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Another tragic death, a reminder of the fate of two tourists on Phi Phi

Tragic Riddle of Young Tourist's Death in Patong

Friday, July 17, 2009
THE SUDDEN unexplained death of a young woman tourist on Phuket has left a grieving father asking questions about what killed his daughter.

Student nurse Sherifa Waleed Khalid, 24, was found dead in her room at the Thara Patong Beach Resort in Patong yesterday.

It was a tragic and unexpected end to a happy family holiday.

On Wednesday, the young Kuwaiti citizen went to Phi Phi on a day trip with her family, according to the Superintendent of Kathu Police Station, Police Colonel Grissak Songmoonnark.

Her father told police that his daughter developed a bad cough after the Phi Phi trip, and she told family members that she felt sick.

The father took his daughter to Patong Hospital later that evening, Colonel Grissak told Phuketwan today.

''A doctor at Patong Hospital prescribed medicine for the cough,'' Colonel Grissak said. ''The young woman took some medicine then retired for the night.''

On Thursday morning, Sherifa failed to appear. Her father assumed she was sleeping and shaking off the illness, Colonel Grissak said.

About 4pm, keen to check on her condition, her father attempted to wake his daughter by knocking on the door, but there was no response.

The father organised for hotel staff to open the room.

His daughter, the colonel said, was lying on the bed with a blanket over her head. When the blanket was pulled back, it was plain that she was dead, Colonel Grissack said.

There was discharge around the young woman's mouth, the colonel added.

Police officers were called to the hotel. Their initial estimate was that Sherifa had been dead for at least 10 hours.

Colonel Grissak said police took possession of the medicine provided by the hospital pharmacy. Investigations are continuing.

A spokesman for the Kuwaiti Embassy told Phuketwan the father was getting every assistance in returning to Kuwait with his daughter's body.

He was unable to say where inquiries in the case might lead from here.

While there is no obvious connection, the deaths of two young women tourists on Phi Phi earlier this year also remain unexplained.

The women had been staying with friends who fell sick with similar symptoms in adjoining rooms at the same accommodation, Laleena Guesthouse, on the island.

In one case, only when a worried maid opened the door to one room was it revealed that two women tourists inside were seriously ill.

No progress has been made in determining the cause of the Phi Phi deaths.

Laboratory test results on chemicals taken from the guesthouse three weeks after the deaths are still pending, police said today.

Phi Phi Riddle: Pursuing the Deaths of Two Tourists
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Tragic, just terrible.

And another Phi Phi connection?

Sincere condolences to the grieving friends and family.

Posted by D on July 17, 2009 15:21


My deepest condolences to the family. No doubt this will be handled with the same efficiency as the two cases in Phi Phi. Why would any tourist come here? With so many beautiful places in the world, why bother visiting a country that doesn't care at all what happens to you?

Posted by Noddy on July 19, 2009 19:23


The family should hire privates to investigate this case immediately if they hope for any answers at all.

Posted by L on July 20, 2009 23:35


Three unexplained deaths related to Phi Phi and they can find no cause? Bring in some proper doctors, then!!

Posted by Harry Barracuda on July 22, 2009 13:59


It seems that money is more important than a human life in Thailand.
Kay (Grandmother)

Posted by Kay on August 3, 2009 08:53


This is beyond unacceptable! Jill St. Onge was a childhood friend of mine and it grieves me to see that despite everything her family is doing to get the answers they deserve. they still don't have them.....and people continue to die there. The symptoms leading to death are so similar, I just refuse to believe that Thailand officials haven't figured out the cause yet...

Posted by Liz on September 2, 2009 09:15


liz: do you or anyone else have a copy of whatever report thai investigators handed out to the family? i would be glad to translate it into english for the family members and public at large. contact me thru email. thx much.

Posted by nakachalet on October 12, 2009 23:16


One must wonder how safe the place is, its just mind boggling

Posted by jimbo on May 2, 2011 19:33

Editor Comment:

One must wonder how safe any place is. Phuket is no different.

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