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Black-shirted guards carry out a vicious pack attack on men in shorts

VIDEO Shows Vicious Patong Club Beating

Thursday, October 8, 2015
VIDEO Guards Evict Aussie Tourists

WARNING: This video contains brutal violence
The original Facebook posting has been removed but a version can be found here:

UPDATING All Day, Every Day

THE beating victims in a video taken outside the White Room nightclub in Patong are Australians, Phuket police confirmed in issuing a call for the security guards to report to Kathu Police Station.

Original Report

PHUKET: A video showing extreme violence by guards at a nightclub said to be in Phuket's Soi Bangla tourist walking street is likely to bring an instant reaction from Patong police today.

The video, posted on Facebook yesterday, shows a group of young men all wearing black-shirts with the word GUARD across the back kicking and elbowing two men in shorts who appear to be tourists.

In the 48 seconds of footage, the men in black shirts can be seen repeatedly kicking the ''tourists'' in the body and the head, in some cases with maximum force.

One guard also elbows a defenceless man in the head. The guards appear to be evicting the ''tourists'' - using excessive violence in the process.

While the nightclub that is the scene of the brutal beating is not named by the person who posted the video, commenters say the shocking footage shows the entrance to a well-known club in Patong, Phuket's west coast nightlife hub.

The vicious,violent overreaction of the ''guards'' is likely to damage tourism on Phuket as the footage is seen by viewers around the world.

Whatever the ''tourists'' did inside the premises, the beating delivered by the black-shirts is excessive.

At no point in the brief but shocking footage do the ''tourists'' strike a blow.

Security guards at nightclubs in Patong have a poor reputation and allegedly are prone to violence.

Professional bouncers at nightclubs in the West are required to show restrain at all times and to call in police to deal with troublemakers.

Earlier this year, an Australian expat was charged with murder after a security guard was knifed outside a Patong nightclub.

Security camera footage later showed that the Australian was subjected to a ''pack attack'' and only pulled the knife as a last resort to save his own life.

Charges have since been dropped. There are no special requirements for Phuket nightclub guards to undertake studies in professional behavior.

VIDEO Guards Evict Aussie Tourists

WARNING: This video contains brutal violence
The original Facebook posting has been removed but a version can be found here:


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More Jeremy Renner style - lets see if the government has the courage to do something with tourists being beaten, or does it have to be someone who is rich and famous before things will change?

Posted by Tbs on October 8, 2015 08:18


The guards are clearly identified in the video and should be put in jail and so should the owner of the bar. This is no way to treat tourists no matter what they did. If they did something criminal then hold them for the police, this was a dog pack attack and it should be looked at as shameful for Phuket and Thai people! Too many of those bars on Bangla feel they have a green light for this behavior, so go after the owners for giving their guards that green light.

Posted by CONCERNED on October 8, 2015 08:30


Typical Thai men. Happy to dish out kickings when they are in a group.

Posted by Michael on October 8, 2015 09:04

Editor Comment:

Substitute ''British'' for Thai and perhaps you might begin to understand why racism is something we strongly oppose at Phuketwan. There is no such thing as a ''typical British man.'' But some are certainly racists.


I'm sure many locals will claim such attacks can and do happen in other countries too or claim that they somehow deserved this. In the past I've seen even police make such apologetic statements.

The big difference is in how local authorities react, especially when there is indisputable evidence of mindless violence and brutality.

Whoever was the brave person to shoot and publish the video can thank his/her lucky stars he was not spotted by the guards.

Just a few months ago the Australian man had to fight for his life because he was taking video evidence of yet another of these cowardly "farang bashings"

The level of uncontrolled hatered and anger these guards display makes my spine chill.

Kicking a person lying on the ground in the head with full force should result in attempted manslaughter charges and see everyone involved sent to jail for several years.

Authorities need to send a clear message that such behavior is NOT TOLERATED.

Let's see how they respond.

Posted by Herbert on October 8, 2015 09:31


Name it and shame it

Posted by Bill on October 8, 2015 09:34



Michael's comment was not racist, but was an accurate description of the type of "pack attack" that has been seen many times before in thailand, by TukTuk drivers and by Security Guards.

Some years ago, I was myself the subject of a "pack attack" by Seangtheaw drivers in Koh Samui who mistakenly thought I had thrown a beer bottle at them.

The savagery was severe, I reported it to the police, and I am sure you wont be surprised to learn that nothing happened. "No evidence, nothing we can do etc etc" despite reg numbers and descriptions.

I was lucky to be rescued by a couple of bar girls who were walking past from a bar I had been in earlier on. They saw what happened and managed to get the pack of drivers off me before I was more badly injured. As it was I was cracked on the back of the head by a baton and had a serious cut.

For info, I dont drink, so there was no drunken behaviour. I was merely walking down the road before being whacked over the head from behind and then set upon by the pack.

You are absolutely correct that British (or Aussie) men who get drunk often start fights (or bashing). I think the difference here is that it's unlikely for Security guards or Taxi drivers in UK or Australia to act in a "pack attack" in this way. It is not uncommon in Thailand as we have seen from many news reports.

Making an observation like that is not "racist", it is a fair comment on the behaviour that is seen on a regular basis here.

Please dont brand your readers as "racist" in an instance like this.

Posted by Discover Thainess on October 8, 2015 10:25

Editor Comment:

There are pack attacks in Thailand but they are not carried out by ''Typical Thai men.'' If you can't see the bigotry/racism issue with Michael's comment, then perhaps, DT, you need some lessons in English expression. Typical Thai men, like typical British men, are peace-loving and not violent.


You want to get out more.This is a typical Thai male attitude.They could not care less if they just happen to walking past they will join unless they are out numbered that is.They know they can get away with this as they have been treated like spoilt brats all their life.If printed i suppose I will be labeled bigot by you.

Posted by Rich on October 8, 2015 11:16

Editor Comment:

Rich, look in the mirror. You're spreading racist lies because your lifestyle is centred around the wrong kinds of places. I've just come back from a long road trip through north east and central Thailand. I suggest you need to broaden your horizons and learn more about Thailand. Thai men, generally, are peace-loving and non-violent. You need to get out more - but away from your usual places.


I think it is human nature to generalise, and not always right. But a cursory view of homicide rates,violent crime rates, by country shows you that Thailand has a far higher rate than the UK......I always thought the UK. was a violent place but if the figures are to be believed far less violent than Thailand.

Posted by john on October 8, 2015 13:04

Editor Comment:

There is no link between human nature and false generalisations, john. False generalisations spring from minds that are too narrow. There's nothing ''human'' or ''natural'' about being wrong.


With all due respect have to disagree (no need to publish this) I think there is something incredible human about being wrong. 'Err????re h??m????num est' although full quote is better..... "To err is human, but to persist in error (out of pride) is diabolical."....the original one; Seneca.

Posted by John on October 8, 2015 13:34

Editor Comment:

Our aim is to right all wrongs, John. Those who tolerate them have no excuses. Being human is not defined by the ability to twiddle your thumbs and do nothing.


In the netherlands , security quards body cards doormen !!have too make special licence they learn what to do etc when they heart people they loose licence !!!when somebody work disco or !! is also aloud too heart other people this has too go too court like every fight and tumult in every country

Posted by Donald Mulder on October 8, 2015 14:50


So far I have not seen any other Thai media report this assault nor have I noticed any response from the authorities.

A couple of weeks back some local idiots threw rocks at asylum seekers and red cross volunteers (no injuries reported) in Finland. The incident was widely and very publicly condemned, even personally by the Prime Minister and the President.

Thailand has constantly said tourist safety is of paramount importance. This attack is a litmus test to see if it was just all talk, no action.

Prime opportunity for the new Phuket Governor to step in and make a difference.

Posted by Herbert on October 8, 2015 14:57

Editor Comment:

It's up to the police, Herbert, not the governor.


Presumably you identified Michael as being British from either prior knowledge or the origin of his post. Unless anyone else knew Micheal why the need to introduce British into your comments. As far as I or anyone else who doesn't know him knows he may be any nationality. So stereotyping British men, albeit qualifying the comment by "some" was IMO unnecessarily narrow and serves to distract from your otherwise objective report of a cowardly group attack by some Thai men with, it appeared to me on the video, a black shirted non Thai looking man in attendance too. Hopefully the police will take action. The video is clear enough to identify the premises and the perpetrators. I really look forward to you reporting that they have been brought to justice.

Posted by Alan on October 8, 2015 15:05

Editor Comment:

''British'' is as useful as any other nationality to illustrate racism, especially for someone with a .uk email address. British men are of course noted for losing colonies and hypersensitivity.


Ed. You accuse and belittle others for making generalizations yet thats exactly what you have done saying that British are noted for hypersensitivity!

Posted by Josh Hector on October 8, 2015 15:46

Editor Comment:

It's a j-o-k-e, Josh.


No, Ed.

It's indeed up to the Governor and every other Thai Government official to come forward and make a public statement condemning the vicious assault. Especially since they have constantly claimed tourist safety to be their priority. Time to own up to those promises, speak up and take appropriate action.

The worst possible thing they could do is to come up with excuses and justifications as to why it happened.

This is why I cited the example from Finland. Surely it's not the responsibility of the Finnish PM or President to conduct such investigations either but they deemed it important to make it publicly known the highest levels of Government categorically condemn such violence.

This despite the fact that the violence in Finland was child's play compared to what the guards can be seen doing on the video.

Of course investigation is the responsibility of the police but Phuket Police have not always been very keen to investigate attacks by Thais against foreigners.

Thai society as a whole on all levels should condemn the attack and speak up. Police should arrest and interrogate the easily identifiable culprits asap.

2 interconnected yet separate issues.

Posted by Herbert on October 8, 2015 15:54


It should be noted that no member of staff at the Aussie Bar was involved in the altercation

Posted by Anonymous on October 8, 2015 16:26


Sadly this is pretty much normal night on Bangla at the moment.

Been down every day for last week and every single night seen some incident like this.

Some examples:

4 nights ago, security from another club attacking in same manner group of westerners (including women) in the middle of bangla.

3 nights ago, random group of thai's attacking a non thai asian in middle of street, kicking him repeatedly on the ground

2 nights ago, group of ping pong touts ganging up on 3 young aussie lads (guessing nationality by what wearing) , guys had to run for their lives down to police station at end of the road.

The mixture of hard economic times, little and ineffectual police action, increasing younger tourist demographics and cheap "open bars" is pretty much tragedy waiting to happen.

Unless there is a dramatic change it is not of question of "if", it's "when"

Posted by NSW on October 8, 2015 18:32


In response to various comments made, I am British.

Was my comment a generalisation? Perhaps. If that has offended anyone then I apologise. Of course not all Thai men go around in groups beating up farangs!!!! Perhaps like many, I'm fed up of this type of BS happening and let's all not kid ourselves, it's not the first time and certainly wont be the last that this kind of thing happens. I'm pretty sure I read/hear about, if not witness this sort of thing regularly.

Was it racist? Absolutely not & quite frankly it sickens me that any reference has been made to it being a 'racist remark' if not said in a direct manner.

I have spent enough time in Thailand to convey my observations, even if they were 'generalisations'.

In future Editor, please dont publish my comments if you don't like them.

Posted by Michael on October 8, 2015 20:23

Editor Comment:

''Typical Thai men. Happy to dish out kickings when they are in a group.''

In future, Michael, give consideration to what you really want to say before opting for that kind of comment. Substitute ''British'' for ''Thai'' each time, and you may note the problem with what you are saying. I am not able to accept your apology on behalf of all Thai men, but I appreciate you thinking about the issue.


The Thai Bouncers in Patong are weak cowards, kicking people on the ground. That's not something you do in Thai boxing.

Posted by Michelle on October 9, 2015 01:16



How about typical thai thugs (doormen) then. They have been pricks acting in gang pack attacks for 20 plus years that I have seen...

Posted by Alvin on October 9, 2015 05:52

Editor Comment:

The problem is not with ''typical thai thugs'' but with the violence that has been tolerated by nightclub owners, by police and by officials for years. The issue is about ''typical thugs.'' Being a thug has nothing to do with your nationality. They are the same everywhere. The vast majority of Thais are not thugs and do not condone violence.



If what you say is true, and I don't doubt that in any way, then the burning question is what are the surveillance cameras being used for ?

Obviously not to protect the tourists as has been claimed by the authorities.

If that was the case, surely they would have picked up those incidents you cite and police would have intervened.

In the UK for example CCTV camera feeds are monitored 24/7 by staff who look for any suspicious or criminal activity. If they spot such activities, they will immediately dispatch officers to that location to investigate and/or intervene.

It would appear that no such activity is being undertaken by Phuket police.

The alternative explanation of simply ignoring seeing tourists attacked by locals is even more difficult to stomach.

I have sent links to this story to every news agency I could think of. The silence from and in Thai media and authorities is deafening.

Posted by Herbert on October 9, 2015 07:00


So far not one word from any Government official condemning this vicious attack.

Only statement I have been able to find was in another local publication where the Phuket police come out with their usual excuses, claiming the guards were just defending themselves.

It appears to be the typical Thai reaction to bad, indefensible news. Simply pretend it did not happen, do not speak about it and just hope people will forget asap.

This blatant injustice towards foreign victims of Thai perpetrators really infuriates me. It's like a foreigner has no human value in the eyes of far too many Thais.

Disgusting !

Posted by Herbert on October 9, 2015 14:50

Editor Comment:

Your use of the word ''Thai'' is a problem, Herbert. Don't you follow news from other parts of the world? In the US and Europe, the first reaction is to blame the guy who was kicked. If you think these things have anything to do with nationality, you are very much mistaken. The same kind of efforts are made to support the locals everywhere.


Welcome to the land of smiles, newbies.

Posted by Mike on October 15, 2015 05:12

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