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Phuket's Crab island: view could be impeded by a seven-storey condo, say locals

Phuket Locals Halt Condo over Island View

Friday, September 10, 2010
A PROPOSED seven-storey condominium project in southern Phuket has been halted after five storeys have been constructed because local residents complain that the building may interfere with the sea view.

The project, Kata Condominiums, has all the required permits and has been passed by the Phuket Governor's special committee on the environment. However, in a meeting at Provincial Hall in Phuket City today, local protesters in the Kata area managed to persuade authorities to halt the building while a review is conducted.

The locals say that they did not have any involvement in the approvals process for the property and that the building now threatens to obscure the view off Kata beach to one of the local seascape icons, Crab Island.

With local protesters at the meeting today in Phuket City were the Permanent Secretary of the Phuket Provincial Office, representatives from the Land Office and the Natural Resources and Environment Department, and the Karon-Kata tessaban council.

It is believed that authorities at Provincial Hall have the right to suspend construction, even if the owners and builders have all the required permits and permissions.*

*In this case, though, the developers have pointed out that they suspended construction voluntarily and are now engaged in negotiations with locals.
Phuket Locals Halt Condo over Island View
Latest A group of local Phuket protesters have managed to halt a fully approved seven storey construction project after the completion of five storeys because a sea view may be obscured.
Phuket Locals Halt Condo over Island View

Phuket Crackdown on Bars in Patong, Rawai: Patrons Test Positive
Latest Debate about opening hours and entertainment venues appears to have exposed flaws in the enforcement of the present regulations. A crackdown is underway in Patong, after Rawai.
Phuket Crackdown on Bars in Patong, Rawai: Patrons Test Positive

Patong 'Needs Marine Environmental Wake-Up'
Latest A dangerous diesel fuel load on the bottom of the ocean concerns one of Phuket's leading environmental specialists less that the approach to Patong beach.
Patong 'Needs Marine Environmental Wake-Up'

Phuket Open Until 5am? Debate Lights Up Inequality
Entertainment Zoning Phuket may need to open later, but should tourists be allowed to drink while Thais are turned away? The big debate about closing hours is beginning.
Phuket Open Until 5am? Debate Lights Up Inequality

Phuket Woman Rescued from Wild Surf at Karon
Surf Rescue A Thai woman is pulled from the sea and resuscitated at Phuket's Karon beach. Three tourists have drowned at Karon and Kata beaches in the past few weeks.
Phuket Woman Rescued from Wild Surf at Karon


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It seems that mob rule wins again. I believe the lawyers will sort this on out, but I find it damages the the importance of building permits. seems they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

I also take issue with "The locals say that they did not have any involvement in the approvals process for the property" Who did you vote for as your OrBaTor?? Is this not a representative government? Phuket gets to freely elect all it's local Gov't, with the exception of the Governor who is appointed by BKK.

Posted by Observer on September 10, 2010 23:44


Well, good. How do developers get approval for this kind of project? I chose to live in Kata-Karon because I thought it was older and maxed out as far as building. I also thought there was a height restriction. What gives?

Posted by Doretta on September 11, 2010 04:27


I guess that "no higher than a coconut tree" zoning has gone into the bin along with the 80 meter height limit on the hillsides.

Posted by Treelover on September 11, 2010 08:39


I have to agree with "observer" assuming all the permits are issued and paperwork is in order, this mob 'we don't want this' style is wrong. Whomever stops this project chances being sued for considerable damages and rightly so if the paperwork is all in order. Whether the project is good or bad for the area isn't up for debate. You can't have a process, put everything in order, and then jump up as a group and say stop. Or can you, in Phuket?

Posted by Peter on September 11, 2010 08:56


Makes a mockery of the whole permit process, and indeed the Governor's environmental committee. Not the right message Phuket needs to be putting out right now. If all paperwork is in order, the lawyers of the developer will have a field day with local officials and authorities... if the developer goes that route. Sadly, such a route wouldn't be a good thing for Phuket in terms of publicity around it, but it might be a way to achieve some professionalism and consistency in the way the permit processes work.

Posted by Duncan on September 11, 2010 19:00

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