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Phuket 'Video Vigilantes' Capture Quad Ride on Beach

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
A COMPANY that rents quad bikes is to be warned not to allow tourists to ride along Phuket's beaches or face action.

The warning comes after ''video vigilantes'' on Phuket filmed three tourists spurting sand in the air as they rode along Mai Khao beach and posted the footage at

Mai Khao orbortor council chief Sarawout Sisakukarm said after viewing the footage that the use of quad bikes on the beach was illegal. Tourists needed to be told not to do it, he said.

Mai Khao beach stretches through Sirinath National Park. Chief ranger Nonthawit Jaturabandit also said that park rangers would arrest anyone they caught riding quad bikes along the section of beach that forms part of the national park.

Why it is that jet-ski operators are allowed to drive trucks on other Phuket beaches with impunity remains a mystery.

It's the second occasion within weeks that ''video vigilantes'' have filmed activities that undermine Phuket's natural environment.

A Phuketwan reader captured garbage being buried on the beach at Layan, and posted it at:
Garbage Buried on Phuket Beach: Shock Video
PHOTO UPDATE A tourist who ''loves Phuket'' has posted video footage online that shows a large amount of garbage being buried by a backhoe and two men at Phuket's secluded Layan beach.
Garbage Buried on Phuket Beach: Shock Video

Phuket's Top Beaches Losing Quality Fast
Latest Phuket's beaches may be attracting tourists but the environmental standards are not being preserved and the future of the beaches and the industry looks bleak, say pollution experts.
Phuket's Top Beaches Losing Quality Fast

Patong, Rawai Fail Phuket's Clean Beach Tests
Pollution Chart Album Experts survey all 23 Phuket beaches and report on which ones are most severely polluted. Patong and Rawai are at one end of the scale, Kata and Karon at the other.
Patong, Rawai Fail Phuket's Clean Beach Tests

Phuket Clean Campaign Tackles More Beaches
Latest Environmental spinoffs come from the Keep Phuket Clean campaign which has set a date for a second outing and hopes to attract 7000 participants.
Phuket Clean Campaign Tackles More Beaches


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In Nai Harn and Sai Yuan many caravans of these menace vehicles are driving on kilometers on public roads from the hills through the village. They are supposed to be forbidden on public roads. Many companies are driving on the hill road as well causing dangerous situations daily. Police? Law? Justice? Ah, do what you want.

Posted by Hockey on March 15, 2011 12:01


Quad-bikes on the beaches are illegal?
How about the ones on the streets (Nai Harn)?

Posted by herbert on March 15, 2011 13:03


These things seem to be becoming the jet-skis of the road. Convoys of them regularly headed across the Caltex Jcn headed for Kathu Waterfall, straight past the police box. No licence plates, no helmets, no action.

Posted by Mister Ree on March 15, 2011 13:16


"Tourists needed to be told not to do it, he said."

And the people who rent them the quad bikes ?? Quads can't be used on public roads, so surely the quad renting companies must have private property for them to use or not rent them ??

Posted by LivinLOS on March 15, 2011 13:36

Editor Comment:

Post the video, LivinLOS


@Mister Ree: You forgot to say "No insurance".

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on March 15, 2011 13:54


I've just been up to Mai Khao and there was one driving along the shoreline towards the Marriott with a 'For Rent' sign attached to the front. They seem to be operating from one of the hotels up that way. There are deep tyre tracks and skid marks all along the beach so it shouldn't be too difficult to locate those responsible.

Posted by Mac on March 15, 2011 15:42


Perhaps YouTube might be the answer to Phuket's woes and problems. If more video vigilantes film all that is bad in Phuket - from the piles of garbage to the illegal quad bikes - and post these on YouTube - then perhaps we can 'shame' those in authority to act and put a stop to all these activities that are spoiling this beautiful island.

Most mobile phones have video cameras - let's all be video vigilantes!


Posted by Simon Luttrell on March 15, 2011 17:00


great news for the turtles!

Posted by another steve on March 16, 2011 09:41


^ What turtles?

Posted by Zaphod on March 16, 2011 15:56


Another three today, perhaps they haven't been told yet. As for the turtles? Unfortunately they are long gone and replaced with plastic rubbish and building materials. It seems that the national park have no interest in this area. It is never cleaned except near the hotels and gets worse every year. Maybe the quad bike people could carry bags with them to help clean the beachfront area.

Posted by Mac on March 16, 2011 16:40


These quad bikes are a growing menace & rapidly becoming as big a problem as jet skis & tuk tuks. They race along the roads between Kata & Nai Harn (and probably elsewhere) without regard to road conditions. They are illegal on roads anyway as they are neither plated nor insured. Surely the police can stop this illegal and ridiculously dangerous practice.

Posted by capn27 on March 16, 2011 20:48


I have been staying at Mai Khao for the last few years on holiday. I originally chose the area as it was relatively clean and close to nature and away from all the tacky and seedy places. This year might be my last year following the quad bike nuisance on the beach, the noise and disruption they cause is a total pain for people trying to relax.

The other reason I am now considering finding somewhere else to spend my holiday and my money is that someone has decided the area needs several large new hotels! The mess the construction staff is bad for the environment and the fact that these ghastly buildings are ruining the look and feel of the area.

The local authorities need to be held to account before the beach and surrounding area is ruined permanently.

Posted by Twister on March 28, 2011 21:45


The local authorities need to be held to account before the beach and surrounding area is ruined permanently.. Twister said; The problem is Twister CORRUPTION at all levels...Short sighted greed from the very people who SHOULD be accountable.This rampant "develop at all costs" attitude has already seen the loss of a huge amount of the once beautiful natural areas/beaches on Phuket, and sadly will not stop until ALL these areas are vandalised by developers with their often tacky and seedy elements.

Posted by davidj on March 29, 2011 09:30

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