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Three women check the results of breast surgery on Phuket

Phuket's Prescription: Sun, Sand and Surgery

Monday, August 27, 2012
PHUKET: Three attractive young Australian women are fondling each other's boobs. They like what they feel, and what they see.

It's the morning after on Phuket. Well, a few mornings after. The three have had breast enhancements and are clearly as pleased with the results as they are with their tropical island holiday.

Phuket should be too. The three young women were among 24 Australians who came to Phuket for medical surgery or dental treatment.

The group were followed by television cameras and the result became a prime time feature headlined 'Sun Sand and Surgery' on Australian national television last night.

The 'Sunday Night' show turns out to be the strongest public endorsement yet of Phuket as a perfect destination for people who need surgery or dental treatment but are caught up in waiting lists or troubled by the cost.

Treatment on Phuket can be undertaken almost immediately. The cost? About one third of the price charged in Australia, and probably similarly affordable for people in other countries.

Holiday treatment is booming on Phuket, and rightly so. Three years ago, Phuket International Hospital had three dentists. Now it has 13.

Peter Davison, the International Services Manager, said the hospital was now building extra surgery facilities and a new wing to keep pace with demand for ''everything from hip and knee replacement to major dental surgery for about one third of the cost.''

Phuket's first IVF fertility clinic is proving popular, he says.

Some of the Australians each reveal what kind of treatment they are about to have and the camera follows several of them in before and after style.

Donna Seddon, who hasn't been to a dentist in 28 years because of the cost in Australia, is making the break to Phuket for treatment and a holiday with her daughter, who is having a boob job.

About 400,000 Australians are on the public waiting list for dental treatment, the show says.

Another woman, aged 62, plans to keep age at bay and is down for six hours of neck, thigh and face surgery.

Ami Slik, 20, one of the boob job women, just wants an augmentation to boost her confidence.

Inevitably, a spokesman for the Australian Medical Association discourages Aussies from going overseas for treatment. They are ''taking a gamble,'' says Professor Brian Owler.

Extensive ''counselling and consultations'' won't be available, he adds.

The crunch comes, though, when the program reports: ''Of the 24 medical tourists on this trip, none had any complaints.''

While it's not mentioned on the show, Phuketwan understands that the percentage of problems with surgery on Phuket is no greater than in Australia.

The issue of follow-up consultations on Phuket is usually resolved by patients having surgery then holidaying so patients and doctors have time to check on the outcome.

The television report can be found at:


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Excellent article and video. A pleasant change from the doom and gloom reports.

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on August 27, 2012 11:52


Just inquiring on price for breast inhancement im a small a an want to go to a b or c

Posted by nade on February 22, 2013 22:50


Nade, I think you need to be an ADULT, before thinking about breast enhancement, also you need to show some maturity, by posting your rediculous question you are seem to be lacking "something."

Posted by Reader on February 23, 2013 08:25

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