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The headquarters of the Pisona Group in Patong: big plans for a resort

Phuket's Largest Resort Planned for Patong Hills

Friday, September 17, 2010
A WELL-KNOWN Phuket business leader is seeking permission to construct Phuket's largest resort - a development of 744 units that would sit on the hillside above Patong.

The new resort would be called Patong Bay Hill, a three star that would - in pure numbers at least - outgun Phuket's existing largest resort, the five-star Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa at Karon beach, south of Patong.

The one billion baht development will be constructed on behalf of Pisona, the brand associated with Preechavude ''Parb'' Keesin. Khun Parb is the son of Patong's Mayor, Pian Keesin, who relinquished any connection with the business once he was elected.

''It will be built across 20 rai,'' Khun Parb told Phuketwan today. ''Pisona owns 60 rai on the hillside but 40 rai is above the 80-metre construction limit.''

The Patong Bay Hill would be a sister resort to the Patong Bay, on the beachfront near the Impiana Resort Patong Phuket and the newer La Flora Resort Patong.

An application for the Pisona development appeared on a list today at a preliminary meeting by the governor's special committee on the environment. The head of Phuket's Natural Resources and Environment Department, Ong-Art Chanachanmongkol, chaired the gathering at the department's HQ in Phuket City.

The full special committee will hear more about the project on September 24.

Khun Prab told Phuketwan later that the plan was for a three-star hotel, with pool villas and a large central pool. ''It will be a modern hotel,'' he said.

''We already own the land so we don't need to partner with others. The Patong Bay has been successful so we know a bit about resort management. Our aim is to attract mid-range guests.''

The governor's special committee was set up last year to resolve concerns that the old process made environmental approvals too easy to win on Phuket.

Once it has been approved, the Patong Bay Hill will be constructed on land above Nanai Road, not far from the t-intersection temple turn in Patong.

Among other applications that came before the committee for the first time today, Phuket Graceland, on Patong's beach road, sought to add 140 rooms.
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Somehow I don't see this one having too many problems obtaining building permits or height assessments.

Posted by LivinLOS on September 17, 2010 16:21


Too cynical, "LivinLOS"... Aren't you aware of rising sea levels? Land once 81m above sea level will soon be 79.99m above sea level...

Posted by Tanya Millibank on September 17, 2010 16:50


There is obviously big money in tuk tuks! If interest rates go up, does this mean the fare from Kamala to Patong will rise to 400 baht?

Posted by mike on September 18, 2010 09:38


Will they get special permission to go over the 80 metres rule?

Posted by barka on September 18, 2010 15:29

Editor Comment:

There has been no application to go above the 80-metre limit, and the article reports that Pisona says they are only building on the land below the 80-metre limit.


Who approves of the plan to build this new huge hotel? What about environmental impact? Recent opinion is that there's too many rooms already in Phuket.

Posted by Optimist on September 20, 2010 14:15

Editor Comment:

Every new building has to pass a series of environmental checks but there is no limit to the number of resorts or rooms that can be built on Phuket.


nothing else to say but "SUUPLY OVER DEMAND IN PHUKET"

Posted by HKT on July 2, 2011 13:06


This project still underway? Was slated for 2015...

Posted by J on January 1, 2015 22:39

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