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One of the camps for captive Rohingya exposed in a series of ''rescue'' raids

Thailand's Flesh Trade Exposed as Camp Captives Flee into Jungle

Sunday, January 13, 2013
News Analysis

PHUKET: Fresh raids overnight on people traffickers' camps near the Thai-Malaysia border scattered hundreds of captives into the jungle as the push to clean up Thailand's flesh trade continued.

Only 151 people - mostly Rohingya - were taken into custody by the Thai Army. Others fled. One raided traffickers' camp, largest in the region, was expected to contain 800 people.

Captives are held in secret in Thailand and beaten until relatives or friends provide the price for smuggling them into Malaysia. If the fee is not paid, the men and boys are sold to fishing trawlers.

The scale of the nightmare trade has been exposed in a series of raids this week that have netted close to 1000 men, women and childen and at least eight alleged traffickers.

The number of women and children involved as innocent victims should alarm policymakers in Thailand, as well as UN and US officials and NGOs.

It could even disturb the Asean governments that have pandered to Burma's racist policies and allowed this iniquitous trade in human flesh to grow and flourish, to the benefit of the region's slavers.

Several local border politicians have already been implicated in the series of raids around the Pedang Besar region of Thailand's Songkhla province.

Long-standing allegations that local Thai police and Immigration officials take their cut from the people smugglers are now likely to be properly investigated for the first time.

It's believed that this week's raids have been triggered after months of planning by the Army on information provided by people who have seen and in some cases experienced the smuggling and the slavery at first hand.

The exposure of the shocking nature of the trade in Thailand comes as the UN noted the increasing number of Rohingya being forced to flee by sea from persecution and deprivation in Burma's Rakhine state.

According to UNHCR officials in Geneva, about 2000 Rohingya fled by boat in the first week of January.

Other organisations have noted the huge increase in Rohingya catching boats south because of the hopelessness of being torched from their homes since June and their uncertain future in displaced persons' camps.

Many of the boatpeople pay people smugglers for their passage then pay traffickers again on landing in Thailand or Malaysia.

With 366 Rohingya ''rescued'' in the first raid and 307 in the second, scores of women and children are now being housed in a refuge in Songkhla, with the men crowding cells at the local Immigration centre and surrounding police stations.

Exposure of the evil racket may even force Thailand to recognise the part officials are playing in the covert flesh trade and do something to end it.

A real solution, however, lies within Burma where the government's racist policies remain in place and where ethnic cleansing of the stateless Rohingya continues to shame Asean and individual governments throughout the entire region.


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words fail me...what animals man has become....I am about to start a home for rescued and orphaned children here in Ghana - then will spread throughout Asia Goid willing. Wish I could do it much faster to help these poor people.

Posted by iRENE on January 13, 2013 22:39


Bengalis from Bangladesh, a country smaller in size than the state of Iowa, have been migrating illegally to neighboring countries because of overpopulation (over 150 million) and scarcity of resources. Bangladesh is also a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism where the Government of Bangladesh has identified over 70 Islamic terrorists groups (including Islamic Rohingya terrorists) and one million trainees in extremist Islamic schools. As far back as 1975, the then Bangladesh Ambassador to Myanmar Khwaja Mohammed Kaiser admitted that "there were upward of 1/2 million Bangalee (Bangladeshi) trespassers in Arakan (Rakhine state) whom the Burmese (Myanmar) had some right to eject. He had implored the Burmese authorities not to press this issue during Bangladesh's present troubles [COUP of August and November 1975] and had been pleased that the Burmese had not taken advantage of his country's misfortune in this respect. CNN news media have recently published numerous reports of Bengalis illegally migrating eastwards by sea and land. Refer to CNN report of Nov 1, 2012, and Khabar South Asia of Dec 24, 2012. Once they cross the border, they identify themselves as Rohingya to gain international sympathy and unquestioning acceptance by news media. Bangladesh newspaper UNBConnect of Nov 21 and Dec 27, 2012 admitted that Bangladeshis are camouflaging themselves as Rohingya. These so called Rohingyas trained in terrorism in Bangladesh have now joined the Islamic insurgency groups in southern Thailand and terrorizing the country side. In addition, approximately 12 million to 17 million Bangladeshi immigrants have come to India illegally since the 1950s and thereby terrorizing, infiltrating and displacing the indigenous population in the border areas.

Posted by Ray on January 13, 2013 23:54

Editor Comment:

Ray, experts on the southern insurgency say not one single Rohingya has ever been found among the dead or injured in years of skirmishes involving thousands of victims. So much for your theory. More racism? No thanks.


This is our ardent appeal to the Honorable Prime Minister,Law makers and civil society of Thailland not to hand over or push back the rescued Rohingyas to racist Burmese government.
Since last week of May 2012 ,Thien Sein government sponsored genocidal killing, burning homes ,uprooting, widespread raping have been on Rohingyas in their century old home in Arakan. A quarter millions people were internally displaced and whole Rohingyas lives are dire due to block of food,medicines and other necessity supplies by government forces and local goons.
In the main times,the neighboring country Bangladesh intentionally closed border for Rohingyas. So the Rohingyas are compelled to voyage to third countries.It's sadly to say that hundred of thousands died in the sea.
Rohingyas are not economic Refugees. They are the most persecuted people in the world. Their all Rights including citizenship are stolen by the racist regime .They are not protected in their own land by the racists. If they were pushed back to Burma ,they will again fall in genocide. Every Rohingya life is in danger in their forefathers' land.
By considering above facts, please grand the shelter to Rohingay in Thailand.The Rohingya will go back home ,when they are sure to be protected there. Rohingya deserve international protection urgently.
Save the Rohingya from hidden genocide in Arakan and give the shelter in Thailand on humanitarian ground.
Maung Kyaw Nu,
President ,

Posted by Maung Kyaw Nu,President,Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand,(BRAT) on January 14, 2013 03:11


The number of women and children involved as innocent victims should alarm policymakers in Thailand, as well as UN and US officials and NGOs. BUT IT DOESN'T.
It could even disturb the Asean governments that have pandered to Burma's racist policies and allowed this iniquitous trade in human flesh to grow and flourish, to the benefit of the region's slavers. BUT IT WON'T.

Posted by Charles on January 14, 2013 05:50


I DO wish people would stop referring to these wicked bastards as 'animals'. Give me any animal over my 'fellow man' any day.

And in third world countries such as this, one man/woman's misery will always be a government official/policeman's bank account top up.

Posted by findlay on January 18, 2013 10:51


It is important that we have balance in all reporting. It is clear that there certainly are aspects of the refugees who are not who they claim to be.

Posted by Ty on January 18, 2013 11:29

Editor Comment:

It is important that we have action, Ty, to end this atrocity. Why criticise the media for reporting about human slavery? Does it really matter to you whether the slave is from one nation, or a stateless person? How discerning of you. How narrow your vision. How sad your life must be. You have the heart of a gnat, Ty. Or perhaps a Singaporean MP.


Ed. you have conveniently left out the link to the video I posted which support my argument. I did not expect anything less.

Posted by Ty on January 18, 2013 20:11

Editor Comment:

We can't run links that long, Ty, because they bust open our site. Where the alleged trafficking victims comes from doesn't matter.

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