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FC Phuket players celebrate one of last night's six ''Hulk'' goals

FC Phuket Win 6-1 But Star Breaks Leg

Monday, May 2, 2011
FC PHUKET bounced back from a string of road routs with a 6-1 trouncing of Thai Honda last night - spoiled only by a Phuket player breaking a leg.

The unlucky break came for Tawin ''Num'' Boodsombut soon after he scored the second goal at the 47-minute mark to close out the first half with Phuket well on top.

The striker who wears number No.10 was taken to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, where the break was diagnosed. His goal followed an early match-breaker at the three minute mark, scored by Ivory Coast import Nenebi Sylvestre.

In the second half, the goals came frequently, with Coulibaly Abdoul scoring at the 52-minute mark, followed by Choi Jaewon five minutes later.

A goal to Thai Honda interrupted proceedings briefly but Kone Adama wrapped the evening up nicely with goals at 79 minutes and again at 92 minutes.

What with a win that came when the opposition fielded too many expat players, a fine because ''Hulk'' fans behaved badly, an unfinished match with six minutes to play, a leg-break and a 6-1 trouncing simply add to Phuket's turbulent adventures in Division One.

If the team can just get themselves going on the road, the title could be theirs for the taking.

Certainly the fan base is continuing to grow, with more than 5000 turning out at Surakul Stadium in Phuket City for a night filled with action.
FC Phuket Football Storm: Six Minutes of Hope
Latest One night in Bangkok made a hard rain tumble. Now FC Phuket has six minutes to score three or perhaps even four goals to save defeat. Unless the rules say different.
FC Phuket Football Storm: Six Minutes of Hope

Phuket's Hulks Fail in Bid for Road Kill
UPDATE FC Phuket failed to achieve a ''kill'' on the road against potential prey Bangkok FC, losing 2 5. The Hulks are happy enough at home but not so hot away from Phuket.
Phuket's Hulks Fail in Bid for Road Kill

FC Phuket Demolish Chiang Mai 4-0
Photo Album FC Phuket returned home after two road losses with fear in the hearts of fans but concern quickly dissipated as the Hulks scored a convincing 4 nought victory.
FC Phuket Demolish Chiang Mai 4-0

FC Phuket Fans' Sulking Earns 15,000 Baht Fine
Latest FC PHUKET has been fined 15,000 baht because fans hurled items onto the pitch and also hurtled abuse at the referee and officials. Apparently the Hulks got the sulks.
FC Phuket Fans' Sulking Earns 15,000 Baht Fine

FC Phuket Thunder to a 3-1 Win in Storm
Uprising Postponed A rebellion by the cheer squad against FC Phuket's newbie coach is on hold after the Hulks storm to a 3 1 win in the wet against lowly opposition. Green fans are hard to please.
FC Phuket Thunder to a 3-1 Win in Storm


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