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Mauling victim Paul Goudie with son Jake in hospital last week

Tiger Kingdom Reopens Big Cat Cage: We Haven't Given Permission, Say Officials

Thursday, October 30, 2014
PHUKET: The Tiger Kingdom attraction on Phuket, where a tourist was mauled last week, has reopened its Big Cat enclosure to visitors without first gaining official permission from authorities.

The Director of Wildlife Conservation Office 5, Jeerasak Chukamdee, said today from his base in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat that Tiger Kingdom was not allowed to reopen the Big Cat enclosure until officials had checked to make sure it was safe.

''I have yet to receive any information from Tiger Kingdom,'' he said.

Australian tourist Paul Goudie, 49, was bitten on the legs and in the stomach by a 15-month-old male tiger in the Big Cat enclosure on Tuesday last week.

The Big Cat enclosure was closed on Thursday last week. It reopened yesterday, according to staff at Tiger Kingdom.

A spokesperson at Tiger Kingdom said today that the tiger involved in the mauling was no longer in the enclosure, which contained five tigers when Mr Goudie was mauled.

The Big Cat enclosure is one of three caged areas where tourists can pose with the tigers and have souvenir photographs taken. The other enclosures contain smaller tigers.

Khun Jeerasak said today that he would send his staff to investigate and refer the issue to his boss in Bangkok, the Director General of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.

After the mauling, Mr Goudie, a truck driver, said he did not blame Tiger Kingdom or the tiger for the mauling. The reaction of staff had been ''absolutely fantastic,'' he said.

A taser was used to subdue the tiger while Mr Goudie was dragged from the enclosure and taken to a Phuket City hospital, where he was due to have corrective surgery to his left leg and stomach last week.


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Just another big company giving Thai authorities the middle finger. Normal life will carry on as usual.

Posted by Duncan B on October 30, 2014 11:37


I agree with Duncan B. But what else can you expect when thai authorities not enforce the thai laws in their job functioning they are paid for? It is always passivity and waiting for another department, or 'waiting' for orders.

Posted by Kurt on October 30, 2014 19:06


I have been there myself and yes also in the big cats cage before i got in i had to sign some sort of a contract that if something should happen to me Tiger Kingdom is not responsible in any way and that it was at my own peril, I have read it closely, You can accept this or you don't either way its your choice, Anyone in there right mind knows that you are dealing with wild animals and that you are not completly safe if you enter a cage with 4 or 5 big cats they can be incalculable at every moment and second you are near to them, At one point one Tiger pulled his ears back and his eyes were wide open (even got a picture of that) so at that point you know you have to be carefull and i slowly backed away, still even if you know the signs its Always dangerous to be that close to a Tiger especially where the animals are subducted every day to curious people and people who touch the animal in a wrong way, Tiger Kingdom instructs you before you enter in how to handle yourself towards the animal, Anyway it was a one time expierence because i don't condone this type of animal extortion and i did had a bad feeling coming out of there, Yet i never would had a change to be near a Tiger wich is one of my favorite animals, To be able to touch them and be near them was a lifetime dream that i had, That doesn't make it right in what i believe but i think Tigers in captivity have a better life in Tiger Kingdom then other places in Thailand wich i won't mention here, And yes at one of these places i have been once also but i was so upset to see these Majestic animals in a very upsetting way that i walked out with a lot of anger and hurt and couldn't understand why tourists even got a picture with a drugged and clearly neglected animal wich are held captive in a tiny enviroment where you could see that these animals were no more then a left over a fragment of what they really were! and its not only Tigers who suffer by the hands of humans there is nothing Human about any form of animal abuse for any animal life form!

Posted by ThailandFan on October 31, 2014 16:15


@Duncan B

It could be not a middle finger but amulet

Posted by Sue on October 31, 2014 17:18

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