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Phuket traffic blackspot: even the arrow sign carries damage

Phuket Stayput Quits: Rawai Road to Widen

Friday, October 16, 2009
Phuketwan UPDATE, Photo Album

TALKS this afternoon resolved the case of the Rawai stayput. Construction begins on Monday to widen the road at a cost of 2.5 million baht. The governor says the road will be complete and clear after just 15 days. He is to meet most of the cost. ''If you say yes today, construction can begin on Monday'' the governor told the family who owns the property. And the deal was done. The governor and locals then sat down to celebrate over a meal.

Phuketwan Original Report

PHUKET GOVERNOR Wichai Praisa-nob was on his way to Rawai late this afternoon to attempt to settle the case of the stayput highway lane occupant.

The owners of a property that borders the road between Chalong Circle and Rawai have for several years refused to give up a slice of the property so the four-lane highway widening can be completed.

Instead, for the space of 25 metres, the highway abruptly narrows to three lanes, then widens again to four.

Local agitation to have the road widened has been intensifying, especially as the property is an accident blackspot. It is believed that locals were agitating for an immediate solution today.

It is certainly a long-standing sore point. Mishaps occur at the rate of about one a week.

Even the post supporting a large arrow, indicating vehicles should proceed around the unsurfaced part of the property, show signs of having been hit by a motorcycle.

A shop on the property once sold food but has been converted to other purposes in recent times.

In a conversation with the owner, Phuketwan was told at one stage that the asking price for the 12 metre strip of land was five million baht.

This was not because the owner wanted to make a profit, but because they were left off the list when all property owners were notified that the road needed to be widened, Phuketwan was told.

A stayput also causes a similar road narrowing on Thepkasattri Road, the main road between Phuket City and the Phuket International Airport, near the British International School.
Phuket Push to Crack Down on 'Working Tourists'
Latest Tourists who come to Phuket then work will be among those being pursued under a crackdown from the end of the month, Phuket's Governor announces.
Phuket Push to Crack Down on 'Working Tourists'

Phuket's Amari Remake Comes with $44m Growth
Latest After 25 years, Amari Coral Beach Phuket is being reshaped as part of the brand's 44 million dollar Asia Pacific expansion. Another 80 rooms are being added, too.
Phuket's Amari Remake Comes with $44m Growth

Four Fresh Tiger Flights Give Krabi an Air Lift
Latest Krabi is set for takeoff this high season with four new flights coming its way from Singapore, which is a whole lot closer than Scandinavia. And that's a significant change.
Four Fresh Tiger Flights Give Krabi an Air Lift

Phuket's Jet-Skis: Insurance Deal Ends Crisis
Photo Album The signing of a deal today means all Phuket jet skis will require insurance from now on, and the responsibility lies with the operators to end the allegations of scams.
Phuket's Jet-Skis: Insurance Deal Ends Crisis

Phuket Taj Drops Pier, Offers 50m Baht 'Forfeit'
Photo Album The governor's new environmental approvals committee checks out the Taj Exotica and the Novotel Kamala sites, with Phuketwan for company.
Phuket Taj Drops Pier, Offers 50m Baht 'Forfeit'

New Phuket Police HQ Just Needs More Police
Photo Album Phuket has a new police headquarters but remains short of police. Just 1160 officers maintain law and order on an island with one million inhabitants during the high season.
New Phuket Police HQ Just Needs More Police


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Just another example of the overwhelming concern for community, your neighbor and safety in Phuket.

Posted by VFaye on October 16, 2009 16:51


About time. Well done.

Next up: Soi Banzaan in Patong between Nanai and Jungceylon.

Posted by D on October 16, 2009 17:27

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