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The new logo, already on display at the Amari Coral Beach Phuket

Phuket's Amari Remake Comes with $44m Growth

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
AMARI Coral Beach Phuket, for so long the well-regarded but reserved resort occupying the high ground at the southern end of Patong beach, is about to undergo a major transformation.

Beginning in the new year, the refurbishment is a small part of a brand makeover that will see Amari invest $44 million in strategic growth at 40 properties through the Asia-Pacific.

It's a major upshift for Amari, already one of Thailand's largest hotel management companies, and it will involve a change in logos and taglines along the way to the big league.

Behind the transformation is President and CEO Peter Henley, who was away from his desk in Bangkok when Phuketwan called today.

On Phuket, Amari Coral Beach General Manager Warakorn Jarusirikul said: ''We already have the new logo out the front, and an era of change has begun.''

The Amari, a fixture on Phuket since 1984, will gain an extra 80 rooms, taking it to 280, with the existing staff of 275 likely to grow accordingly.

The Amari has 60 acres on which to spread. Long a success, the resort currently has an occupancy rate of 95 percent.

''We don't have a low season here,'' said Khun Warakorn. ''We have a good mix of guests from all over who are familiar with what we offer and keep coming back.''

He expects the initiatives and training, which is already underway, will entrench the resort's reputation as a first-class holiday destination, a four-star with a four-and-a-half star reputation.

Amari CEO Mr Henley is credited with bringing on board new talent from other leading brands within the industry. He has been quietly planning Amari's strategic leap in the year since he took the top position.

The group has 3000 employees in 11 properties in key destinations across Thailand including Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Chang, Pattaya, Samui, Chiang Mai and Krabi.

Forty more properties are expected to be added across the Asia Pacific by 2018.

The new Amari logo comes with ''Colours & Rhythms'' as the tagline and an emphasis on Asian flair.

Amari Watergate Bangkok is to be refurbished simultaneously with Amari Coral Beach Phuket. They will be the first properties in the group to encapsulate the new brand.

Amari Hua Hin, opening in late 2011, will be the group's first new resort, offering 223 rooms and suites as part of a mixed-use development project that will also offer luxury condominiums.

''Recognising the competitiveness in today's hospitality industry, we realised that to maintain and develop our position we needed to create a long-term plan to take the company forward,'' Mr Henley is quoted as saying.

Amari will also hire public relations agencies in key feeder markets such as Britain, India and the Middle East.
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