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Paramedics at the scene where the Russian man died at a Phuket lagoon

Russian Drinks, Rides, Dies in Latest Motorcycle Fatality on Phuket

Thursday, October 2, 2014
PHUKET: A 23-year-old Russian man finished his last drink at a Phuket bar early today and ended his life minutes later in a motorcycle crash.

Chalong police were called about the crash at 1am.

Paramedics found the body of the man lying on the footpath that surrounds the lagoon at Nai Harn, a popular spot for dog-walking and cycling in southern Phuket.

Officers learned that the man had crashed his Honda into the footpath soon after leaving the Reggae bar about 1am.

The motorcycle was an automatic ride and that may have added to the Russian's problems in maintain control, police said. He appeared to have hit the curb then his head hit the pavement, breaking his neck.

The man was not wearing a safety helmet. Deaths in single-vehicle motorcycle crashes sometime after the riders leave bars are not unusual on Phuket.

Phuketwan has been supplied with the man's name but will not publish it until we can be sure his relatives have been notified.

Details on the road toll on Phuket are no longer provided by local authorities.


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sling him on the pile over there......

Posted by phonus balonus on October 2, 2014 09:15


If taxis on Phuket would offer affordable fares and make themselves available around places where many bars are located, they would not only earn a very good living but would also help to save many lives.

Even just a songthaew plying up and down from Rawai beach to Chalong Circle and back after dusk would help a lot.

Posted by Herbert on October 2, 2014 13:12


R.I.P first.
Further ( thai thinking), if the taxi fares on Phuket like in BKK, and if there are taxis around there that time same way as taxis are around BKK entertainment areas, this would not have happened. It is the fault of thai government! ( thai thinking)

Posted by kurt on October 2, 2014 16:19


@Kurt he drunk to excess he elected to not wear a helmet his motorcycle skills may be questionable people must accept responsibility for own actions I fail to see how the Government is responsible

Posted by slickmelb on October 2, 2014 19:35


Helmets and not driving pissed may also help!
Darwin + 1, non evolutionists 0

Posted by Manowar on October 2, 2014 19:43


From the above comments, I deduce that Alan is on holiday.

Posted by Smithy on October 2, 2014 21:07


I agree with slickmelb .
People need to take responsibility for there own Actions. They are not children. A helmet is the law. I use one every time I am on a scooter not because of my driving but the driving of others and IT'S THE LAW.
What do some people want a baby sitter while on holiday? Most tourists think that since it is Thailand it means No rules. Oh well, there is no "Get Out of Jail Free" card here.

Posted by john on October 2, 2014 22:38


To blame a lack of taxis, high fares or the Thai government for this tragedy is to ignore the victim's own responsibility when it comes to drink driving. It appears to be a wide spread phenomenon that nobody is responsible for there own actions anymore, it is always someone else's fault.

Posted by Arthur on October 3, 2014 03:14


Ok 23yo still not much of brain.
When I was 23yo I just bought a brand new car and began driving without license, only got a license after 1 yr - not very pragmatic taking into account that insurance will not pay and be assumed as guilty in any accudent.

Posted by Sue on October 3, 2014 04:45

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