted by Philip on May 23, 2010 07:42


Agree with philip...there really should be an office set up for noise complaints but before that, there needs to be some research and follow through done on finding a place to hold all outdoor staged music events that are convenient for people to get to and where they can relax and have fun yet far away from residential areas.

Posted by yawn on May 23, 2010 18:06


A quote from last year's Phuketwan report on Royfest -

"Rough estimates put Saturday night's crowd at 5000 plus, which makes the whole shebang a huge hit and an idea that deserves to be followed up in future." does seem that Phuketwan has conflicting views between their reporters!

You are so out of touch editor and are increasingly alienating your readership with your responses in numerous threads.

To come out with such rubbish as "music-lovers prove themselves at times to be rude and interested only in their own satisfaction" is pretty low. Maybe you should replace the word 'music-lovers' with 'editors'. I believe that would be apt.

Furthemore, you state that "Nothing should disturb the sound of the ocean at the beach."

So no Loy Kratong? No Karon Swatch Beach Volleyball Tournament? No New Year's celebrations? etc etc.

Does that mean you want to ban people from beaches? I mean they are the sole creators of noise, right?

This website after such a promising start is beginning to lose its credibility with many I speak to, mainly due to the editor's wish to be the controlling headmaster. Bah Humbug!

Editor: I'm not sure that every reader wants a publication that goes along with their own views, emubob. Daytime beach events are fine. So are music festivals that stop at 11pm. Phuket needs more debate to determine whether or not music festivals on its beaches after 11pm are good for its future. There's no denying the success of last year's RoyFest - if it didn't keep you from sleeping in your own bed, or in nearby resorts, two nights in a row. To personalise your arguments around attacks on Phuketwan and its desire to encourage different viewpoints shows that at some stage in your life, you may have needed the complete education provided by a controlling headmaster.

Posted by Emubob on May 24, 2010 09:15


Any one who want's to complain about two nights of noise should get a life, when you were younger did you go to night clubs or events similar to this? %95 of you probably did.

Posted by Jamie on May 25, 2010 00:19


I have to agree 10days every month is way to many days in a resident area, my last comment was only about the two day event in karon :)

Posted by jamie on May 25, 2010 00:22


Posted by Emubob / yep you are correct, again in a post the editor has posted a stupid comment....

Posted by Jamie on May 25, 2010 00:28


"To personalise your arguments around attacks on Phuketwan and its desire to encourage different viewpoints shows that at some stage in your life, you may have needed the complete education provided by a controlling headmaster."

Editor it's official - you've lost the plot.

Editor: Well, Colin, it's plain you prefer to stick to principles and issues and avoid personalising your arguments. If I did happen to lose the plot, and it will happen one day, you are certainly not going to be the one to find it.

Posted by Colin on May 26, 2010 20:50


You are indeed correct. Had I wanted to locate the plot of a rambling internet editor I'd have quit my job and started looking eons ago.

Posted by Colin on May 26, 2010 21:07


"Concerts are certainly something Phuket needs, and the Phuket Brewery, which can hold 2000 or more in comfort, is the place for them. "

Ah, more product endorsement from Phuketwan!

Editor: Selina, the Phuket Brewery doesn't pay us, has never paid us, and never will pay us. Indeed, the Phuket Brewery brand has disappeared. Its seat-2000-in-comfort auditorium is still there . . . but it's now operating under another name. We wouldn't ever mention the brand for fear of being accused of endorsing it. But you? No problem. We endorse Selina.

Posted by Selina Gibbon on May 26, 2010 21:15

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