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Nippers gnash their teeth in the tug-o-war at Phuket's lifesaving carnival

Phuket's Future Lifesavers Cap a Great Day

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Lifesaving Photo Album Above

PHUKET'S future lifesavers were on display today at the Surf Lifesaving Carnival, enjoying a day at the beach despite the brisk breeze.

Scores of youngsters enjoyed the fun of running races along the sand, a tug-o-war and medals all-round.

Good examples were set by adult expats and Thais who frolicked in the difficult conditions, showing what it takes to be a good surfer dude.

Patong's Deputy Mayor, Chairat Sukkaban, acknowledged in his opening speech the need for tourists to come to Phuket for a holiday and be able to enjoy the sea all year long in safety.

''Events like this can only help Phuket do a better job at protecting its visitors,'' he said.

A rubber boat seemed to slice out through the waves with comparative ease, and a first-time Brazilian who just happened to hear about the carnival did remarkably well at slicing, too.

A number of deaths at Phuket's beaches in the monsoon season have prompted authorities to look again at training and facilites, as well as no-swim warnings.

The rip currents that appear at populat west coast beaches during the monsoon season have the potential to be fatal. Some visitors, bent on enjoying a seaside holiday, ignore red flags and other warnings.

However, in the large Australian holiday state of Queensland, not a single death was recorded through the 2008-2009 summer because of the strength of the lifesaving culture.

Judging by the keenness of the youngsters at Patong beach today, it's only a matter of time before a similar culture helps to save lives on Phuket.


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Late this afternoon doing a routine exercise walk (1 hour) along the length of karon beach we witnessed 4 people rescued, two still prone on beach chairs surrounded by friends, also saw at least another 12 people being told to get out of the water as red flags were flying all along the beach.

The governor should insist that brochures be placed on the beds or rooms warning every tourist during these months. If a tourist comes to Phuket to swim in the sea he will naturally do so unless educated otherwise.

Where is the responsible tourist industry? Inviting tourists to sample our beaches (and swim) at this time of the year is totally irresponsible, wake up Phuket.

Posted by Anonymous on October 4, 2009 22:19


Thanks for your news article; I competed and the conditions were very tough, a reminder of how dangerous the beaches here can be, it was not a day for casual swimming. Great to see so many children involved they'll be the future of lifesaving here.

Posted by Anonymous on October 5, 2009 10:06

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