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Ambassador Lutfi Rauf greets Governor Maitree Intrusud yesterday

Rohingya Boatpeople an Issue for All of Asean, Says Indonesian Ambassador

Thursday, June 19, 2014
PHUKET: Dealing with the Rohingya boatpeople issue was a challenge for Asean but addressing the ''root cause'' was essential, Indonesia's Ambassador to Thailand, Lutfi Rauf, said yesterday.

He was speaking on Phuket after meeting with Governor Maitree Intrusud at Phuket Provincial Hall in Phuket City.

The envoy's visit came a day after a top UN humanitarian official said she witnessed ''appalling conditions'' and the worst human suffering she has ever seen in camps for stateless Rohingya in Burma's Rakhine state.

Thousands of Rohingya continue to be forced to flee Burma because of ethnic cleansing. The boatpeople mysteriously appear in southern Thailand, where human traffickers keep them in secret camps until a fee of 60,000 baht is paid for the passage of each individual across the border to Malaysia.

Mr Rauf said yesterday that the Rohingya issue ''was a big challenge that needs a response.'' ''We need to involve the country of origin, the country of transit and the country of destination,'' he said.

''A sustainable solution needs to be found so that there is no damage to regional security.''

Just as the internal issue of forest burning in Kalamantan, Indonesia, became a regional issue once the haze reached Singapore and Malaysia, so the Rohingya issue also affected Thailand and Malaysia. ''The challenges can be overcome with the help of international organisations like the UN,'' he added.


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Subject: Please help for our new & freedom life

Respected Sir
I would like to say first that please accept my best regard in your honor, And i always pray for your long life and long advancement.
His Excellency, I belongs from, Nolbannya village, Maungdaw Township Arkan (Rakhain) state Myanmar (Burma). And I am living here in Indonesia since Aug-2012. I am refugee despite repeated telephone fax email and even by mail and by post I regularly doing contend Contact with UNHCR Jakarta but unfortunately until there is no information about my freedom and new life.(Resettlement third country)
As you know about, Rohingya Refugees, The U.N. dubs the Rohingya ''one of the world's most very persecuted minorities'' in this world and we are facing several kinds of problems and difficulties in our own land. We are facing worst torched by the Buddhists majority civilians, and army government in Myanmar. Every day they are killing our innocent people. Buddhist have been burnt my house and snatched my property. My family members including my wife and children, All are in very worst conditions,until there lives are not safe. Anytime anything could be happen, i am very much worried about my family. unfortunately i can't deport to my home land Myanmar. And you know better than me about our Condition of Myanmar I don't know I be able to see them or not in my that's life and still I don't know where are my family I can't contact them.( I just heard before enter in Indonesia they are in Bangladesh without any NGO;s UNHCR support and helpless) until I don't know in what condition they are living and alive or not?
I just want to ask what is my fault...
Being a Muslim i have a right on this earth or not?
Why UNHCR not send my case to any third country for process my case and get more freedom life?
You can check my character i am not involved any bad habit or drink alcohol or any other. I am just thinking what my future is and when i can see my family. i don't want more living in Medan.Here i haven't freedom only i'm free inside in Medan if i like to going Jakarta i haven't permission/Pass. May be here I'll be mad if i keep living here without my family. I haven't come here willingly? who went leave their home country and family!
Honorable hon Vice President of Indonesia Just image put yourself in my place and thinking you are refugee and can't movement anywhere what's your Impression on that time how can you endurance without your family? Just Image sir.
According to UNHCR Jakarta Indonesia durable solutions consist of three options:
(1) local integration (2) voluntary repatriation (3) resettlement.
Local integration: Local integration is not a possible option for the vast majority of cases in Indonesia as the country has no domestic legislation in place to deal with the rights and integration of refugees. Refugees and asylum seekers are permitted to stay in Indonesia only temporarily because Indonesia is not, UN Signatory, convention country for refugees .And more importing that I am only freedom inside Medan area cannot go out of Medan. I always thinking about responsibility of UNHCR and UNHCR will be playing their role for my best new life but still not why i don't know.
voluntary repatriation are not possible for Rohingya if you can send me with my citizenship right and others right and UNHCR also give me my life guarantee I am ready for going to my homeland (Myanmar) very willingly.
My life has been stuck in Medan Indonesia.I born in a country where i have no freedom for me and my family's life, where i can go with my family for peaceful life, it???s too difficult for me. I were living 2005 to 2012 in Bangladesh. I not found any nationality or residence permit or any other support and I migrate again Malaysia there also I not found any help from UNHCR Malaysia then I came Indonesia because Indonesia is the transit country for asylum seekers using so called ''people smugglers'' to reach Australia. It is also the place where they had to prepare themselves for a death defying, dangerous journey. But this country of thousands of island is not a signatory to the Geneva Convention of 1951, leaving the legal principles of international law to the mercies of Indonesian national and domestic immigration law.
I believe that my life and sickness hypertension etc UNHCR can be saved me. I always thinking about responsibility of UNHCR and UNHCR will be playing their role for my best new life. but until they are keep silent of our resettlement issue.
I have a humble request to honorable hon president of Indonesia JOKOWI WIDODO and hon Vice President of Indonesia JUSUF KALLA please plays your positive role on my issue if your government should be do it that every nation resettlement from Indonesia why Muslim Rohingya not resettle any third country you can pass a bill in your parliament and I sure that UNHCR IOM can doing anything for me and others my Rohingya brothers and their family a new life and future. I am hopeful that UNHCR is the best responsible for all refugees in all over the world.
Please urgently handle and take action on my issue. I'm waiting for your good answer via email or direct contacted on my cell number +6285261335318

Your Faithfully
Abdul Khaliq
UNHCR file no: 353-12C00831
Contact: +6283197722556

Hotel Pilangi room no,
201 Jl. Jaming ginting,
Medan indonesia.
Post code # 20135.

Posted by Abdul Khaliq on June 21, 2014 02:44

Monday December 4, 2023
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