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Phuket's Kata beach, stunning whether or not the sun is shining

Robbed Phuket Tourists Barely Miss a Beat

Friday, July 2, 2010
PHUKET police almost managed to arrest two thieves, who stole the bag of tourists while they were swimming, before the holidaymakers returned to the shore.

Locals at Kata beach noted two young men who were acting suspiciously yesterday along the shorefront. When the men stole the belongings of the tourists on the beach, the locals immediately told Chalong police.

Officers quickly stopped the motorcycle with the two men on board - but no stolen goods. Meanwhile, Frenchman Ocmane Dihi, 27, and his Algerian friend, Zerrouki, 27, emerged from the sea at Kata to find their precious posessions had vanished.

While the tourists were raising the alarm on the beach, police were questioning suspects Manit Poseepo, 31, and Komkrit Dongjampa, 28. Eventually, the two confessed that they had stashed the stolen items in a car parked close to the beach, in the local tessaban Karon council car park.

It was there that police found the Louis Vitton bag containing an iPhone, a Sony mobile telephone, two passports, 400 euros in cash, a rented motorcycle key and a resort room key.

Chalong police said the case was a great demonstration of the way that locals upheld Phuket's ''safe and secure'' reputation and assisted in apprehending criminals.
Phuket Bar Girls in Terror of 'Sweethearts' Killer
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Phuket Bar Girls in Terror of 'Sweethearts' Killer

Phuket Holiday Pair Pillage Expat's 750,000 Baht
Breaking News A holidaying couple pillaged a Phuket expat's ATM to the tune of 750,000 baht. The couple quickly discovered his password and went on a spending spree.
Phuket Holiday Pair Pillage Expat's 750,000 Baht

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Phuket Makes a Headstart for Helmet Heaven

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Outrigger says Occupancy for July is 'High 80s'

Phuket's Big Potential Gain Among the Pain
Half Yearly Report The big picture for Phuket remains a mix of positives and negatives. Yet with Thailand's political unrest put to one side, the outlook for Phuket is far brighter than anticipated.
Phuket's Big Potential Gain Among the Pain

Phuket Expat Sought as 'Naked Body' Suspect
Breaking News Police have released this drawing of a bearded expat man they want to question about the brutal murder of a bar hostess whose naked body was left in a bag by a roadside.
Phuket Expat Sought as 'Naked Body' Suspect


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You know I love your paper, but lets get incorrect use of "robbery" that is present in all your article about thefts sorted!! I realise the reporter's first language may not be English, but the title is inaccurate and sensationalist. I was expecting to hear how two tourists were held at gun point or knife point, which is what a robbery is, but alas no...It's just a bag snatch, a petty theft, not a robbery.

And who in their right minds leaves that much dosh and valuable unattended on the beach?

Posted by NG on July 2, 2010 23:51

Editor Comment:

The headline 'Robbed Phuket Tourists Barely Miss a Beat' is inaccurate and sensationalist? Hmmm . . .


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Main Entry: rob
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): robbed; robbing
Etymology: Middle English robben, from Anglo-French rober, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German roub to rob
Date: 13th century

transitive verb 1 a (1) : to take something away from by force : steal from (2) : to take personal property from by violence or threat b (1) : to remove valuables without right from (a place) (2) : to take the contents of (a receptacle) c : to take away as loot : steal - rob jewelry
2 a : to deprive of something due, expected, or desired b : to withhold unjustly or injuriously

Posted by Benjie on July 3, 2010 15:57


"Editor Comment:

The headline 'Robbed Phuket Tourists Barely Miss a Beat' is inaccurate and sensationalist? Hmmm . . ."

Yeah it's sensationalist because the tourists were not robbed. A robbery is a much more serious crime. Force or fear was not an element of the crime. It's a theft. There is a big difference.

Sorry, it's just a pet peeve of mine.

Posted by NG on July 3, 2010 20:35

Editor Comment:

It's clearly a peeve of yours. But the headline is accurate and not sensationalist. You have a point about the use of the noun ''robbery,'' even though common usage these days makes nonsense of the dictionary definition, but use of ''rob'' as a verb is perfectly appropriate and correct. Thieves rob their victims. Nightmares rob me of sleep. Let's call it 1:1 and skip the penalty shootout?

Friday October 19, 2018
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