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A  policeman observes the case of a drowning Chinese tourist in Krabi today

Chinese Tourist Drowns on Day-Trip Near Phi Phi

Friday, February 20, 2015
PHUKET: A 53-year-old Chinese tourist drowned on a day-trip to an island near Phi Phi this afternoon.

The man was taken from Pai island to the small hospital on Phi Phi but doctors and nurses were unable to revive him.

The man's wife was on the holiday outing with him about 3.30pm when the incident occurred. His body was taken to Krabi Hospital, on the mainland.

Many Chinese tourists travel to Phi Phi and smaller islands in Phang Nga Bay from Phuket and Krabi.

Incidents involving the deaths of Chinese tourists in the water off the Andaman coast of Thailand occur with surprising frequency.


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A 'nice' day for China, 1 cinese tourist died, 1 Chinese tourist with a broken leg. Again a bus crash Patong hHill with tourist injuries.When are thai authorities implementing safety regulations in handling tourists?. They started off with: no smoking on the beach, now next safety steps, please. Or is that to much to ask? Thailand, take better care of your guests. NCPO, get people in charge with more safety thinking.

Posted by Kurt on February 20, 2015 21:15


As the number of Chinese tourists continues to increase, it is unfortunate that the number of holiday nightmares and tragedies will also increase. Greedy and unconcerned tour operators and untrained guides only care about filling their craft, and couldn't care less about the safety of tourists. I feel very sorry for this man's family, and I hope the word spreads that Phuket is not a safe place for Chinese tourists.... and just wait for low season drownings! But I'm sure that to remedy that problem, officials will just quit reporting all the fatalities... POOF!... problem solved!

Posted by Ed Sanders on February 20, 2015 21:18


Yes they do, but try to convince the hordes of tourists coming in their footsteps, that inherent dangers lurk.

It's equally as tough to convince Thai Authorities and home countries to issue safety warnings for tourists..

It's tough, in the neighborhood of trying to sell ice to Eskimos..

They don't want it or need it..

Would tourist warnings fall on deaf ears?

Not completely

Posted by farang888 on February 20, 2015 23:59

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