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The Phuket catwalk is in place but the models will be delayed a little

Supermodel Spat as Fashion Week Prices Plunge

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
AT LEAST seven Thai supermodels have had their performances cancelled at the Phuket Fashion Week and Music Festival, causing last minute changes to the schedule.

Heavy discounts are now being applied to ticket prices.

The daily free catwalk parade at Jungceylon in Patong at 2pm has disappeared, with catwalk parades and performances now beginning at 6pm this evening and every evening.

Prices have been slashed by 50 percent to 250 baht, 400 baht and 750 baht for seating, with tickets to after-performance parties at 1500 baht and 2500 baht.

One of the Thai supermodels, Yosawadee ''Yo'' Hassadeewijib, told online information site that she had a telephone call on Sunday to say all supermodels' services had been cancelled.

She told the site that the supermodels, having been booked for the week and rejected other work, now wanted part-payment for the cancellation.

The reasons for the cancellation have yet to be made plain but a spokesperson for Jungceylon said all the catwalk shows, the concerts and the after-performance parties would go ahead without the Thai supermodels.

Most of the models engaged for the week are expats.

The staging of the Phuket Fashion Week & Music Festival has been projected by organisers as a positive sign that an economic recovery is on the way for the island.

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Comments have been disabled for this article.


"Ex-pats" denotes foreigners actually residing in Thailand, I doubt the foreign models live in Thailand.
Please, Phuket Wan, "foreigner" is the correct term for...foreigners.
( meaning; of a different nationality..) Believe me, it's far more polite than the slang term based on skin colour, "Farang" which thankfully, I've noticed Phuket Wan has stopped using.

Incidentally, "spat" means persons arguing amongst themselves. Asking for payment for contracted services is not a, "spat". Use of the term in the headline reads as if a petty argument between the models is the reason for the cancellation.

Can I offer proof reading services to you , free of charge?

Editor: We haven't stopped using the word 'farang' and intend to continue to use it where it's appropriate. 'Foreigner' and 'alien' are words we don't like because they imply the person has no right to be here. There are times, though, when we are forced to use those words. 'Expat' is the most suitable connotation-free substitute. 'Tourists' is for tourists. Non-Thais who live on the island are 'expat residents'. This is a spat within the fashion industry.

Posted by MediaWatch on June 25, 2009 08:39


So you'll use, "Farang " when the subject is a white skinned foreigner, but if they are Asian or African?
Foreigner has no negative conoctation-nor race inferal itsimply means of a different nationality, it has no inherent predjudice.
On the other hand Farang has racist overtones and certainly implies " not belonging" at least that's how I feel when it's whispered about me when I walk into an establishment where Thais are congregated... I know it's rude becasue it's never said to to my face.

Editor: Your are arguing, with a touch of paranoia, in western race-based terms that are not evident in the normal Thai use of the word 'farang.' The word has been used to my face by both the governor and the chief justice. It certainly can be misused, and abused. But if people whispered 'foreigner' behind your back, I'm fairly sure that would not make you any happier.

Posted by MediaWatch on June 26, 2009 09:41


MediaWatch, I suspect you're the same person on the online forums always railing against this word.

Thai people call white people 'farang'.

And so what?!

Get over it.

Posted by Farang on June 26, 2009 11:10


Farang is an ugly word. I don't like it, and professional Thai people I meet in my line of work wouldn't dream of using it.

Editor: Don't you think 'Foreigner' is a much uglier word? There was a publication in Thailand entitled 'Farang.' The world didn't come to an end. ''Professional'' people at all levels in Thailand use 'farang.' It would be far more unacceptable, surely, to use 'foreigner' in general conversation.

Posted by Colin on July 25, 2009 13:15

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