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Phuket stabbing victim ''Giovanni'' being treated in hospital tonight

Stabbed Phuket Tourist Speaks Out to Save Others

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
PHUKET: An Italian tourist has been stabbed in the back within hours of arriving for his holiday on Phuket, the victim of a motorcycle gang.

The tourist ran bleeding towards a resort at Nai Harn, in southern Phuket, where a couple of English tourists cared for him. Local Phuket police appeared disinterested once they were told the perpetrators were locals.

Phuketwan met the stabbed tourist at Bangkok Hospital Phuket tonight after his cousin "Donna," who lives and works on Phuket, grew concerned that other tourists might also be attacked, and called us.

The family is troubled about possible repercussions and did not want their names used, however, they were keen to talk about the attack.

"Giovanni" and another cousin arrived at Phuket International Airport about 6pm on Monday.

"Most of my family have been out to visit over New Year," Donna said. "Because my brother and I had to work Tuesday, my brother took Giovanni out on the back of his motorbike last night to have a look around."

Giovanni, 33, from Modena, took up the account: "It was about 9.30pm or perhaps 10 and we headed down to Nai Harn. Everybody had said how nice it was. Donna's brother wanted to show me a good restaurant they all like.

"Everything was closed, though, along the beachfront, in the park. We stopped to take a look and then suddenly, we were surrounded by motorcycles. I spotted three and there may have been a fourth one.

"The guys on the motorcycles talked to us but we didn't understand a word they were saying. I noticed one of them, who was riding pillion, had his hands behind his back the whole time.

"I got off the motorcycle and as I did, I felt an electric shock. I was hit in the back. I started to run. Donna's brother took off on the motorcycle, too.

"As I was running for my life, he pulled up alongside me and I climbed back on. We saw lights in the distance and headed in that direction."

The lights were at the All Seasons Resort, close to the Nai Harn beachfront in southern Phuket, where staff and guests looked on in astonishment as Giovanni and Donna's brother appeared in the foyer, yelling for help.

"I knew I was bleeding badly," Giovanni said. "The staff didn't seem to know what to do but two English tourists helped me. We realised we didn't have a telephone so the hotel sent a car to let Donna and the others know what had happened.

"By the time they arrived, the ambulance and police were there."

Giovanni spent Monday night in Bangkok Hospital Phuket's intensive care unit as doctors assessed the damage caused by the stab wound to his back.

While it's no longer life-threatening, Giovanni's 10 days in Phuket - to be followed by four days in Bangkok - now depend on when he can leave hospital and when doctors think he will be in a condition to fly.

"My family have all been visiting Phuket," Donna said. "It seems so nice. But after this stabbing we do remember seeing a lot of young teenage boys on motorcycles around the Nai Harn area."

Police turned up at the All Seasons on Monday night but the family has heard nothing from them since.

Donna plans to go to Chalong Police Station on Wednesday to make a formal statement in the hope that action will follow, and that other tourists might be prevented from being stabbed.


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Do I dare write 'just another day in paradise' twice on the same day?

BTW, wouldn't bother with Chalong Police Station, maybe a direct call to the governor would be better?

Posted by S on January 18, 2012 12:15


Definitely Bandit country down there at night...avoid it like the plague

Posted by Nick on January 18, 2012 15:57


Ed, I thought you referred to ALL tourists as expats. Have you finally seen the light of day? lol

Posted by agogohome on January 18, 2012 16:50

Editor Comment:

No, we call people expats if we can't establish whether or not they are tourists.


this is sad and i find disturbing as i was staying around the Rawai area with my two older daughters an we had no probs at all day or night, walking or riding never hassled at all an walked over the Kata mountain the long way to Nai Harn beach without trouble. Were we just lucky then ????

Posted by nikki on January 18, 2012 17:44

Editor Comment:

Nikki, I think the two guys on the motorcycle were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Phuket remains a relatively safe place for tourists and residents. Allowing kids out in gangs on motorcycles shouldn't happen anywhere, an issue as much about parenting as policing.


I must say it is very interestng to note that when an influential Thai is attacked, results are almost immediate. When a tourist/expat is attacked "nothing has been heard from the police since."

I have lived in this area without any problem since 1998 so Nick please "bandit country"


Posted by Anonymous on January 19, 2012 13:08


@anonymous. I think you'll find that it's much easier to find the culprits of crimes if it is staff from a pub where the attack took place.
Not so easy when it takes place in the middle of nowhere, at a time when no one is around and the victims probably couldn't identify the culprits if they saw them again.
Nothing to do with a influential Thai in the slightest.
Perhaps staying since 1998 has been too long for you.

Posted by phuket madness on January 19, 2012 16:06

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